3 Top User-Generated Trading Platforms

The popularity of user-generated trading platforms is increasing rapidly since more and more traders understand the fact that they have to evaluate brokers and exchanges on the basis of user feedback. But, the main question is where to find websites that provide 100% honest reviews of trading platforms. The good news is that the market has witnessed the establishment of several startups in this regard, so in this guide, we would like to provide a thorough review of those web pages.



We would like to begin with one of the most popular user-generated trading platforms called investfox. This is a fintech startup that has offered a wide range of high-quality services to both novice and professional traders. The main objective of investfox was to provide a reliable environment for traders where they could get proper education in the area of investments, and we have to say that it has served this purpose flawlessly so far. Despite the fact that investfox appeared in the financial sector only a few months ago, it has already managed to gain high customer engagement. So, what are the primary reasons behind such a successful startup?

Well, to put it mildly, investfox has provided a unique possibility in terms of ranking investment companies with filtration and sorting tools. This was definitely an innovation in the financial industry since no other platform features this type of service. Basically, what happens is that users can leave reviews about different companies and brokers that will later be customized via several tools. The core aspect of reviews is to solely focus on the services and products of selected companies, so there are not any biased reviews on this website.

As soon as you enter the website, you see that it is full of educational material in regard to several topics such as trading guides, financial terminology, technical indicators, platforms and software, cryptocurrency guides, NFT guides, strategies and chart set-ups, and several others. After going through this extensive knowledge base where there are exciting illustrations, you will certainly become well-educated in the financial sector. What’s more, you have the opportunity to read 100% genuine and unbiased reviews of Forex Brokers, Crypto Exchanges, and Stock Brokers. Lastly, we want to point out that investfox features a separate section where you can read daily news about the financial markets. Hence, the prospects of this website are enormous, so you better start frequenting it as soon as possible. You can click here in order to find out more about investfox.



The second trading platform, that we will introduce is Trustpilot, where you will also come across honest user reviews of pretty much every web page on the internet. So, apart from investment companies and brokerage firms, this website is ready to furnish you with customer feedback on everything including banks, restaurants, sports, fashion, health, legal services, construction, media, education, travel, technology, and several aspects.

Basically, every user has the possibility to write a review on this website who had a buying or service experience in the past 12 months. You just need to create an account and follow their guidelines in order to review certain entities. Moreover, Trustpilot allows businesses to use its invitation methods in order to make their customers leave reviews. However, business owners have to make sure that there is no bias in their methods and should not offer money or incentives for reviews.

The important thing to keep in mind is that Trustpilot is not able to rule out paid or spam reviews on the website given the fact that it covers a substantial portion of the web. This is a considerable downside of Trustpilot since the majority of customers find it hard to trust every review there. However, this fact should not discourage readers to visit this web page as there are tons of 100% genuine reviews.



And the third platform we will cover is Forexpeacearmy, another website that provides customer feedback for Forex Brokers. As we read on this website, they offer completely unbiased reviews about the Forex market, and you will run into some well-known Forex traders and educators there. Forexpeacearmy helps users to avoid being scammed by providing a detailed analysis of the commercially-available strategies in three categories – Expert Advisors, Forex Signals, and Managed Forex Accounts. By doing so, there are very low chances of getting deceived on the scammer platforms.

Furthermore, if you still somehow become a victim of such platforms, Forexpeacearmy is promising to help you get back your lost funds. It contains some kind of Traders Court whose main goal is to help traders find reliable and trustworthy trading platforms. Also, you will be provided a bigger exposure in case your problems are not solved yet, so in the end, the rating of companies that fail to address issues will fall very quickly. The good news is that, unlike Trustpilot, the majority of reviews on Forexpeacearmy are genuine and unbiased. However, there are no other services apart from Forex brokers’ reviews on this website.

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing User-generated Trading Platforms?

When it comes to trading, it is essential to have a platform that will be maximally close to your resources as well as trading goals. If you are not provided with these two conditions, you won’t be able to successfully use your experience or trading skills for making profits.
What are the main benefits of trading on user-generated platforms? There are plenty of reasons but to outline primaries, start with the educational side. Today the trading sector is developing and changing daily which forces traders to constantly improve their knowledge. Mentioned and other user-generated platforms will give you the most useful information because you can share experiences with other traders. Another central benefit is safety from its transparency. As said already, you can simply check others’ reviews on trading brokers and be more sure of your decisions. It provides safety which improves trading productivity.

And the final benefit is the enormous chance of improving your connections. Trading is for benefits and for benefits you need useful connections. Described user-generated platforms are the best way to meet like-minded traders and develop your trading experience constantly.

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