5 Best Sports Streaming Apps For Android

Do you like to watch sports on television? Sport plays a very important role in the lives of many people. It’s enjoyable to watch games online as well as play them. Sport is often at the top of people’s lists of hobbies because of this. Not even a pastime. It might be a way of life. It can be a daily ritual to wait at your home while playing the game.

Thankfully, several options are available for streaming the sports live on your Android, be it a TV or Phone, so you can never miss a chance to watch your favorite sports matches while traveling.

Many sports lovers prefer to watch beIN Sports from abroad by following the Streamingrant guide, As it is a highly customizable streaming platform and provides constant updates about a plethora of sports events.

The top 5 sports applications for Android

Which Android sports streaming App is the best? Look through the list of the following apps if you’re looking for the top Android apps for sports watching. You may get the best features from most of them for no cost. Online games can be enjoyed without putting in a lot of work.

● beIN Sports


The most potent sports app is beIN SPORTS, which broadcasts live sports from well-known leagues with relevant news, videos, features, scores, standings, etc.

Additionally, you can sign in with your subscribing TV provider and access beIN SPORTS’ live events. English and Spanish are the accents of the original programming. You may satisfy your sporting interest by using the App to access all the networks and websites under beIN Sports.

One of the features that make this sports streaming service stand out from the rest is its ease of access, especially for traveling sports enthusiasts. It is an extremely easy app to navigate through.



If you’re a sports enthusiast, you’ve undoubtedly heard of ESPN. It’s a well-known sports application where you can stream your preferred games of basketball, tennis, and football, as well as cricket and other sports.

With time, as technology advanced, so has ESPN. Initially, a TV exclusive channel, ESPN now offers its services via its mobile websites and iOS and Android apps.

With the ESPN app, you can effortlessly watch the sport, match highlights, news, live score, and many other things. The most attractive feature of this software that draws users in is the ability to register an account and configure notifications to keep up with the changing match schedules.

● Hotstar


Hotstar is a streaming app that offers live sports and the ability to view TV series, movies, live news, highlights, and premium TV programs. It is a lot more than just a sports broadcast streaming App, we assure you.

If you’re a dedicated Game of Thrones fan, you could easily watch the show on this fantastic platform, but you’ll need to pay for a premium membership.

With this App, you may watch sports such as football, cricket, hockey, and kabaddi, as well as tennis and badminton. If you miss the live event, you may view match highlights and get live results with this fantastic App.​​

The most significant feature is that you can download the movie and enjoy it whenever you want, anywhere. The user-friendly app and web page layout makes Hotstar a really hot choice in today’s streaming industry.

● Show Sports TV

For devoted sports fans, this App is a superb choice. Approximately 80 channels are available to view various live sporting events. To stay up to date with all of the information on the App, you can adhere to the match schedule provided to you via the app’s push notifications.

The App’s scoring and time lineup tool is yet another fantastic feature. The score can be tracked in a few simple steps. The VPN app can always be activated if this channel is blocked in your nation.

● Oreo

Maybe you’d like to use yet another Android app that is free? You can get the best streaming experiences for free from Oreo. There is no need to hunt for a venue to view a sporting event. If you install the Oreo app on your phone, you can always have access to live sports streaming sessions right from your couch.

Streaming While Being Safe


Streaming is always a risky affair. There are tons of data hackers that are just waiting for you to click one wrong link and all your privacy would be compromised. Streaming website, especially the free ones don’t operate legally.

They give you access to content from all over the world without charging a dime because they get revenue from various ads and click baits. These links are mostly, if not always, malicious. Meaning they are not good for your device one way or the other.

So how do you stay safe online? Subscribe to a VPN! A Virtual Private Network is an excellent solution to online fraud. A VPN gives you a temporary access to a false IP address indicating that your location is somewhere completely different than your actual location.

This significantly decreases malware threats. On top of that, most VPNs come with data protecting features so you can be assured that whatever you do online, whichever site you visit, your data is in safe hands.

In case of VPNs, again there are both paid as well as free services available. However, it is important to mention that free VPNs are considerably less reliable than the premium one. So if online safety and data protection is your ultimate goal, you might want to look into some premium, high quality VPNs.


Hopefully, you’re leaving here with some answers to which app you should be installing for the best and the most seamless live streaming experience. Although there are dozens of apps in the industry right now, in our opinion, these five enlisted above top the competition in every way.

The apps above are user-friendly and pocket friendly in most cases. Don’t lurk around anymore, download any of the above-mentioned apps and start streaming your favorite sport today!

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