10 Best Climbing Harness of all Time 2024 – Opinion You Must Consider

Every mountain ridge is within reach if you just keep climbing. And for climbing, you need some essentials. Certain equipment deserves space in every pack. One of them is a climbing harness. The primary advantages of Best Climbing Harness are safety and comfort. Without the best climbing harness, secured climbing would not be possible.

Good Choice
PETZL SAMA Unisex Harness - Rock Climbing Harness for the Gym, Crag, or Multi-Pitch Routes - Grey -...
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Black Diamond Women's Momentum - Caspian - Extra Small
PETZL SAMA Unisex Harness - Rock Climbing Harness for the Gym, Crag, or Multi-Pitch Routes - Grey -...
Black Diamond Women's Momentum - Caspian - Extra Small
Good Choice
PETZL SAMA Unisex Harness - Rock Climbing Harness for the Gym, Crag, or Multi-Pitch Routes - Grey -...
PETZL SAMA Unisex Harness - Rock Climbing Harness for the Gym, Crag, or Multi-Pitch Routes - Grey -...
Don't Miss
Black Diamond Women's Momentum - Caspian - Extra Small
Black Diamond Women's Momentum - Caspian - Extra Small

If you really want to discover the magic of climbing, and you’re ready to rope up, you’ll need a few key pieces of gear to get started. The best climbing harness is possibly one of the most important items every climber needs, as it’s a crucial part of your safe framework.  

Best Climbing Harness

Make your climbing practice comfortable, productive, and, most of all, safe. By selecting or from our picks of Best climbing harnesses.  It becomes your literal life savior on substantial heights and during harsh weather conditions. It’s worth getting one of the best climbing harnesses that suit not only your preferences but the type of climbing you do most according to Pelican Rope.

As there are plenty of options available in the market. To help your selection, based on the criteria of comfort, versatility and price, we have identified 10 of the best climbing harnesses for people getting into rock climbing.  Our picks for the best climbing harnesses below highlight a diverse selection of leading models for all climbing disciplines.

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Quick look into our recommended Best Climbing Harnesses.

  1. YXGOOD Treestand Harness, Tree Working Safety Belt, Climbing Harness – Top Harness for All-Around Climbing Disciplines
  2. PETZL – Mens SAMA Climbing Harness – Most Comfortable Climbing Harness
  3. Black Diamond Mens Solution Climbing Harness – Best Harness for Cragg Climbing Specialization

Still unsure as to which one to choose from our best climbing harness? Scroll further as we have presented to you the detailed view of these best climbing harness.

List of the Best Climbing Harnesses for 2024

1. YXGOOD Tree stand Harness, Tree Working Safety Belt, Climbing Harness

YXGOOD Tree stand Harness--(Best Climbing Harness)


With a design equipped for tree climbing, house and garden work, firefighting and more, this harness from YXGOOD can likewise be used to do rock climbing. This is one extremely versatile harness with great features for all-around climbing disciplines.

This harness has a lot of room to carry additional accessories along the way. YXGOOD Tree stand Harness is one of the high-performance materials you might need during your climbing. The construction is made to enhance durability and lifespan, while the design is made to ensure the higher safety of its users.

Key Features

This half-body harness will cover your waist and legs safely. The waist strap is limited to 85 o 120 cm which means anyone can comfortably wear it for their safety issues.
This Safety Belt is equipped with 5 tool ring that makes it simple to carry your tool. The utility rings have a great deal of space to convey extra adornments. It provides abundant storage for bearing accessories.  This makes this harness a solid preference for professionals like firefighters and tree workers, who need to carry along a lot of accessories while climbing.
Both leg strap and waist strap are constructed using breathable foam that let you feel more comfortable when you are Firefighting, Roofing, Climbing, Construction or Welding.
The option to choose between full body and half body versions.
The material seems thick enough and plenty strong.
Made with high quality and breathable lining, comfort is always there for you regardless of any season you wear it. Attached with soft foam in the waist and leg area, users will ultimately experience the coziest climbing.
Being able to load up to 150kg, this harness is ideal for both adventurers and non-adventurer.
Affordable prices that anyone can easily consider.
YXGOOD Climbing Harness ensures that you will be safe with its well-design features and sturdy build.
It has adjustable waist straps to accommodate most waist size. Therefore, it is ideal for everyone.
This tree climbing harness is very lightweight in which you would feel comfortable wearing.

YXGOOD Tree stand Harness--(Best Climbing Harness)

This item also comes with multiple rings to make storing and carrying more repairing tools possible. Few people move with a ton of embellishments, while others select a more lightweight methodology. For the individuals who have a ton of stuff, this may be an incredible choice to consider. YXGOOD tree stand harness becomes popular for its versatile working capability.

These picks are usually used for gardening art, tree servicing works, or fire-fighting needs YXGOOD Tree to stand Harness tics all the right boxes to be considered as the best all-around tree climbing harness. Besides being fabulously versatile, the harness takes the stress out of your climbing activities with its soft padding and moisture-resistant materials.

