Is It Worth It: Oribe Texturizing Hair Spray

With the constantly evolving beauty scene, we are getting new wonder products by the day. Some hot new thing that will change how you look and your daily routines. Still, there are some staples in the industry, products that have won our hearts and products that cast a big shadow over anything new.

This time we are talking about the famous Oribe Texturizing Spray which comes in the super famous black and yellow bottle. An amazing way to style and define but it also comes as an alternative to dry shampoo.

The now famous product that even inspired a trend in the hair industry, has rocking it from 2010 and it is good for all types of hairs. It prides itself on the ability to clean the hair from the roots and give it an glamorous volume.

In addition to that, the spray gives you an UV coating that will protect your hair against the sun and in addition to that, it will smell beautiful. This is one of those products who also have a cult following, it is reported that more than 3 million bottles were sold up to this date. Truly remarkable for a hair product.

So with that being said, let’s list some of the benefits of the Oribe Texturizing Spray:

  1. A super efficient way to raise your hair and give it a very appealing texture.
  2. The formula prides itself into cleverly and specially designed polymers that will collect all the moisture and oils from your hair
  3. It smells absolutely amazing and it will protect your hair from dangerous UV rays

Just apply it generously like any other dry shampoo and rub it in good. The hair should feel different in second and you will have some time to style it the way you like.

From us, honestly, this a great product and if you need a quick lift me up and a dry shampoo in one, this is it.

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