6 Types of Law Firm Cases That Fall Under Injury Litigation

Injuries are inevitable; sometimes, you might need to present an injury case to a law firm. “But I have subscribed to an insurance policy that can cater to misfortunes and injuries; why do I need to visit a law firm?” Yes, you’re not alone; many people have the same concern and don’t see the need; they should present these cases to a law firm when insurance policies cover them.

However, you need to note one thing; many insurance firms must prepare to pay your bills as soon as you need them, or they might disqualify your case. This means you’ll have to pay the cost or stay unattended until the insurance decides to take care of you.

It could help you get compensated by providing legal representation proving the truth of your case. This blog post discusses 6 types of law firm cases that fall under injury litigation.

1. Motor Vehicle Accident Cases


Statistical data shows that in a year, there are 6.8+ million vehicle accident cases in the U.S. And while it involves all the automobiles such as motorcycles, tractor-trailers, etc., it dominates as the frequent type of injury. Often, it is caused by the driver’s negligence due to distractions while driving, careless driving, alcohol and drug influence, and incompetence in driving on busy roads, among others.

As such, you can be innocent and have followed all the road instructions but find yourself in an accident. While it isn’t your fault, you can be injured and your car destroyed. So should you leave your case unattended?

The driver has to be held accountable financially for you to be compensated. With a law firm like Nix Law, you’ll assess the auto details, gather medical reports and witness accounts, legitimate them, and be compensated. Typically, compensation is determined by the evidence you provide, and involving a law firm will enable you to gather this data legitimately.

2. Medical Malpractice

This is another injury case that requires litigation. Medical malpractice is caused by healthcare physicians (professional or unprofessional) primarily due to negligence and ignorance in handling patients. The list includes surgeons, doctors, and nurses, among others.

You might visit a hospital for treatments, only to get out with more complicated issues like organ damage, bone damage, disabilities, congenital disabilities, and, at worst, death. Upon adequate research, you notice the physicians developed the problems.

In this case, a law firm can help you get your rights. Common malpractice that may aid you in partnering with a law firm include:

  • Unethical behaviors
  • Inadequate staffing
  • Ignorance and negligence
  • Failure to follow health regulations
  • Poor training

3. Dog Bites


It might sound funny to have reputable law firms prosecute a case when a dog bites you. But that’s not true because a dog can do you more harm than you think, including infecting you with diseases. However, some dog owners are not responsible for their dog’s safety and the damages caused.

If a dog ever bites you, the owner should compensate you financially or take care of your medication. However, will this be possible without legal help? Almost impossible! But involving a law firm will ensure the owner is legally responsible.

4. Product Liability

A bad product is yet another thing that can cause you unimaginable damages and injuries. You may have bought a product that, after consumption, left you with experiences you’ll never want again. In some instances, the incredibility of some products has caused people’s deaths.

But having a law firm can help, since you can never control your purchase; the effects are only felt after consumption. Defective designs, defective manufacture, failure to disclose side effects, failure to state the results of a product on the environment, and more are some of the reasons that may aid in filing a product liability case.

5. Slip And Fall


Frankly, you can never know when you’ll slip and fall, especially in renting space. Slips and falls are just as common as car accidents; in most cases, you are innocent. You might fall off the premises, causing injuries, and you should seek medication. A good dwelling should be hazard-free and with utmost safety precautions to prevent dwellers from occasional damage.

If you ever slip or fall due to the premise’s condition, the property owner should be responsible for not conditioning the property correctly. But this can only work legally with the help of firms that’ll ensure the house condition is improved, and you get compensation. However, other than broken railings, wet floors, etc., caused by another person’s negligence, you can’t be compensated.

This means that you can only be reimbursed when the direct cause of the injury is negligence by a fellow dweller or property owner. This necessitates the involvement of an experienced law firm to help you.

6. Assault Cases

Unlike other injury cases that happen unintentionally, assaults, also called intentional torts, happen purposefully. They do not occur due to ignorance or negligence, but intentionally. It can sometimes involve physical harm where a person attacks the other. Like other types of injuries, it requires compensation that can be aided easily by a law firm, and your rights are upheld.

Never allow anyone to intimidate you for filing a case when they’ve insulted, discriminated against, or attacked you.

Get The Right Law Firm Today


As you can see, injuries are not under your control since you’re not initiating them. And without the help of reputable law firms to seek justice on your behalf, you might go uncompensated. Besides, you don’t have to deal with insurance firms by yourself; they might never listen to your case or take any action regarding compensation.

However, with a law-established firm for injury reasons, you don’t have to stress on law knowledge, so you hold them accountable. Connect with the right one to have justice.

Focus on getting an ideal law firm today and have your cases litigated.

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