7 Most Valuable Star Wars Toys and Collectibles to Own in 2024

Like peanut butter and jelly, popular movies and gadget collections usually go hand in hand. It’s hardly surprising that children flocked to their neighborhood play shops to purchase their beloved figures and recreate famous fights considering that Star Wars presents a vast tale that encompasses innumerable worlds, countries, and alien species. You may find out more regarding the priciest products in the following paragraphs, along with information on the characteristics that render certain of these products the stuff of collectors’ fantasies.

If you are a fan, we are sure that you must certainly own at least some of the items we will be discussing below. If not, there is still a chance for you to get your hands on these products and feel pride in owning them as not many have the privilege to do so! Head over to ziasabers.com if you want to get to know the details of this. Till then enjoy the article that we have prepared for you. You might want to get one of these. See down below and make up your mind if you want to own one!

1978 blue Snaggletooth


Because the first three films in the Star Wars saga were such blockbusters, there was an unending desire for power figurines featuring creatures besides the primary cast. In response, a toy firm produced over Hundred figurines, most of which included creatures who featured in only a single shot. One of these is the one we are discussing right now. Costing three hundred and fifty dollars, this one’s an item we all dream to have.

1978 vinyl cape Jawa


They have always played a significant role in the mythos, irrespective of the fact that they rarely had any intelligible language and that their customs and traditions are rather mysterious. The fact that these are known for having a lot of products is not surprising. When maintained in pristine quality in its undamaged packaging, the cloak has a history of fetching close to $25,000 at bidding. These are the second most high-priced figurines.

Double telescoping lightsaber Obi-Wan Kenobi

A dual-extending sword was a feature of the initial batch of active figurines that were made available. This feature allowed for a lengthier blade to fit inside a compact bottom because it could stretch out twofold as far as a single extending sword could. This concept was later replaced by a system of solitary extending laser guns due to its drawbacks, which included an escalation in manufacturing labor and expense. This item, nevertheless, costs, in general, $148 when maintained in pristine condition.

1983 Yak Face

This power figurine is arguably the most peculiar becoming a collectible favorite. One of several final figures to have a figurine made of them was the figure we are talking about now. The United States never saw it in retailers, despite it being available on racks in many other nations. Despite the reality that this figurine was seldom sold in the United States, aficionados in that country now consider it an essential item, considering that the object isn’t precisely a favorite. As a consequence, this item can retail for around $500 and $1,000 depending on its condition—whether it’s pristine, excellent, or still in its initial packing.

1980 Medical Droid FX-7


This is maybe the least plausible item to have been made into a product as a component of the initial range. It was only shown on the display for 20 seconds. There have been two releases of the real object. Due to such a thing, there is frequently much uncertainty surrounding this sculpture on the secondary marketplace, with a few retailing priced as low as $5 on Amazon and others fetching as much as $12,000 at bidding. Make a wise decision before thinking of purchasing this item.

1988 Glasslite Vlix


You might not be familiar with this moniker if you’re only a regular enthusiast or hoarder. It is a person who had been a member of the queue for the next batch of figurines that were supposed to be launched and who served as the director of operations. Unfortunately, due to a dearth of interest, this product series was discontinued after only one set of products was made available, hence this statuette was never actually made available for purchase. However, one of these figurines eventually surfaced in Rio, proving that some models did indeed travel to other regions of the globe. Such a figurine may retail worth up to $60,000 today if it remains in its pristine wrapping rather than being sold minus protection. We can say with certainty that this item is one of the most advanced ones on the internet.

1980 small head Han Solo

A brand-new statuette was made available. Regrettably, it never took the admirers time to figure out that stuff was wrong: the skull on this specific batch of these products was much too tiny for the frame. It was consequently swiftly removed from the display. The tiny head figurine quickly gained popularity among enthusiasts and grew sought-after by enthusiasts, like numerous other vintage objects with lovable flaws. The small-headed object is currently one of the highest-priced expensive activity figurines of the entire characters on the marketplace, frequently going for approximately $2,500.

Our Final Verdict

Star Wars made huge headlines when it was first released. To this day, it holds its place in one of the top positions in the entertainment industry. It was loved and appreciated by the fans so much that the creators had to reach out and release these loved toys and collectibles for people to purchase. If you do not own one, you must try and get one as this will raise your status in society and people will see you as a true Star Wars lover and admirer.

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