3 Ways A VPN Can Protect Your Data On A Public Wi-Fi

It is very important to keep your device safe all the time. The fact is that most of people today are keeping a lot of sensitive data on their phones, such as email, photos, mobile banking app, and more. Therefore, facing a cyber-attack can lead to problems like identity theft and money theft. The biggest problem is that many people are not even aware of all dangers and why it is so important to pay more attention to security.

You should learn more about different methods that you can use to stay safe online. First of all, try to avoid unknown websites and suspicious links. They might lead to malware on your device, and that can be used to either mess your system or steal data.

The problem with open public networks is that someone can get your data even if your device has decent layers of security. That is the main reason to consider using the VPN. If you are interested in protecting your PC, click here. Moreover, we are going to introduce to the main ways of how VPN can keep your device safe when you are using the public Wi-Fi.

1. It Will Change Your IP Address

Keeping your IP address private is not only important when you are using the public network. Hackers can use it to get in different devices that are connected to your router at home. The main feature of virtual protection is that it will provide a unique address from its server, where any attempt of cyber-attack can be prevented on time.

A lot of websites are using your data to scan your activities. Therefore, it can be a good solution to prevent a lot of annoying ads. Moreover, even if you are not using any advanced layers of security on your device, virtual protection will cover it when on public network.

2. Encryption


This is the main advantage of VPN, especially when you are using the public Wi-FI. As we already mentioned, a lot of people will use social media, email, and mobile banking. That is especially the case when you are traveling and you cannot use the network data since that would be too expensive due to roaming charges.

Hackers are aware of that, and that is the main reason why they usually target open networks that are available in many places, especially in public areas of bigger cities, bars, restaurants, and other places. It might seem convenient to use an option where you don’t need a password, but you must be aware of potential risks.

The encryption will keep your data safe without any chance that someone could access your device. Once you connect to the public network with an open VPN, the owner of the server or the hacker won’t be able to recognize your activities. You can even choose a different location with this option.

3. Location

While this is not so important in terms of security, changing your location when connecting to public network in some other country can lead to various problems with your email, social media, or even banking app. Some apps might recognize that as a trap, and you won’t be able to use them. Therefore, you can set the location of your home while traveling. That will also help you avoid restricted content.

Main Benefits


As we already mentioned, you can use this option not only when you are connected to the public hotspot. The most important feature is that it is using encryption to secure your data, and that is nearly impossible to break.

Keep in mind that most of open networks are not safe. Also, owners of these hotspots are usually unware that someone is using it as a way to steal data from other connected devices. The simple solution is to use protected network that require password. However, there are some dangers even in that case.

If you have a digital wallet with cryptocurrencies, along with your mobile banking app, it is recommended to use VPN all the time. Besides that, you can set your location to avoid notifications and danger alerts.

Another benefit is related to the content that you can find online. The fact is that many streaming services are not providing the same content for all locations. In most cases, there will be a different selection of movies and TV shows depending to the country.

In that matter, if you are interested in some movie that is not available in your area, using the VPN is the easiest way to watch it. On the other side, you should not use it for online gambling. It might seem as an excellent way to avoid the restrictions and visit websites that are prohibited in your area. However, th4 problem can be related to various policies.

For example, if you win some money and you want to withdraw it, you could face issues since the money will still have to be transferred to your bank account. The even bigger issue is that the online casino might decide to freeze your funds and don’t allow you to get them since you are living in a restricted area.

Last Words


This system is quite simple to install. There are many apps that you can find online. Before that, be sure to check that the platform you are installing is reliable and have the right layers of security. The core feature is the encryption. Even if you are dealing with the highly skilled hacker, that person will need a lot of time to break through the encrypted code.

In the end, you have to be aware that you could face all kinds of issues if you don’t protect your device. When you are not protected, it will be very easy for hackers to get an access to your device and simply take all files from you. That can lead to some serious problems, especially if you are keeping a digital wallet or mobile banking app on your device.

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