Poker is one of the most exciting games in the world and every gambler knows this. This game can keep you entertained for hours. Best of all, you can play it while interacting with other people, which is even more fun. There are countless variations of poker games that you can explore and try and see which one you like the most. However, in the land-based casinos, you will not have the opportunity to try all of those entertaining poker variants like you would at

In this article, we prepared a rich collection of different poker games from which you can find the version that appeals to you the most. Below, you are going to find the guide on the top 10 poker games and everything you should know about them as a beginner. Let’s start and see how poker becomes so diverse.

Texas Hold ‘Em Poker

The first poker game that we are going to talk about is a well-known poker version for all of you and it is called Texas Hold ‘Em. This is a game that most gamblers are going to come across when they start introducing themselves to the gambling world. This is a highly popular game and t is played both online and at land-based casinos. What you should know about this version is the fact that it is one of the oldest versions, so you can find a wide range of different strategies that will help you in your gameplay. However, becoming a professional gambler will however take a lot of time. You will discover that the game can be played in a couple of formats such as pot limit games and no limit ones. However, one thing is sure – you will definitely enjoy every single minute of playing it.

5 Card Draw Poker

The second poker game that we decided to include in our list is called 5 Card Draw. If you are a gambler, you have probably heard about this game since it is considered one of the most popular poker versions. Its popularity comes from the feature of being a very straightforward version. This means that players can easily learn it by following the set structure of the game. The player’s task is to draw cards every round and in that way, the game will progress. If you are looking for the poker version to start with, this can be an ideal option.

7 Card Stud Poker

For all those players that are looking to find a poker game that can enlighten them and give them a solid ground for entering the poker world, they should try the 7 Card Stud Poker. This is also a very playful and famous version of poker. We suggest you try the free version before you start playing this game with real money. In that way, you will have time to learn how to play it properly.

Ace To 5 Lowball Poker

The second name that this poker game is popular for is California Lowball. Therefore, there is a big chance that you have heard of it. This is one more authentic poker version that is at the same time, very popular because of its uncommon features. Every player that started playing this poker version, did not stop. This is clear proof that everyone likely returns to play the game again and again since it is so fun. Aces and all cards up to the five are valued as the key ones in the game. Therefore, the game instructions are pretty simple to learn.

Razz Poker

Very few people know about this poker version since it is the latest one, however, it started to attract people all around the world. Many online casino platforms gladly accepted the Razz poker game and introduce it to their loyal players. This is at the same time fun and strategic game. You can try it through the free demo version and see do you like the game structure.

Double Draw Poker

One more poker game that you can end up enjoying is Double Draw Poker which can be a very fast-paced game. Therefore, if this feature sounds like something appealing to you, you should definitely try it. Everyone likes to play poker in different ways, so this poker is for a certain type of player. You should know that you are going to have only two opportunities as each game is playing out of improving your hand. There are a total of three betting rounds and there are only a couple of online casino platforms that currently have in their game library this poker version.

5 Card Stud High Low Poker

5 Card Stud is a variant of the games of five-card studs as the name itself says. However, there are things that make this game very different from other versions. The crucial difference refers to the fact that there are not one but actually, two cash payouts awarded. Half of the pot goes to the gambler that has the lowest ranked hand and the other half pot goes to the gambler with the highest ranked hand.


The horse poker game is so entertaining because there are a couple of poker versions rolled into one. Therefore, if you like to try new things that are very unique, you should choose this poker version for sure.

Omaha Hi-Lo Eight or Better Poker

The game that comes with fixed limit types is the Omaha Hi-Lo Eight. You can play this game in a land-based casino and through online poker platforms. The crucial thing of this game version refers to the Hi-Lo part which is the end game that comes with either the highest ranked hand or the lowest ranked hand. At this point take into account the eight or better rules. This is actually a very entertaining and enjoyable game that you can play, and do not be scared of those fixed limits, they can bring you a lot of money in the end.

Triple Draw Poker

The last poker game that you are going to find on our top 10 poker game list is Triple Draw Poker. This version is very exotic and authentic. You are going to see that the crucial part of the game is to end the game with the best poker hand. However, the only problem is that you will not be able to improve your hand up to three times per game which makes the game so exciting.

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