Why You Should Shift to Virtual Sports Betting Immediately?

Virtual sports are competitions that are not real and thus imitated by computer technology. So they are completely fictional. The gambling industry doesn’t really need a real sport to separate gamblers from their money, as virtual sports have already proven.

These virtual matches are placed on your image via a computer, where the results are determined by an RNGs (random number generators). Keep in mind that when betting on a real sport you need insight and knowledge, so as a professional bettor you can sometimes beat these odds. Virtual sports will not always be beatable in the long run because they have a Return-To-Player percentage like that of a slot.  It has been possible for a long time to bet on real sports, but nowadays you can also bet on virtual sports at non GamStop betting sites or justuk.club.

Nowadays you can go to many non GamStop bookmakers to bet on a virtual sports match. There are also constantly new bets that you can participate in because there are non-stop matches. You can literally make a bet 24/7. With the ‘real’ matches you are dependent on sports events that have to take place. This means that your offer is also limited. Also, betting on real matches was not possible during the corona pandemic because no matches could take place. Virtual sport was therefore the ideal alternative during these difficult times. The popularity of virtual sports is therefore completely understandable. Why would a bookmaker wait for a sporting event when he can create one himself?

Which Virtual Sports Can You Find at Non GamStop Sports Betting Sites?


You can bet on all kinds of different virtual sports. The offer depends on the casino. We also expect that the offer will expand considerably to other sports in the coming months/years. The virtual world is growing rapidly. Think of the limited costs of a virtual competition and the money that is saved. The money involved in organizing a real sports competition is enormous. In a virtual match, those costs are very little in comparison.

The sports you can find and bet on these days are:

  • Football
  • Horse racing
  • Formula 1
  • Cycling
  • Greyhound racing
  • Tennis
  • Motocross
  • Cricket
  • Darts
  • American Football
  • Basketball

Betting on Virtual Sports at Non GamStop Bookmakers

The types of bets in virtual sports betting depend on the type of sport and the provider.

Virtual Football


Football is already a favorite among gamblers anyway, this sport could certainly not be missed in the virtual sports betting sites not on GamStop.

You can bet on various competitions such as the EuroCup, VM, Premiership and the Super League.

The types of bets you can make in virtual football are:

  • First half winner
  • First goal
  • Half time
  • Handicap first half
  • Goals 1st half
  • Competition winner
  • Asian Handicaps
  • Away team goals
  • Double Chance (score after regular time)
  • Draw no bet
  • Margin of profit

Virtual Horse Racing


Horse racing is also very popular among gamblers. You can place a bet up to a few seconds before the start of the match. You will then see a short simulation of the match from which it immediately becomes clear whether you have won or not. This animation is realistic, making it look like you’re sitting in the stands. The only thing you can do in horse racing before placing a bet is to look at the shape of the horses.

You can bet on:

  • Standard wagers
  • Single-race (vertical) exotics
  • Exacta Bet
  • Quinella Bet

Virtual Tennis


In a virtual tennis match you see a shortened animation of a match between two people playing tennis against each other. You can choose which match you want to bet on, because there are different tournaments on offer. You can even bet on your favorite player. Actually, a virtual race is much more exciting than a normal race because of the speed. Every three minutes there is a new match that you can bet on. You do not have to wait an hour or an hour and a half for the results.

For example, in virtual tennis you can bet on:

  • The correct score of a particular set
  • Number of Games in 1 set
  • The end result
  • Winner of a set
  • Winner of a match
  • Tournament winner

Virtual Formula 1


After Max Verstappen won in Formula 1, this sport has grown in popularity in the Netherlands. You can also bet on virtual Formula 1 races. In such a match there are 12 participants on which you can bet. Please note, the odds are always quite high in this virtual sport.

You can bet on:

  • The winner
  • Top 2
  • Top 3

Virtual Cycling


In this case, it concerns betting on track cycling. Cycling is an umbrella term for cycling sports. In virtual track cycling you can bet on one or more of the 6-9 participants. The number of participants depends on the competition. Every 3 minutes there is a new match.

In virtual track cycling you can bet on:

  • The winner
  • The top 2
  • The top 3

Virtual Dog Racing


A greyhound race lasts a maximum of one minute with 6 dogs participating in a virtual race. You can choose from a bullet race, a flat race or an obstacle race.

Just like the other sports you can bet on:

  • The winner
  • The top 2
  • The top 3

Virtual Basketball


In virtual basketball, there are a lot of options to bet on. You also have the choice to bet on American or European matches. This is a very fun sport to watch and bet on virtually. From the types of bets below you can bet in the first half, the second half or the entire match.

Your betting options are:

  • The winner
  • The handicap
  • The total number of points
  • The profit margin
  • The total number of points of the away team
  • Winner of the competition
  • Quarter with the highest score
  • Total points home team

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