4 Ultimate Rules for Sleeping with Air Conditioning

When we are asleep, it definitely will be more comfortable when the atmosphere around the bedroom is cool. Thus having an air conditioner inside our house, particularly the room is very crucial to help promote better sleep quality.

When you are sleeping, a room temperature that is too cold will make you uncomfortable. You will be shivering all night and end up not sleeping enough. Meanwhile, a room temperature that is too high will make you feel hot, sweaty, and unable to sleep comfortably. As it turns out, there are tricks and tips for setting the air conditioner temperature for sleeping so that your night’s rest becomes more comfortable!

Utilizing your air conditioners correctly and in the proper manner will help to enhance your sleep quality, and at the same time avoid any disease. Keep on reading to know the ultimate rules when utilizing air conditioners to help you sleep.

Avoid setting up the temperature too low


Setting up your air conditioner at low temperatures might be comfortable or feel just right for you, but this brings some bad repercussions. It can affect your electricity bills, and make them swell because the air conditioner has to work harder to adjust to the low temperatures. Thus it will consume more electricity.

In addition, using the air conditioner at low temperatures continuously will also damage the air conditioner components. This is because the air conditioner unit has to work extra and force some components to work twice as much as usual. This can eventually bring damage to the air conditioner!

Keep the temperature at 25°C


The most ideal air-conditioned room temperature is only 5 degrees different from any other room, or at most only a difference of 8 degrees. On top of that, setting the temperature at 25°C will also help to keep your air conditioner working optimally. As mentioned before, setting the air conditioner temperature too low, will require the machine to work twice as much as usual. Setting up your air conditioner at 25°C is the most perfect temperature. It helps the air conditioner so it does not have to work harder.

If the temperature outside is too hot, you can set the temperature lower. But the key is to change the temperature gradually. Set the temperature at 25°C first, before taking it down one by one. For example, you can drop it to 24°C, and let your body adapt to that temperature first. If after 30 minutes you think it is still not cool enough, you can drop the temperature again. The key is to adapt your body first before setting the air conditioner to a lower temperature.

Close the windows and door tightly


The cooling process of an air conditioner will not be optimal if the doors or windows in your room are not tightly shut. Any large gap in the room can make the cold air spread elsewhere, and thus it won’t be effective at all. Thus, make sure every window and door in the room is completely closed without any gaps that allow cold air from the air conditioner to pass into other rooms.

Maintain the air conditioner regularly

If you are a homeowner who utilizes an air conditioner as your home appliance, you need to keep in mind that regular cleaning and servicing of your air conditioner is very important. Air conditioners not only will be useful to keep your bedroom cool, but they can also help to enhance the air quality that you inhale. If you don’t wash your air conditioner often, it will be a haven for bacteria and dirt inside. As a result, the air you breathe while sleeping can cause you diseases.

If you are currently looking out for a professional place to service or clean your air conditioner, you can check out https://www.luceaircon.sg/services/aircon-servicing.

They will provide you with the best service, and guarantee your air conditioner will last longer and work optimally after servicing.

Tips for Setting Up Air Conditioning for Sleeping


When the summer hits, there’s nothing better than cranking up the air conditioning to keep cool in the heat. But getting a good night’s sleep while the A/C is running can be challenging. Here are some tips for ensuring that you get comfortable and quality rest while using air conditioning:

-Choose an Energy-Efficient Unit: Choose an energy-efficient model that has earned high-efficiency ratings and is built for quiet operation. Consider what size room you need to cool before making your purchase and make sure it fits into your budget.

-Check the Filters: Make sure that you are regularly clean or replace the filters; this will help ensure that your unit is running at its optimal level of efficiency and reduce dust buildup from circulating through your home.

-Keep Unit Near Bed: Place the unit near where you sleep so cooling powers are more concentrated around bed areas, helping with overall room temperature management. Keep windows closed when using air conditioning to maximize its effectiveness and keep noise outside at bay.

-Set Temperature Accordingly: Set your desired temperature a few degrees lower than usual; this will start cooling off as soon as you hop into bed, ensuring maximum comfort levels throughout your slumber. Adjusting temperatures prematurely may result in uncomfortably hot nights so time it carefully!

These are some tips that you can consider to make your air conditioner perform better and thus it can also help you to sleep more comfortably. Using the air conditioner to sleep will certainly be very pleasant. The cold temperature of the air conditioner can make you more relaxed, comfortable, and sleep faster. In addition, the quality of your sleep can also be better enhanced, because the air around your room will be free of dust.

With better sleep quality you can wake up much fresher and ready to tackle the next day with full energy!

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