Weirdest Things You Can Actually Bet On

Online casinos and sports betting outlets have taken over the world. You probably noticed it by now. It is a trend that’s here to stay. The internet and tech developments made it possible to indulge in these activities at any place at any time. We’re fine with it. Sports betting is a nice hobby that can bring some money your way. Of course, it needs to be done in good measure, but we have that covered. You probably do too. It is a great way to enjoy your favorite sports and add some additional passion to any given match.

But, as one could have guessed things have gone too far in some departments of sports betting. Betting n outcomes of sports matches, be it basketball, soccer, football, or any other sport is fine. That’s the standard. The NFL season is upon us, and we’re going to bet on it. In a few weeks, the NBA will be here too. It will be a great time for some betting against the spread and making various parlays. This is how things were done traditionally.

But, we are not here to talk about tradition. Betting on soccer; anyone can do that. You have so many European leagues that there are hundreds of matches each day during the season. Some would say; where’s the fun in that? Well, for me it is fun. It is exciting. It is something I will be continuing to do each day. Sports that recovered on betFIRST are enough for me. But, how about you, or any other weirdo out there? For some folks, standard sports, and regular betting aren’t making the cut. Things need to be pushed a little bit further. If you dig deep into the world of sports betting and betting in general, you’ll see it’s quite a rabbit hole.

No one is asking you to go down through it like Alice in Wonderland, but taking a peek? That would be fine. I’m not the one to experiment, but While I’m going to try and make this list a peculiar one, it is evident that something is going to be missed. If you think you are weirder, be free to add your weird betting suggestion to the list via the comment section.

Celebrity Deaths

As weird as it gets, and morbid at that. But, it’s possible. You can make a wager when a specific celebrity is going to pass away. Of course, for the older ones the odds are smaller. For the young and successful, the odds are high. You can guess the year, the month, and even the precise date of one’s death. Of course, the chances that you’re going to pinpoint it to a day are slim. But if you manage to do so, the outcome would result in millions. Various individuals have been posting bets targeting celebrities who have come out in public stating that they deal with conditions such as anxiety and depression such as Kirsten Dunst, Lady Gaga, and Jim Carrey.

Cheese Rolling

It’s not what you think. It’s a sport. Yes, it is a form of sports betting. Believe it or not. It is an event held in Gloucester, England. Every spring we have this unique event holding place. The sport is rather straightforward. It is what’s advertised in the title. The goal is to roll cheese down the hill. The winner is the one who does this feat first. You can bet on the winner, on the loser, or any position in between. People have done it, believe us. The best part is that we’re talking about a legal sport.


Are we hearing the X-Files music and seeing Fox Mulder approaching? Not quite, but we’re not too far. Something is out there, or is it? We can’t tell. But, if you want you can bet on it. A universe is a vast place after all. Everything is possible. Earning money by guessing that we’re not alone or that there will be a true UFO spotting is possible. You only need to lay down the bet and wait for the unimaginable to happen. So far, no one claimed this bet, but you could be the first one. Of course, you’ll be joining the horde of those who already did it. As we said, all that remains s to wait for little green ones to appear, or to re-appear according to some.

The Next Pope

It’s not too religious to gamble, but here we are. In some countries, religion is not strict about it, but you know Catholicism – gambling is a big no-no. but, not even religion can stop true bettors. Betting on who is going to be the next leader of the catholic church draws massive interest. As you know each Pope is old by the time they’re appointed, unless you’re watching The Young Pope starring Jude Law, we apologize. Despite Pope Francis going strong people are already making the shortlist with the best candidates. You can place a bet and try to guess who is going to be the next Pope. Is it Cardinal Marc Ouellet or is it Pietro Parolin the de facto Secretary of state in the Vatican? You tell us.

The Royal Family

Royals are a subject that is interesting far beyond their home in the United Kingdom. Since the whole fiasco with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry happened they draw more interest than ever. Even the old Queen is still going strong, while some members of the family left us in recent months. All of this is interesting to bettors. They like to guess things regarding the Royal family and earn money in the process. Which member will get married next, who will die first, and how long will the Queen live are all the questions that interest bettors. The majority of them have their predictions and money has already been laid down to follow up their opinions. You can do the same if you trust that you have the insight to guess into the Royal family.

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