Alpha-H Liquid Gold Review

The Alpha-H Liquid Gold is new industry standard! This exfoliating treatment should be your got to beauty product if you need something for the most common skin issues. Be it that you want to brighten up some dark spots, slow down aging and just refresh your face, this is it.

The Australian brand Alpha H is over 25 years old. They proved themselves and their Liquid Gold didn’t change a bit over the period. The story is super wholesome and reports note that the founder of the company wanted to seek out a treatment for he daughter. And that’s where the magic happened.

The Ingredients in Alpha H Liquid Gold

The main ingredient is the glycolic acid. This is a type of alpha hydroxy acid. This exfoliates the skin by dissolving the glue that holds dead cells to the skin’s surface. In gist, it means that the outer layer that may be damaged, pigmented or unwanted will disappear and the new skin will show. Next to this we have glycerin that will help you in way, that it will pull water to your cells to regenerate and heal faster.

Oh and the aforementioned acid will also inhibit the creation of the hyaluronic acid that is the top player in skin hydration. A noteworthy mention is also the licorice root extract!

It’s a tad bit pricier going at almost $60 at 100 ml, but be advised, we believe the price is worth it.

How To Use Alpha H Liquid Gold


This skin product works! You will be able to feel it. A small but important tingling sensation will be there and you need to be aware that you want to do this once or twice weekly. We also suggest that you try on a small part of your face or neck first, just to see how it works and what will be the results. Be aware that you don’t have to rinse this off. You leave it on overnight.

One important thing, don’t use any other products after you use it. It could ruin the carefully crafted formula of the product.


This is really one of the those iconic products that will stay for a long time on the market. We really do think that this will help you skin in the long time, that it can heal all types of damage and that this is one the best peels currently on the market.

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