Top 10 Casino Movies – Highest-Grossing Films

The mysterious power of a happy occasion has long fascinated man. It seems that just one chance, one card, one throw of the ball on the roulette wheel can make a person fabulously rich. The game satisfies the basest passions of a person and always tests him for strength. An irresistible passion for gambling can take a person too far. You can play or you can spend a couple of hours watching the best films about gambling in recent times.

By the way, you can combine the game and watching movies. Thanks to the Internet and functional gaming platforms, you can play the most exciting games from the comfort of your home. offers all gambling areas, sportsbook, tournaments and lotteries. It’s still you want to play. If you want to watch casino movies, read our selection.

It’s not a secret that movies about casinos are very popular in Hollywood. Movie fans all over the world are very fond of this subject and with bated breath. We have selected for you the rating of the highest-grossing films on the topic of gambling. Watching casino movies is quite exciting.


The protagonist of the film, a resident of London, finds a job in a casino and becomes a croupier. Flipping from penny to penny. The guy quickly understands what is what and enters into a conspiracy with the players. His measured life is out of control. The film shows real life without any of the glamor that is shown in classic films.

Rain Man

A powerful film that will not leave anyone indifferent. The main character minion of fate remains with nothing. His father leaves him nothing as a legacy of several plants. His older brother Raymond suffers from a kind of mental disorder. The protagonist takes him to Las Vegas to use the man’s abilities to win a big jackpot.

The Player

The protagonist, at first glance, a decent person is a gamer who has a strong addiction to gambling. A man steals $44,000 from his own mother and travels to Las Vegas with his wife to improve his financial situation. Quite a vivid story that shows how far people are willing to go to win at any cost.


The main character Mike, a law student, has an incredible ability to play poker. Having lost all the money to the bandit, he decides to tie up with this business. This film about the casino will definitely appeal to true fans of such a gambling game as poker. The guy keeps his word until his friend goes free and the guys go headlong into excitement. After all, it is important for them to pay off Mike’s debt.


To fulfill his dream and become a doctor,  Ben Campbell needs 300 thousand dollars. He wants to go to Harvard University. The teacher, noticing the guy’s talent, invites him to a special group for the elite. Ben agrees, and he goes to Vegas to win decent sums there, having a certain card-counting skill. Guys getting into the casino lose control of themselves. After all, power and money, as well as excitement, can lead to negative consequences.

Ocean’s Eleven

Dan Ocean plans with his friends, real specialists, talented and daring to commit the robbery of the century. Their main target is three major casinos in Las Vegas. The guys want to steal 150 million dollars, but not everything goes as smoothly as we would like. You will find out in the film how your friends can succeed in realizing their cunning plan. You will also find an amazing cast. If you decide to download a movie about the casino, then we recommend watching this one.


The main character is an ordinary married man. He leads a quiet life until his childhood friend visits the city. He has big plans. Here you will find tough showdowns and a bright glamorous life. Money, power, greed, malice, swindle, these are the terms that can safely characterize this film.

The Hangover

A light-hearted comedy with an interesting storyline. Three friends go to Las Vegas to celebrate a bachelor party. The two heroes wake up the next day with absolutely no memory of what happened. The groom is missing, and there is a tiger in the bathroom. Whether it will be possible to restore all the events of the previous day and find the hero of the occasion, you will find out in the film.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Raoul Duke, which Johnny Depp played, with his lawyer go to conquer Las Vegas. They have someone else’s money for a sporting event. They spend it on drugs. Ahead of the guys are incredible adventures that are far from the American dream. Meetings with cops, drug dealers, and gamblers ready for anything.

Casino Royale

This casino movie is a remake that was released in 1967. In Montenegro, there is a big game with very large stakes. The main character must win to save himself from the terrorists. The film was shot in the style of James Bond. The secret agent needs to win at poker at any cost. The security of the whole country is at stake.

These were the top 10 casino movies. They will be able to immerse you in a fascinating atmosphere. Feel the taste of adrenaline and see the game world from different angles.

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