2. PETZL – Men’s SAMA Climbing Harness

PETZL - Men’s SAMA Climbing Harness--(Best Climbing Harness)


Beloved sports gear brand Petzl has nailed it with its Sama harness. The Petzl Sama is a great choice for pretty much any kind of rock climbing. Its denim-like pattern along with grey coloring is memorable – just like your upcoming climbing adventure of yours.

You will feel your most comfortable wearing a safety cushion that has elasticized leg loops and a flexible waistband. Believe us when we say that aspiring climbers are able to achieve their ambitious goals with the help of this harness in no time.

Key Features

Good arrangement of gear loops for any style of rock climbing
Less bulky and more mobile than previous version
The waist uses Petzl’s “Endoframe” technology for a thin and breathable waist belt. The EndoFrame structure will add up to your level of comfort as it helps to distribute the weight accordingly. Have a high level of comfort and a relatively low weight
Featuring four gear loops – the two closest to the front are molded for easier clipping.
This universal climbing harness is exceptionally versatile. The loops arrangement works great with almost any kind of rock climbing. Although it’s designed primarily for sport climbing, we also think it’s a solid choice for trad climbing because of the wide and rigid front gear loops, combined with large and easy to access rear gear loops that give one plenty of room for storing all of the long route necessities.
The leg loops are fixed but have stretchy elastic around the front. There is a big rear haul loop that can be used as an extra small gear loop and the rear leg elastics clip on and off separately.
Very comfortable, especially for belaying. Even with a thinner belt and less padding than you’d expect it is quite possibly one of the most comfortable climbing harnesses available.
The abundance of front and back loops allows you to climb with no restrictions, which means that you will not be stopped in the face of your adversity by anything.

For an all-around climbing harness, it doesn’t get much better than the Sama. The older generation was a solid performer, and Petzl has only improved the design.  An important consideration is that the leg loops are elasticized, yet they are not flexible or adjustable, which restricts the fit.

On the off chance that they don’t accommodate your body appropriately, you’ll be awkward, and ought to pick an alternate saddle. Also, if you plan to take this harness outdoors, you should consider whether the leg loops will stretch enough to allow you to layer warm clothing under them.

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3. Black Diamond Men’s Solution Climbing Harness

Black Diamond Mens Solution Climbing Harness--(Best Climbing Harness)


The company prioritized and organized the highly qualitative construction of the climbing harness and stuck to giving it a cragg climbing specialization. Accordingly, totally fitting stuff that moves with your body was made.

Featuring BD Athlete Alex Honnold’s signature touches on his favorite Solution Harness, this Limited Edition harness sports a unique color and Honnold’s signature on the right leg loop, plus a percentage of sales go to the Honnold Foundation, which supports solar energy for a more equitable world.

Key Features

Limited edition color with Honnold signature on left leg loop
The harness features a layer of foam and three separate strands of low-profile webbing—termed Fusion Comfort Construction—for a design that moves with your body while providing load distribution and comfort.
The Solution is made to minimize pressure points with special webbing in the waist and legs, so you’ll be comfortable in your harness for a whole day of climbing and belaying.
The padding is also extremely breathable, which is nice if you tend to overheat and sweat when you get warm while working hard on a climb.
The harness weighs less than a pound and can fit waist sizes ranging from 27” – 39”. The load is disseminated equitably thanks to the Fusion Comfort Technology which uses strands of low-profile webbing in the fixed leg loops.
It’s very light and mobile. It hugs the body, and it’s deceptively supportive for how low-profile it is.
The Black Diamond Solution has adjustable and releasable elastic risers as well as four pressure-molded gear loops.
Solution is suitable only for gym and possibly sport climbing. It’s a decent pick for all climbing disciplines.
If you’re wearing this harness while standing around, you’ll notice how comfortable and snugly it fits.
If you’re looking for simple set-up and an all-around harness or gym climbing equipment, the Solution is perfect for you.
The Solution retails for a surprisingly low price, considering how well it performs.
Primary fabric is blue sign approved. Closest is soft, breathable mesh padding for added comfort. The entire bundle is enveloped by a firmly woven, solid stretch cover.
Awesome lightweight and packable harness.

One of the cleanest-looking harnesses available. Thin, lightweight, and prepared to handle some hard game climbing. The only con that we can find to this harness is the fact that it doesn’t have bigger gear loops to accommodate the amount of gear typically carried when leading long free routes.

Instead, it is a sport or gym climber’s specialty harness and works optimally for these disciplines.  This men’s harness is designed to fit body contours and banish pressure points to help with comfort, support, and easy movement. It is surely one of the best climbing harness in the market.

Black Diamond Mens Solution Climbing Harness--(Best Climbing Harness)

4. Black Diamond Men’s Solution Guide Climbing Harnes

Black Diamond Men’s Solution Guide Climbing Harnes--(Best Climbing Harness)


This men’s harness is designed for entire day trad cragging or enormous multi-pitch projects that demand performance and comfort. Built with tough and intense Super Fabric, the Solution Guide combines uncompromised comfort with durable construction to create a genuine trad climbing machine.

The Black Diamond Solution Guide is our favorite choice for traditional and multi-pitch climbing because it best meets the needs for these disciplines — increased gear carrying capacity, solidness, great hanging comfort — better than the competition.

