Anna Feller about Beach Beauty and Wellness

Anna Feller is totally dedicated to the simple idea that the beauty comes from the inside. When she is in the best mood, she feels and look the best. On the other hand, it is extremely important to get the hydration, to take care of one self and to have enough sleep.

Her beauty and skincare regime is quite simple. She switch between Enzyme Cleanse and Dr. Barbara Sturm Gentle Cleanser for cleaning up her face. Whether she will use the Hyaluronic Serum, Super Anti-Ageing Serum or Calming Serum depends on how much dehydrated or sensitive her skin is. After any of these, she would use Face Cream. When it is time for the makeup, she prefers the RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up Concealer and NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer for a shiny base. Tom Ford Bronzing Powder is the natural choice to use the next.

Tips and Tricks She Learned as a Model

She learned many things during the course of the modeling days. What is amazing for her are the makeup artists. Those are the people with one of a kind styles and techniques from whom she always learned something new. Her at-home techniques are quite straight forward but the main advice is to take off all the makeup before going to bed. Another advice would be to stay hydrated as much as possible which means to drink as much water as it is needed together with the herbal teas during the day.

Hair Care and Hair Style


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For the hair care, she uses Oribe. For example, after the swimming in the sea, she would always clean the hair from the salt and while the hair is still wet, she would take Supershine Light Moisturizing Cream through the hair and leave it to dry naturally. She always use Oribe Gold Lust Shampoo when washing or conditioning the hair. When it comes to the hair style,  she prefers Swept Up Volume Powder for the fringe. Afterwards, she would build volume and grit with the Dry Texturing Spray for the rest of the hair. For the beachy hair she nourishes, her best product to use is EVO Salty Dog Salt Spray. She would visit hair salon once a week for the various treatments.

Number One Fragrance

She always prefers the natural, gardenia oil. Its scent evokes the memories from when she was younger, when she was living in Fiji. You could find gardenias all over the place. It has the special place for her as her mother loves the scent as well. Beside this, she also love to put LE LABO Tonka 25.

Wellness Rituals

There is not better way to refresh oneself than hot water with the lemon. This beverage is followed by smoothie with coconut water, banana and a scoop of WelleCo Alkalising Greens powder. She is dedicated to physical activities. She loves One Hot Yoga and boxing. The essential part is to keep her body alkaline and anti-inflammatory so she could feel the best. She also likes to meditate a lot which helps her relax and gather her thoughts.

Beach as the central to Lifestyle


This is nothing strange as anyone who follows Anna’s Instagram knows that the Beach is always there. She lives on Bondi Beach which is practically her front yard. This is the place where she goes with her son to enjoy in the nature. Funny thing is that at the moment she enters the water, it seems like everything else is washed away. At the same time, as she touches the sand, she is immediately in another dimension, the world of her own. It has a sort of the therapy effect. The smart thing to do is to skip the part of the day when the day is the hottest. Whenever at the beach, she uses the variety of sunscreens. She is fond of all MECCA’s sunscreens.

Has Being a Mother Changed the Priorities in terms of Beauty and Wellness

Keeping it as simple as possible is the efficient way to come to beauty and wellness regime. This is extremely important to do in the morning as this is the period of a day when she has the least “me time”.

The Future Plans

There are a lot of things coming her way. She is working on her wellness website. She is also planning to go from Los Angeles and Sydney more often.

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