Are Real Machines Better Than Online Slots? Debunking Casino Myths

If you’ve ever been to a casino, or maybe you downloaded an online version of it, then you know how common some myths regarding slots are. People are always suspicious about the game being rigged. When it comes to slots, whether machines or online slots, they have a bad reputation among people, so they think the machines provide a more authentic experience compared to their virtual counterparts.

The truth lies somewhere in between, and we can never be 100% sure what choice is better. What we can do is analyze some of the most common myths, trying to debunk them. That way, everyone has an equal chance to access both physical machines and unlimited online slots like

So, if you’re ready to discover more, let’s get there:

Myth: Online Slots are Rigged


This is probably the most common myth for every casino activity, not just the slots. But this game is particularly based on random number generators, also known as RNG, to ensure fair and random outcomes.

Knowing this, we can say that physical machines are more likely to be rigged compared to the online versions. But also, we must mention that today’s gambling laws are more fair compared to the past, so you probably won’t face any issues related to rigged machines or software. Most casinos test the games and guarantee their integrity, especially the online versions.

Myth: Real Machines Have Higher Payout


This myth is based on true events, but they’re now in the past, so you don’t need to worry about the payouts. Today, many online slots offer payout percentages that are as high or even higher than those found in land-based casinos.

Some online slots may offer a 97%-98% payout percentage, while the modern but physical slots may vary between 90%-95%. It’s not a significant difference, but it’s surely obvious, especially if you play with large amounts of money.

Myth: Online Slots are Less Exciting

Online Slots are Less Exciting

This mostly depends on the individual preferences. While it may be true for those who want to feel the excitement and casino atmosphere, there are also people who enjoy playing at home with no distractions around them.

We can’t say that online slots are boring, while the machines are very exciting because that would be an individual perception. Anyway, this myth mostly depends on the people’s preferences. Surely, there are those who enjoy the physical presence of the machines while pressing the spinning button, expecting large rewards. But those who enjoy at-home mobile slots will surely say this is the biggest myth of them all.

Myth: You Can’t Win Big on Online Slots


This common myth is tightly related to the fact that online casinos weren’t a huge thing a few years earlier. They were only a smaller version of the well-known land-based casinos, with a few tiny rewards to make people feel excited. The goal was to attract them to the physical slots for higher rewards.

As you suppose, this is not true! In fact, some of the largest online slot jackpots ever won have been worth millions of dollars.

Real Machines or Online Slots: What to Choose?

Real machines are great for those who want to experience the authentic casino atmosphere, have a few drinks, and interact with other players. If you want such an experience, land-based casinos and real slot machines are the best choice. But don’t forget that you have a limited selection of games, and traveling to the casino and back can be a time-consuming thing.

On the other hand, online casinos offer a wide array of games with higher payouts compared to some real machines. All games are easily accessible from your phone or preferred device. The games are interactive, with plenty of bonus features that enhance your overall experience. Still, you’re dependent on the internet connection, and you may not feel the authentic casino atmosphere.

Ultimately, the choice depends on your preferences to deal with both the pros and cons of online slots and physical machines. If you enjoy the social aspect of a real casino, machines are the more obvious choice. If you want a larger offer of games, convenience, and high payouts, online slots are a better fit.

Tips on Playing Slots (Both Online and Machines)

While you probably know how to play slots, you need to remember a few things in advance.

  • Always choose a reputable and licensed casino
  • Research the games and find the ones with high payouts
  • Choose an online casino with large bonuses
  • Set a budget you’ll maintain through the whole experience
  • Take regular breaks from gambling to avoid addiction
  • Play for fun, not for money

Many people become addicted gamblers, even though they started as casual players. All these tips can help you enjoy playing slots so you can gamble safely and responsibly.

While the whole industry is surrounded by many myths and beliefs, we tried to explain most of them. That way, you can make the right choice and play the game you prefer. Remember, there is no better choice between real machines or online slots. It’s all up to you to decide what works better and what makes you more excited about the game.


This text concludes that the choice of preferred slots depends only on the one playing the game. And while there are online versions, some people still prefer the atmosphere of brick-and-mortar casinos and socializing with other people with similar interests.

With the help of busted myths, it becomes clear to us that many of our beliefs have been unfounded. Online casinos’ reputations are growing daily, and so is their popularity. That is why it is important to choose wisely, consider the advantages and disadvantages, and, of course, control the money you spend for this purpose.

Therefore, choose wisely and follow only your personal preferences. It’s the only way to play the game that makes you happy, regardless of the myths surrounding online slots and real machines. Don’t hesitate to compare, analyze, and choose according to what you want since that’s the only way to spot the right casinos and get awards and rewards you’ll enjoy.

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