Wanted Season 4 – Possible Release Date Leaks & Latest Updates 2024!

Waiting for another season for the Netflix popular show Wanted? Wanted is an Australian crime thriller TV show that focuses on the life of two strangers that get entrapped in a dangerous situation and find themselves depending on each other for survival. The first season of the show was highly appreciated by the majority of the viewers, however, a small fraction of the people also had contradicting views.

Afterward, the makers decided to go with the second and then the third season. Now, the loyal fans of the series are waiting for the fourth installment. But, there doesn’t seem to be any update regarding the development of Wanted 4, leaving the fans heartbroken. So, we have gathered information from various sources to debunk the rumors about the show and have brought some interesting and authentic news about the progress of Wanted 4.

Wanted Season 4: Possible Release Date Leaks & Latest Updates 2024!

Wanted; Plotline, Cast, and Success

Wanted is a popular Australian TV series first released in 2016 under the banner of Seven Organization. The series has been divided into three seasons that focus on the life of two strangers in a life-threatening situation. The plot starts with two ladies standing at a bus stop where they get kidnapped by a masked man after he accidentally ends up killing his counterpart while trying to rob a taxi driver.

Throughout season 1 and season 2, both ladies remain on a run along with the kidnapper and face dangerous situations along with being pursued by the Police. The third installment of the show focuses on the ladies returning and going back to the police to clear their names and end up visiting the whole of Australia.

The first two parts were well received by the audience, however, the ratings of the show dropped in the third season as there was nothing interesting to the plotline. However, critics have highly appreciated the performance of the lead and supporting cast. The main characters Lola Buckley and Chelsea Babbage were played by Rebecca Gibney and Geraldine Hakewill respectively.

Wanted 4; Expected Release

Well, we are extremely sad to announce that there won’t be an upcoming season for Wanted. Initially, the makers announced that they will not be making season three; but, after some time on audience high demand, season 3 was released by Seven Organization which was, later on, picked up by Netflix.

Currently, there isn’t any chance for season four after the bad reviews about the previous season; but we never know, maybe producers would come up with new inspiration for season 4. Personally, I am not excited about another installment, since there is nothing left that could grab my attention towards the plot. Let me know your opinion about this.

Who Will Be Cast In Wanted 4


If there is another part of the series we are speculating that we will get to see the same cast as the previous series. The reason for this is the exceptional performance of the cast, especially the main leads that have done justice to the roles and have portrayed their characters extremely well.

Some of the big names involved in the project include; Rebecca Gibney, Geraldine Hakewill, Stephen Peacocke, Kate Box, Ryan Corr, Nicholas Bell, Mirko Grillini, Todd Levi, and Nicholas Hamilton, Veronica Neave, Anthony Phelon, Charles Cottier, and Dean O’Gorman.

Wanted 4 Trailer

If you are here after watching a fan-made trailer, then I must clear all your doubts about the official trailer of the Wanted 4. There are many fan-made trailers out there that are being misinterpreted as the official trailer. No official trailer about Wanted 4 has been released by the makers as there is no update or final decision about the possible release of the movie.

I have absolutely loved the fan-made edits and trailers that offer enough material to speculate what the plotline of the upcoming season would be like. You can watch all these unofficial trailers on YouTube and other free streaming platforms that offer free access to videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch Wanted?

Wanted was first released on Australian TV in 2016 by Seven Organization and became a huge success. Afterward, it was immediately picked up by Netflix and gained access to a wider audience. You can watch all three seasons of the series on Netflix and other related platforms such as Amazon Prime Video if you have access to a premium membership. Otherwise, you might have to purchase their membership in order to watch the show without any interruption.

Did Wanted receive positive feedback?

There were mixed reviews about the series, especially for the later seasons. The first part was highly appreciated by the audience because of its unique track and engaging plotline. The performances of the characters were also liked by critics and viewers. However, as the story progressed with the release of the second and third installments, the show lost its charm and became a boring melodrama, which made it lose a massive audience.

Is there any chance for Wanted 4?

Unfortunately, there isn’t any chance for Wanted 4 as of now. After the failure of season three, the makers seem disinterested in continuing the show. But, we never know we might be able to see another installment of the show after a few years just like season 3, which was also left on hold for a long time before its release. So, all you have to do right now is to relax and wait for the maker’s decision about the fate of the project.

Wrapping Up


Wanted is a popular Netflix service produced originally in Australia. The series focuses on the life-threatening journey of two strangers who are kidnapped and later on forced to run from the national police. Although the series was well received by the audience initially, it later became boring as the story progressed especially towards the end of the third part. Now the loyal fans of the series are eagerly waiting for another part, but it might never see the light of the day considering the overall ranking of the previous part.

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