How do you Remove Yellow from Clear Silicone Phone Cases

Mobile phones are devices without which we can not function today. This is especially evident in the last 10 years when we have almost everything we need on our phones which over time from calling and messaging devices have become smart devices through which we can do almost anything. That is why each of us tries to always have the smartphone with the best features, interesting appearance, and great practicality in order to be able to be at the same time at all times, but also at the same time to get all the necessary functionality and mobility that we are all necessary. But there is one very important point, and that is that the smartphone should always be protected and safe.

When we say protected and safe we ​​mean to protect the screen with protective glass, but also to protect the device itself with a case that will look nice but will also protect the phone. If you have not yet purchased with just visit this website where you can choose everything you need for your smartphone to be properly protected, but also to look beautiful. Especially today, each of us wants to make our smartphone look beautiful and attractive, so for that reason, we always spend a lot of time choosing a beautiful and interesting case that will give an extra nice and attractive look to the phone. We must mention that many smartphones have an ideal design that is worth noting, so there are many people who choose a transparent silicone case to emphasize the beautiful look of their smartphone.

Pure silicone masks are a great way to accentuate the beautiful look of a cell phone, but they are also a huge evil. When we say great evil, we do not mean that the masks are harmful to the phone, but we mean that they can easily get dirty and turn yellow, and when that happens, it does not look good at all. Many of you are sure that they tried to get rid of the yellow deposits on the silicone mask, but did not know how to do it. We are here today to help you with that. Today we bring you a few ways to remove yellow stains from your masks, and all we ask of you is to carefully follow us to the end of the article in order to get acquainted with what we bring you as help. Let’s get started!

Spray it with alcohol and leave it to stand, then rub it gently and rinse it with warm water – lately each of us has alcohol for disinfection in our home, and the culprit is the global pandemic. It can do a great job in this case when you face yellow spots on your transparent silicone mask. All you have to do is spray the case with alcohol and leave it for a while. The alcohol will evaporate, so after a while, you will need to spray it again and rub it gently. Finally, wash it off with warm water and a huge chunk of what was yellow will return to normal.

You can also try baking soda and vinegar, this duo is a great stain remover – a lot of tips for removing stains from various surfaces and from different types of clothing or fabrics include vinegar and baking soda. And in this case, this duo can prove to be a great solution that will free your silicone transparent case from the yellow deposits that are on it. All you need to do is fill a bowl with a little soda and vinegar and leave the case in the bowl for half an hour. After half an hour you can start rubbing the case and then after rubbing it well you need to wash it with warm water. Everything that was deposited on the case will no longer be there, and with that, you will get its true look.

Try hot water and lemon, lemon is great for removing any deposits – often people agree that sometimes nature gives us a number of solutions that we are not aware of or have never thought of. to use them. One such solution that nature gives us is lemon and the acid it contains. This acid can help in the process of removing the yellow spots that often appear on masks that are completely transparent and made of silicone. All you will need to do is chop a few slices of lemon and rub the whole case with them for a while. After you run out of lemon slices, you will need to let the case sit for a while and then wash it off with warm water.

Dishwashing liquid is also great for dealing with yellow stains on phone covers – although each of us regularly uses dishwashing detergent and although each of us is confident in the effectiveness that this detergent can have, almost no one remembered to use this tool to remove all the yellowness that is created on the phone case. But here we are and we will share this trick with you. All you have to do is apply a little of the dishwashing liquid on a sponge and then rub the whole case. Then you need to wash it with very hot water. The procedure is repeated several times until you get the desired look. For better results, we recommend using an abrasive agent which is also effective for this purpose.

Nobody is aware that there is a possibility that this problem can be easily solved, so for that reason, we have prepared this article for you today, in which we have given you some great tips that you can help yourself with. It is up to you to try each of these cleaning methods to remove the disgusting yellowing that appears and thus return your silicone phone case to normal. If you do not succeed, do not despair, in that case, it means that the protective mask for the phone is too old and you need to buy a new one that would be far more beautiful.

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