The Top Nail Salons in Sydney

Do not underestimate the beauty and power of a manicure!

For a fraction of the cost, you can get your nails “done”! This beauty treatment is highly recommended as it can result in high-quality results that will brighten your day!

Even if you don’t feel flashy, a little bit of colour and cuticle care can instantly make you look polished and well-organized.

So let’s do a quick overview of the best nail salons in Sydney and where your next nails stop should be.

The Parlour Room Clovelly

The classic manicure can be changed to a Bio Sculpture gel or Evo one. These may sound a bit modern but these are super recommend by us. All Bio Sculpture Gel & Evo products have no animal testing, are non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free. So a truly sustainable treatment.

A full collection of treatments are available and you can get all from a quick nail fix treatment to a full pedicure with a complete session of aromatherapy, a massage and a mask. So an amazing relaxing day. Are you afraid for safety regulations? You want to be safe completely? These guys will offer you the chance to buy your own file pack. It will be your personal tools and can only be used for your appointments. It is a $5 one-time purchase that allows us to keep our prices down. Very environment friendly.


This little Bondi spot is a popular one nail salon place. They offer natural and organic treatments that are free from toxins. And they follow this closely.

The manicurist there created a natural reviving treatment that naturally restores hands and nails to their optimal health. This included cleaning prep, nail maintenance, exfoliation and massage. So a nice salon that will include all the little luxurious you may want from a high end nail salon. Fantastic spa manicure and pedicure.

Purely Polished

After finding it difficult to make appointments and find the time as a first-time mom, Iman Davion started her business. Purely Polished started as a mobile manicure/pedicure business. Now, Purely Polished can serve birthday parties and corporate events. This manicure and pedicure will give you a quality, professional nail treatment at your home. We can also recommend the Deluxe Pedicure. A premium experience.

Skye Mcintyre

The nail stylist Skye Mcintyre received a lot of praise for his work. A self made talent has rose in the beauty world super fast. Her career spans Fashion Week, magazine editorials and celebrity clients. She also runs her own nail salon in Penrith’s western suburb. She has an amazing track record and a very loyal clientele. You can expect some real talent if you decide to go here.

Le Laque Boutique

Le Laque Boutique is an undiscovered gem and a great place to get your nails done. This nail salon is in Sydney’s south, Wolli Creek. It is located amongst busy modern buildings. You won’t find it difficult to leave this salon. It boasts high-quality salon-grade nail products, a dangerously comfortable armchair worthy of King Louis and a track record of ten years. Another great place to do your nails!

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