5 Different Types of Security for an Event and Tips for Choosing

As an event manager or host, you must ensure the safety of the guests and the people serving them. Since you cannot compromise the safety of attendees at any cost, a planner must follow specific tips to ensure it. Doing so will help in determining the reputation of the host and will ensure yielding satisfactory results.

Since security management involves focusing on all scenarios that might affect the host’s reputation and the occasion, it is essential to consider it. So, let’s discuss a few tips to guarantee the safety of everyone.

Security Via Preliminary Assessment

Whether you’re planning an occasion or a trip, everything requires preliminary assessment and planning. Unless you have a rough outline to follow, you cannot function and may divert from the main work. The same thing applies to event management too.

While planning an upcoming party, the planner must consider the safety of the guests. It is based on numerous specifics, such as contingency planning, crowd management, access only to authorized individuals, and venue specifics.

Conduct a preliminary assessment of the upcoming affair and its risks to determine the number of guards required or if there is a need for digital check-ins and check-outs. Screening is another helpful measure one can follow when allowing entry to various vendors, suppliers, and attendees.

Security Via Real-time Surveillance


Real-time surveillance through security cameras is undeniable as it helps prevent emergencies during an event. Although not all affairs require following this safety measure, it makes sense for specific events. It is so because sometimes, hiring many guards is futile as it does not track every attendee.

However, by installing surveillance cameras, the manager can effectively monitor everything inside and outside of it. One may take security to another level by using drones for better surveillance. It offers ideal opportunities for outdoor activities such as concerts, speeches, and gigs with several attendees.

Security Via An Appropriate Venue

Choosing an appropriate venue based on the occasion plays a significant role in maintaining the safety of the people attending it. We all know that selecting the site is a part of the planning process that occurs in conjunction with the rest. Only a professional planner would know how to make the best of a location, the resources required for the purpose, and the kind of site that best suits a particular event.

A venue that lets the attendees accommodate comfortably and permits convenient evacuation in case of emergency is an appropriate one. An ideal venue should simplify the entry control process if it is only for a few people and not open for everyone. To ensure everything goes according to plan and to make some strategic decisions, visit it in advance.

Some locations have trained professionals and surveillance cameras for safety. In such cases, the cost of equipment and services is included in the overall rent cost. It is up to the planner whether they want to hire professional services from the outside and pay for them separately. You can find here the best event security staff for your next grand party.

Security Via Entry Checkpoints

To protect the attendees from a potential threat, one can set up checkpoints away from the main venue they must pass through to get inside. This trick helps upgrade safety as the agitators must confront the person before they can cause any damage during an event.

For instance, you may set up the registration desk a few meters away from the entry gate to ensure all the people entering the venue are registered and have no uninvited guest access. It is an excellent trick to place metal detectors at the entrance to check if anyone is attempting to enter with weapons and other prohibited items.

To further enhance security, you may ask the attendees to submit their ID information in advance. If their ID fails to match the registration data at the time of entry, don’t let them in.

Security Via Sufficient Medical Aid


Not all events include people enjoying a few drinks and dancing or listening to a person giving speeches. Sometimes, certain occasions necessitate a medical support team at all times. Hiring a team that promptly responds to the health issues of the attendees is crucial at certain events. It is a part of emergency planning and essential for outdoor functions.

If you’re planning a massive event with hundreds of attendees, consider hiring an emergency medical crew. You don’t know when a participant comes out to be claustrophobic, has a heart stroke, allergic to or particular food, catches food poisoning, or hurts themselves at any point.

If you have a medical crew on standby, it will help treat the other person on time and earn you a reputation in the market. As a planner, you must consider all contingencies. You can enhance the safety levels by educating the staff members, including the DJ, bartender, presenter, and servers, about the protocols to follow during an emergency.

How to Choose a Security Company for Your Next Party?


We understand how hard and challenging it is to recruit good security staff for a venue. So, here are some tips to help you out:

  1. Considering your service needs is the first step toward choosing the right company. Find out whether you need a door supervisor, bouncers, and workforce size. It is also vital to consider the security solutions, such as CCTV, alarms, mobile patrols, etc.
  2. Experience and training of the staff play a critical role in determining whether they’re suitable for the job, trustworthy, and friendly.
  3. Qualifications and licenses of the security staff are legal requirements that should be adhered to.

Parting Thoughts

We hope these tips help you take the security of an event to another level by eliminating all the potential risks. Although they won’t eradicate the risk, they will help reduce its likelihood and minimize the chances of harm to the guests. It is functional even if they discourage the agitators to a certain level.

Hopefully, after considering the potential risks and taking appropriate measures to minimize them, you’ll host a safe and secure party for the guests.

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