Yacht Renting in Dubai – The Rates

Voyage on a rental yacht is an experience many look forward to in Dubai. A yacht does not limit itself to parties and celebrations but also provides a space to spend family time. The yachts in Dubai symbolize luxury, so the rate is a crucial element to consider before renting. The post will discuss yacht rental in Dubai prices and factors that determine the same. You can find more information on yachtrentaluae.com.

What is the cost of renting a yacht in Dubai


Rental yachts in Dubai are not rare to find. There are numerous companies that have an extensive collection of luxury yachts. From cabin cruisers to superyachts, there is a lot to choose from. However, you have to be careful while going through the rates.

Some companies have inclusive rates, which means that the rate for anything you are provided as extras on board will be included in the fixed rental price. So the charge will be included in the rate of these prices and will not be mentioned individually. You will be presented with a specific number you must pay to make the booking.

Some establishments still need this. They will charge you extra for the refreshments or toiletries that you use. Hence, remember to check with the company regarding their policy for extras.

5 Famous Yachts for Rent in Dubai

We have gathered five of the most famous yachts available for renting in Dubai. You can get more familiar with them in the segments under.

Baglietto 108 Lady Maya

With an open deck, beautiful interior, and stunning construction, the yacht is considered one of the most luxurious vessels in Dubai. Made with an aluminum superstructure, the vessel can go up to the speed of 35 knots.

The minimum charter time is 3 hours for the yacht.

Price per hour- AED 7,500

Price per day- AED 75,000

Length- 108ft

PR Marine – 90 Haigan


With a passenger strength of 20 and 8 overnight guests, this beauty is sure to be one of the finest-built yachts of today. Lounge areas and a swimming pool on board this yacht can give the pleasure of a voyage like no other.

Price per hour- AED 4,000

Price per day- AED 40,000

Length- 90ft

Gulf Craft D321


Black is the color of the yacht. Resembling a whale, the superyacht is a sight for the eyes. Like the exterior, the interior is built with all the amenities to make the stay enjoyable for each passenger who chooses to travel on the cruise.

Price per hour- AED 2,300

Price per day- AED 30,000

Length- 95ft

Majesty 101 – Infinity

The yacht has a sleek finished exterior. It has a capacity of 50 and 8 overnight guests. 4 fully furnished cabins with a spectacular view of the sea and a posh swimming pool are enough to make your stay memorable on the yacht.

Price per hour- AED 2,500

Price per day- AED 28,000

Length- 101ft

Benetti Code 8


A posh jacuzzi, five opulently designed cabins and decks all over are the attractions of this 1996 yacht. Luxury elements have been added throughout the construction to give the passengers a lifetime experience on board this vessel. The vessel ought to be chartered for a minimum of 6 hours.

Price per hour- AED 2,500

Price per day- AED 28,000

Length- 101ft

Elements that determine yacht rental rate

  • Type of yacht
  • Yacht size
  • Duration of voyage
  • The season of sail
  • Passenger strength

Type of yacht

Yachts come in two types- motorized and sailing. Motorized yachts are chosen for their speed. They are ideal for throwing night parties, promotion events, and new year celebrations.

Sailing yachts are much slower. They are rented for romantic getaways or family time with close ones. These yachts are ideal for those looking for the best deals for weekend plans.

Before you rent a yacht in Dubai, decide the type and approach a yacht rental company explaining your requirement,

Yacht size

The length and weight of yachts differ. A yacht’s weight can be divided into wet and dry. Wet weight is when the vessel has fluids, and dry weight is when it is devoid of any.

The length of a yacht starts from 30 ft and goes up to 300 ft. The smallest luxury yacht is around 30 ft. The record for the largest yacht is in the name of German constructed “Azzam,” with a 590 ft long build.

You can rent a yacht in Dubai between 35 ft and 250ft. Decide the purpose of your sail, understand the needs, count your passengers and select the vessel.

Duration of voyage

Yachts are rented on an hourly or daily basis. You can have the journey as long as you need, provided you are ready to pay the company in advance.

For short events, book yachts giving the specific number of hours you will spend on them. For a vacation or holiday leisure time, you can rent a yacht for days.

Note that there is a minimum number of hours you need to spend on a charter, which varies from yacht to yacht. You can find the time limit mentioned and other charter details on the yacht renting company website. If not mentioned, you can contact the establishment to know the rate.

The season of the sail

The rates for renting a yacht in Dubai go up during the holiday seasons, like in any other marketing industry. Check the rates in advance on different yacht-renting websites to avoid last-minute confusion. If lucky, you might find holiday discounts. But that is rare. Go for the off-peak season to have a less stressful voyage experience.

Passenger strength

The number of passengers on board means more facilities. The yacht renting company would ask for the count of people who will board the cruise to help you choose the vessel that can accommodate the number of people. When you approach a yacht renting company to book a vessel, you need to know the count. The higher the count, the higher will be the rate.

Do proper research before renting a yacht in Dubai


Remember to go through different websites before booking your charter. The rates vary from one company to another. Once you get the basic details online, get in touch with the company to know the rest. Gather the data from all the companies and choose the charter that is made for you.

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