How to Write an Essay If You Don’t Have Any Ideas

Some people find that writing is easy. For others, writing may be among the most difficult tasks you can undertake. People who belong to this group often have difficulty writing any kind of essay. So, essays and other school-related projects are among the most difficult tasks for them. But essay writing, despite how difficult or insignificant it might seem, is something everyone can master regardless of whether it requires some more effort and concentration. If you’re having trouble finishing your essay or are struggling to write it, continue to read.

Why Writing an Essay Is So Hard?

What is an essay? It is usually a written paper that outlines the writer’s viewpoint or the story. While writing essays many students have a reason to put off the task. If they attempt to tackle it, they are difficult to put sentences together that seems to be a reasonable position on the subject they are assigned. If you are one of them, go to and get writing assistance. Professionals will write a great essay for you.

Let’s look at some reasons why it is hard:

  • You’d rather scroll through Facebook.
  • You’re trying to write something that your professor or teacher will love.
  • You’re trying for an A, instead of creating things that are actually excellent.
  • You’re trying to complete the most work for the least effort.

The primary reason that writing an essay is difficult is that we usually think about external rewards such as a passing mark, getting the approval of a teacher, or even avoiding being accused of plagiarism.

Still wonder how to write an essay? Here are some tips to overcome any of these reasons and complete that essay you can’t write not only using helpful sources such as

Tip 1 – Find Inspiration in Someone Else’s Work

Do you consider taking someone’s idea as plagiarism? Sure it is. That’s why you need to utilize your imagination and ideas. But drawing ideas from someone else’s work isn’t a sin.

If you aren’t sure what to write about you could always go to the internet for ideas. The internet is filled with such ideas, including essay examples or topic lists. There are always a few suggestions while looking through these sources. Then, modify these ideas to suit your requirements.

For instance, there are topics available for college and high school students that might prove useful. Each topic in these lists could be examined, narrowed, or even put together to form the basis to write your own essay.

If you’re not sure of the topic you’d like your essay to focus on, look through other essays or subjects. It will certainly help to develop an idea.

Tip 2 – Find a Topic

Again, the internet is brimming with ideas for writing. Do you know such sites as,, and LinkedIn? They will provide a vast array of answers and questions. Browse these websites for a topic that is related to your business.

Any of these could be great blog posts! These questions can make for great headlines. While browsing through this list, search for one with a large number of answers. This indicates that the topic is relevant to readers and could be successful for your task. Choose a topic that is in line with readers’ interests.

Tip 3 – Ask Yourself “What Surprises Me About This Subject?”

You should ask yourself “What am I finding interesting in this particular subject? What am I surprised by?”

If you’re unable to think of something that astonishes you or something you’re not interested in, you’re not doing enough research. All information that surprises and inspires you is often the most interesting topic. Use it to write your essay and create your body paragraphs based on each individual fact or idea. They can serve as fantastic hooks to your readers when you switch from one subject to another.

Tip 4 – Make an Outline

Being a student who has to write numerous essays probably should be informed about outlining your essay before beginning to write it. Although it is not something everyone likes to do, it can be beneficial to your advantage and make the whole procedure much easier.

There are some writers who can transform nothing into something and not have to create an outline to guide them through the entire process. However, if you were one of them then you’d probably have not been reading this today. Spend time drafting the entirety of your essay and argument, and then fill the skeleton with relevant research and personal views. The process of completing the outline is similar to completing the first half of your project.

Tip 5 – Do Not Be Afraid to Bounce Around

Essay writing is an exercise. It is not necessary to remain in one spot or write continuously from the beginning until the end.

Give yourself the ability to write like you’re going around the topic instead of presenting an argument that is simple and straightforward. When you edit and proofread your work, you’ll ensure that everything is aligned properly.

Actually, this is the ideal time to make it clear that the process of proofreading your essay isn’t all about punctuation and spelling. It’s about ensuring that your argument or analysis flows easily from one idea to the next. (Okay technically, this is editing, but many students who write a high school or college essay don’t have enough time to complete each phase of their writing.)

As you tidy up your sentences and grammar structure, be sure that your thoughts flow smoothly clearly, and naturally from one sentence to the next while you are editing.

Final Thought

The most important thing to remember is your teacher should know that you’ve done the job seriously and have put in the best effort. The proper management of your time is crucial and you shouldn’t have to write a single essay for a long time. If you start early, you’ll be able to devote enough effort to preparing your task. Write and make edits to the essay in order to create one of the pieces of writing which you’re happy with.

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