5 Most Expensive Shampoo Brands 2024

These shampoos are expensive. That’s probably what you thought when reading the title of this article.  These shampoos are not for the faint of heart. They are high quality and well worth the price. These products include rare herbs, exotic fragrances and other weird ingredients. So let’s dive in into some of the most luxurious and expensive shampoo brands in the world!



The top of the link product. The rolly royce of shampoo. If you want to get something that screams luxury get Oribe. Oribe is a high-performance, luxury brand that combines beauty and luxury. This brand is considered the best in hair care. This is a must-have for all hair-obsessed people. With it’s special packaging that wants to take you a a new level of eco friendly packaging, you can’t go wrong with this amazing product.

Philip B


This shampoo is a revitalizing shampoo that will give you shiny, silky, smooth and voluminous hair. It is said to give body and protect hair from damage and frizz. This shampoo will give you an amazing youthful appearance by improving the cuticles and giving life to dull locks. This rich formula contains 11 L-Amino Acids, protective silk, wheat, soy proteins, and other ingredients that will repair your hair at the cellular level. You will also find panthenol and phytantriol as well as shea butter and a Russian-inspired mixture of chamomile.



Wendy Iles, a celebrity hairdresser and founder of Iles Formula, founded Iles Formula. The products contain luxurious ingredients that I have never experienced in hair products, such as pracaxi oil and tucuma seeds butter. The shampoo itself is free of sulfates, parabens, and silicone; sulfates are what make our shampoos foam up, and while they’re very effective at giving our hair that squeaky clean feeling, they can strip the natural oils from your strands and scalp leaving them parched and prone to producing even more oil.

Acqua di Parma Colonia Shampoo


This gentle shampoo will clean your hair well. Panthenol is added to make your hair soft and silky smooth. Its ability to repair damaged cuticles is due to its restructuring properties. It helps prevent splits, damage, and breakage, which results in healthy, frizz-free hair. Coconut oil and provitamin B5 are gentle ingredients that will not dry out your hair. The refreshing scent of this product is a combination of jasmine, verbena and Bulgarian rose with a touch oriental woods. Truly an amazing product.

Balman Shampoo


The collection by a French designer promises to transform dull, unnourished hair into something worthy of being called “hair couture”. We were also drawn to the large pump bottles. This allows for zero waste and allows for re-use. Isn’t this what innovation and thoughtful design should be all about? Vitamin-rich treatments are ideal for damaged hair or hair that has been over-processed. They strengthen and restructure hair from the inside, replenishing moisture and hair fibres, and give hair a healthy, shiny look.

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