How Often Should You Take Your Dog to the Dentist?

Pets are a huge part of our lives and these tame animals make our lives easier and happier. Having a pet means you are having a huge responsibility and some even measure it to the responsibility that you would have toward a child.

As we all know we all love different things. The same goes when it comes to pets. Some love dogs, some cats, some canaries, snakes, spiders, mice. There are plenty of animals we managed t domesticate and turn into our beloved friends and part of our families. That is fine and we all support that. But what also happens is that all of you pet owners have to be aware of the different needs of your pets. Some are, not to be taken wrong, others are as well but a lot less.

Pets, animals, suffer from almost the same medical conditions as we are, especially those that are not in the wild anymore and that has been domesticated. Nature is our correcting factor and for every issue that emerges from life, nature had a way of dealing with it. Today we will focus a bit more on the dogs because the topic obliges us to do so and we will focus on their mouth health. Since the life of our pets comes through their mouth, we will discuss the health of their teeth.

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When it comes to teeth and dentists, we know that pets and doctors do not get along that well. To keep their health at optimal ranges you need to take good care of everything. Dogs use their teeth a lot and if they were to be bad, rotten, cracking or hurting for any reason your dog will change their behaviour and you will notice it. This will also be the same thing regarding anything else. Those of us pet owners who have our pets for longer know what constitutes normal behaviour and what is and can be abnormal. Whenever our pets get out of the boundaries of normal, we instantly know that there is something wrong. This is the time where we if we cannot solve the problem ourselves, visit the vet and have them do the examination and tests to determine what is wrong.


How often we take our pets o the vet depends on many things. The things that define and influence vet visits the most are the age of our pet, species, general health and others. We usually do not run to the vet every few months especially if our pet is behaving as intended. But here are exceptions to this. One of those exceptions and the topic of our article are teeth. Nature has a nice way of combating teeth issues with animals that are running in the wild. Rarely do see a wild animal with this type of problem, but you cannot expect a dog, domesticated pet and friend, to behave as it would in the wild to have its teeth healthy, right?! This is why vets are awesome and this is why, at least when teeth are in question, we need to take them at least twice a year.

Some say that a normal time frame for a complete physical check-up of a dog should be at least once a year, and we agree with that. Those of you that own a little more problematic dog species, those with like breathing issues, heart conditions, bad hips or similar, should go at least twice a year because by doing so you will keep a close eye on their health and you will be able to find out about illnesses and any potential new issues early on which can be crucial to their treatment. But let’s return to their teeth for now.


Dental health with dogs affects everything, especially if you are a small dog owner. Smaller dog species are prone to dental issues such as tartar, periodontal disease and they tend to lose their teeth faster than larger dogs. When it comes to checking up their teeth you need to do that regularly, by yourself. Tooth cracks, bleedings, tartar build-ups are easy to spot and thanks to your regular check-ups you can react instantly by taking them to the vet which can then establish a problem more professionally and deal with it in the same manner.

Just like humans, dogs can suffer from the same issues regarding teeth. Some of those issues are already mentioned tartar build-ups, gingivitis, bad breath and many other things that can slowly but surely degrade their health. Pets are more prone to bacteria and they can get them ingested if they have issues in their mouth. Those bacteria can cause them heart issues, liver issues, kidney and pancreas troubles as well. As you can see everything starts with the mouth and teeth and everything can be affected by the poor state over there. This is why both us humans and our pets need to see the vet and the vet dentists at least twice a year. This especially goes for the smaller dog breeds that suffer from teeth related conditions more.


We also want to tell you that a dental check for your dog and the dental work, if needed, is not as frightening and dangerous as they used to be. We all know that most pet owners are afraid of anaesthesia and that they are afraid that their pet might not wake up from it but you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Regular bloodwork and other checks are in place before any procedure because the veterinarians want to make sure that your pet is capable of taking and waking from the anaesthesia safely. Another thing you should know is that pets now widely use the same type of anaesthesia as humans do so you are sure that is safe for them as it is for us.

With knowing all of this and with all these assurances there is no more excuse for you to allow your dog to have bad teeth. Do the vet check-ups, clean their teeth as much as you possibly can and maintain their health as well. No matter what, try to do at least one of the vet visits a year because your pets deserve at least that much.

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