The 2024 Premier League Title Race: Who Will Come Out on Top, City or Arsenal?

The 2024 Premier League season is approaching, and everyone who has any interest in this sport is already speculating about which team is going to come on top. As you already know, there are only two teams that are constantly mentioned in these discussions. Those teams are Manchester City and Arsenal. Both of these themes have a long history of success in the Premier League; however, the main question stands, who will come out on top, City or Arsenal? Keep on reading to learn more about both of these teams, who has higher odds of being victorious, and learn if your team is the one who is more likely to win the League.

Manchester City

Everyone who is a fan of soccer Is well aware that Manchester City has been one of the most consistent teams in the league. This team has won four titles in the past 7 seasons, and they are definitely looking to add another one to their trophy cabinet. The team is best known for its attacking style of play, and it is safe to say that they have some of the best players in the world on their team.

Now let’s talk about the strengths of this club. Every fan is aware that one of the strongest points of this is the midfield. The team has a lot of midfielders that control the game and dictate the tempo. There are a lot of standout players that score, assist, and use their creativity and passing ability to ensure the success of the club.

However, if you start thinking deeper about the players, it is safe to say that the midfield is not the only strong point of this team. The defense is more than solid, and they have received only 22 goals this season. One interesting fact is that this number is the fewest conceded goals of any team in the league. There are many brilliant performers and the Ruben Dias and John Stones duo has been proven to be the one leading the team to success. Of course, this is not everything this club has to offer, so if you want to delve deeper into the statistics and successes of both City and Arsenal, you should visit NaijaFinix.

Even though this club has amazing performers and a variety of strengths, they still have weak points that can be exploited by Arsenal. We all know that the team has been struggling to score goals sometimes this season, and they are constantly relying on their midfield for creativity. They do have amazing strikers that are capable of scoring goals, however, not everyone is as consistent as they should be. One thing is for sure, the attacking players of Manchester City need to step up in their final games if they want to win the title and be the best in the Premier League.


Now let’s talk about Arsenal and let’s review their strong points as well as the weaknesses that City may end up exploiting.

No matter who you are supporting, it is safe to say that Arsenal has given us some of the best games this year this season. They are playing an amazing game of attack, and they have scored 75 goes in the league which is more than any other team. The leader, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has been performing perfectly, and this striker already scored 20 goals that have led to every opponent to the club to rethink before they feel confident going against them.

The biggest strength of the club is the attack. They have extremely talented attackers that are all more than capable of scoring. Another strong site is their midfielders which create chances for their teammates. Arsenal’s attacking power will be crucial in the final few games of the season, as they look to secure their first Premier League title since 2004.

When it comes to the defense, we can safely say that they are not needing any type of help it comes to this strategy. The team has conceded less than 30 goals this season, and they are in the second spot right after Manchester City. The team has a reliable goalkeeper and stand-out defense performers, and they know how to make some crucial saves that have proven extremely useful during this season.

Nevertheless, just like every other team, Arsenal does have some weak points that can easily be used by Manchester City to their advantage. We have all witnessed the team struggling in the midfield at times this season, and they are definitely missing a player that can control the game and dictate the tempo. Some players have tried to do this, but they are definitely inconsistent, so Arsenal needs to strengthen their midfield if they want to be victorious.

Who will win?

As you can see, both teams have extremely strong points, but they also have weaknesses. It is difficult to speculate which club is going to do better because both of them need to improve some parts of their play if they want to succeed in climbing the ladder of trophies.

Experts suggest that Manchester City has been the team that everyone has been talking about, rooting for, and expecting to win the title, however, that does not mean that Arsenal will not prove everyone wrong and sweep away the trophy from City.

The only thing we are left to do is follow the upcoming games, see how they are performing, and maybe make a better decision on who we are going to support till the end. No matter who you are supporting, it is fair to say that both of these teams have wowed us with their endurance, creativity, and talent.

One thing is certain, though, this has been one of the most exciting League seasons that we have witnessed in recent years. The competition has been fierce, and both teams pushed each other to their limits. No matter who ends up winning, both of these clubs have earned it through hard work and dedication.

In the end, we are well aware that the winner will most likely be decided by the smallest of margins. It may come down to a single mistake or a single goal, so both teams need to be at the top of their play if they want to secure the title. Regardless of the outcome, both Manchester City and Arsenal have given us a season to remember.

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