6 Tips on How to Actually Enjoy a Solo Night Out in London

A trip to London is always full of excitement and plans. This is a city that always offers some kind of entertainment, no matter what you actually want. Even if you are a fan of quiet dinners and movie dates, London has that for you. But what does it mean to travel solo in this city, but still wish you had some company during your stay?

Can the London nightlife scene offer you enough entertainment without anyone being prejudiced against you or the way you spend your free time? Imagine, you can have an escort during the night, without it referring to something you wouldn’t want to do. In fact, services like BabylonGirls exist to help all those lonely travelers who are looking for someone to accompany them on their adventure, even if it’s just a movie at the cinema.

However, we must emphasize that even you must be discreet and dedicated and of course, behave very politely and civilly. And of course, finding a way to have fun, even if you’re doing it all by yourself. And believe us, in cities like London it is really possible.

1. Visit a nightclub

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London is known for the party that almost never stops. If you are a night party lover, then we recommend you explore the clubs near you. Even if you don’t know anyone around you, we guarantee that you will always have fun, in every moment. And if you do meet someone, then it may happen that you will be even better and you can devote yourself more to new friendships.

And of course, if you don’t want friendships, but still need some company, you already have advice on how to proceed. There is nothing wrong with looking for a person to have fun with, and still not creating some kind of relationship with them.

2. Try some food specialties

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London cuisine does not have some characteristics for which it is known in the world, as well as British cuisine in general. However, the pubs and restaurants offer great options, whether you’re a fan of cantina-style or want to dine in style. And of course, no one is prejudiced against those who want to enjoy their meal alone.

On the contrary, you can order as many servings of food as you can eat, or even get takeout and enjoy your accommodation while watching a movie alone. Food is always a comforting choice, which means you don’t even need company to have a meal.

3. Explore the food market

London has great places with good street food. If you’re not a fan of takeout or restaurant food, you can always try some street food in London. Markets are often in full swing and you can try sandwiches, burgers, wraps, and even the famous fish and chips and enjoy the unique mix of different flavors.

You can do all that while sitting on a bench or informally at one of the auxiliary tables that are next to the food stalls.

4. Visit a pub and try some local beer

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London has a lot of pubs, which means a lot of beer with a matching appetizer. Even if you are not a beer lover, you will not be able to resist the cheerful atmosphere that is constantly present in these bars.

Authentic British appetizers such as sausages or fish and chips are often served, and we must admit that they all go well with beer. And of course, don’t drink too much, because you need to remain attentive and sober for a peaceful walk in the city center.

5. Drink coffee in peace

Although it is not recommended to drink coffee in the evening, you can always enjoy your favorite drink. This is a particularly good choice for those who like a quiet evening, without a lot of extra activities and loud music.

Choose your favorite coffee shop, or use a takeaway service. You will be surprised how well it will all affect you.

If you prefer a team, we suggest having a cup in the afternoon, when British people usually have tea and eat delicious sweets.

6. Watch a movie at the cinema

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Sometimes a quiet evening at the cinema is a great solution, especially if you don’t like loud music. London offers several cinemas, and you can browse the repertoire, or choose the one closest to you and enjoy a screening.

You can do all this either alone or with an escort. Whatever you choose is your choice and it’s right and you shouldn’t feel obligated to please anyone. In fact, when you travel solo, you do it to please yourself and there is nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy yourself completely.

Why travel solo to London?

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London is a city where no one has any prejudices about anyone’s choice. There you can be yourself and have fun the way you want. You can choose to eat delicious food, watch a good movie or go to a night party in one of the most famous clubs. But you can have a quiet evening in the accommodation, go for a walk, or explore the most interesting parts of the city.

Best of all, you’ll really enjoy whatever you choose to do, whether you have an escort or not. In fact, the point of solo travel is for you to choose when you want to be alone and when you should have fun with company.


As you can see, entertainment in London is possible in every possible way. It all depends on what your personal preferences are and what you would actually like to achieve. There is nothing wrong with hiring an escort for going to the cinema or to a party, but you should not be afraid to be alone in the big city. In fact, that’s the goal – to get rid of everything that normally keeps you constricted and limited.

And believe us, there is no better place than London to achieve it all.

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