Why Do Guys Appreciate Slavic Females?

In our day and age, when nobody is surprised by International marriages, many Western men are looking for Slavic brides. Many say that these women are gentle, beautiful, very feminine, well-groomed, and educated. They are thrifty, family-oriented, and want to have children. What’s more, they see no problems in relocating to another country to live with the man they love.

It’s no secret it’s difficult to find similar characteristics in Western women nowadays.

What Makes Slavic Women So Special?


If you consider the sheer number of men looking for women from Slavic countries, you might think these ladies use magical powers to attract Western men. However, there’s nothing supernatural about the way they are. It’s just that these ladies possess a set of qualities that might seem perfect to a Westerner.


If you are looking for truly feminine beauty, Slavic women are for you. Their curves and height are just perfect. They have long legs, fair or light brown hair, gentle facial features, perfect teeth, and an appealing smile. If you marry a Slavic woman, you are guaranteed to be the envy of other men!


They don’t depend on men to get by. Slavic women are educated, often have jobs, and can thus earn their own living. Men want them so much because they can support their partners in building a family. A Slavic mail order wife ​​99brides.com  won’t ask her husband for money to pay for her travel expenses or to go to the hairdresser.


Loyalty is the foundation of a strong relationship. Slavic women are always faithful to their partners. Even if the whole world is against you, they will stand by you. Many other women take the side of others when it comes to their husbands. Slavic women will be there for you and help you find a way out of any difficult situation.


It’s hard to find someone honest to marry. Slavic women will tell you whether they like you or not without playing silly games. That way you won’t waste time on someone who doesn’t like you at all. A Slavic woman will not try to lead you on if she’s not interested.


Slavic women are proven to be good at adapting to foreign cultures and languages. It won’t be very difficult for them to learn whatever they need to improve their situation and find a decent, loving man.

Great Partners

With their attitudes and values, Slavic women are ideal partners for Western men and thus for a happy married life. They are romantic and loving as wives, lovers, and mothers. They are also excellent homemakers. If you are looking for a woman who is polite, feminine, friendly, personable, tidy, hardworking, and takes great care of the family, then a Slavic woman should be your pick.

Why Are Slavic Women Looking for Foreign men?


If you think that Slavic ladies are only looking for wealthy Western men to escape their own financial misery in your home country, you are completely wrong. Most of these ladies have jobs and careers. They work, have their own income and some even drive their own cars.

So the main reason for looking for a husband abroad is definitely not the local financial situation. Western men are reputed in Eastern Europe to have a more responsible attitude towards family and marriage. In addition, most Slavic women are attracted to the sophisticated, educated, and polite manner of Western men.

Westerners are considered energetic, sophisticated, enduring, and romantic and these are excellent qualities for a Slavic woman. Many young girls in particular value characteristics such as maturity and stability in foreign men.

In addition, there is a large surplus of women in Russia and Ukraine, which means that many local women can’t find a good man at all and have to stay alone.

How to Impress a Slavic Woman


Slavic women are looking for a normal but faithful and safe husband who will take care of them and their future children. But like every woman, a Slavic woman wants to be conquered.

To win her heart, you have to put in a lot of effort. These women are real ladies and your relationship should not be based on material values ​​but on mutual respect.

Here are a few rules to remember when dating a woman from a Slavic country.

  • She wants to fall in love, to be able to look up to her man, and be treated with respect
  • Approach her gently, just as you would approach a sister or a daughter.
  • Show interest in her country, culture, and language. Don’t hesitate to invite her to teach you: she’ll enjoy it greatly.
  • Dress appropriately and with style, be very observant and preferably be a perfect old-school gentleman. Treat your Slavic lady with courtesy, politeness, and respect.
  • Show confidence and a bright smile. Don’t just talk about yourself all the time. It’s better to talk more about the woman sitting across from you. Explore her ideas and opinions, this conveys genuine interest.
  • Avoid boring or controversial topics like weather or her ex-partners.
  • Once you find some things you have in common, emphasize this to strengthen your connection.
  • Give her compliments but make them subtle and use them in moderation. You can give the lady the feeling that you like her. However, you shouldn’t make her feel like you’re already hopelessly addicted to her.
  • Don’t try to avoid courtship and flirting by waving banknotes. That would only offend her.
  • At the same time, bring a small present when you go on a date with a Slavic woman. It shouldn’t be expensive but must let her know you’ve been thinking of her.

In Conclusion


No words can be enough to describe all the things that make Slavic women so special. Every Western man who dates a Slavic woman finds something that speaks to him personally. These ladies are smart, beautiful, and open to meeting foreign men. And this is a perfect combination to make your first step on the path to dating amazing Slavic beauties!

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