Key Features

It has oversized front gear loops for loading up on cams, as well as a large and flexible fifth gear loop in the back that easily holds shoes, water, a windbreaker, and any other extra gear you may need to carry.
It is also made entirely of “Super synthetic Fabric,” a tough and very durable fabric that lived up to our tests. Including minimal plastic “security shields” woven into the nylon textures that expansion strength. Lastly, the versatile leg loop configuration is somewhat unique in relation to the Solution.
It has a slightly wider waist belt, especially in the back, for diffusing the load during long hangs at belays or for long rappelling sessions. It also has two larger front gear loops and an added fifth gear loop in the back that significantly increases its carrying capacity.
An abrasion-resistant fabric that’s infused with tiny guard plates—the Solution Guide can withstand day after day of rugged use.
This harness feels stout. The rough texture and stiffness of the Super Fabric used on the exterior felt like armor, and the 3.25-inch-wide waist belt and 3-inch-wide leg loops announced the harness was ready for long days of work.
It has five gear loops total, with four rigid molded plastic ones, two on each side, that stick out a bit from the body and have a flat, horizontal orientation. These are some of the easiest gear loops to clip and unclip carabiners from, and their flat design means that the carabiners don’t crowd on top of each other, even when super loaded up.
The front two gear loops are slightly larger and allow for greater storage than the back two. The fifth gear loop is flexible and spans the entire backside of the harness, making it a great place to stash extras like a windbreaker or small water bottle.
This design is very low profile and uses almost no thick foam padding, while also being the most comfortable design found on any harness
At a relatively affordable price, this is the best harness for tackling long routes, or simply plugging cams for the day at the crag, and is plenty versatile to be used sport or gym climbing as well.
Comfortable to hang in. Increased carrying capacity. It is very comfortable despite the lightweight, compact nature of the harness

This is a very comfortable harness to hang out in, and also provides magnificent mobility due to its thin design and low profile. Should you need to wear a pack over the top of this harness, the very thin waist belt sits comfortably underneath pack straps, and while the gear loops are made of rigid molded plastic that sticks out, they will flatten out if need be. The comfort of this harness is one of the main reasons we love it so much.

5. Black Diamond Momentum Harness

Black Diamond Momentum Harness--(Best Climbing Harness)


The Momentum is an excellent harness for your first experience with climbing and will take you from the gym to the crag with no problem. It is very lightweight and super comfortable, thanks to thick padding in the waist belt and leg loops The TrakFIT leg loops are fully adjustable, which is great when you have to accommodate extra layers of clothing when alpine or ice climbing.

It also features four gear loops which is great as you’re getting into climbing and expanding the equipment you have on your harness, from belay devices to quick draws.

Key Features

The Momentum is a bulky beast. Chunky padding fills both the waist belt and the leg loops.
With TrakFit leg adjustments for easy customization and a rear haul loop, the Momentum is versatile enough to be used indoors or outdoors, for sport or trad.
The harness’ Duel Core Construction helps to distribute your weight evenly and gives you the perfect combination of support and lightness.
Maximum breathability is achieved through the quick-drying Open-air waist belt that encases a supportive insert between two separate bands of webbing.
The design is simple, with four oblong, rigid gear loops — meaning that plastic tubing sits around the cord. And the belay loop is brightly colored in contrast with the tie-in loops, so it’s not difficult to rapidly tie in without mistake.
There are four well-placed and easily accessible gear loops, each covered in plastic to ensure gears able to come off quickly. The four loops might not be enough for longer routes but I found them to be sufficient for sport climbs.
The construction is able to accommodate every type of climber.
The leg loops are adjustable and intuitive. Racking space is average but adequate, and the Momentum even gets a haul loop.
Climbers who struggle to adjust their own leg loops will love the innovative buckle system on the Momentum and any climber will appreciate its great value. The harness uses a Speed Adjust buckle which saves time and eliminates the chance of making a mistake when tying in.
A classic budget warrior. The most affordable climbing harness on the market that often goes on sale
If you prefer simplicity, then the Momentum harness from Black Diamond is surely a candidate in the category of the best climbing harness, with its additional advantage being made by a maker with a history of delivering quality climbing hardware for more than 60 years.

One of the company’s best-selling climbing harnesses has earned its sweet spot due to the enticing combination of quality, value and price. Novices practicing their climbing skills at the gym and experts embarking on long climbs have found Momentum to work well for them. With its shaped waist belt there is a lot of padding in all the right places.

You can tell straight away how comfortable it’s going to be. Great for long days climbing and belaying. Feature-wise it has everything you’ll need going from the gym to the crag. This harness is affordable and comes packed with features. It is the best all-rounder harness you can get. Besides being a bit on the bulky side, it is a definite winner

6. Kiss loves Full Body Safety Climbing Harness Outdoor Rock Climbing Harness

Kiss loves Full Body Safety Climbing Harness--(Best Climbing Harness)


A full-body safety harness might be more than what some people are used to, however, others swear by this setup. It certainly provides more support than other options, while not adding that much weight. Even though it’s primarily aimed at rock climbers, Kissloves Full Body Harness is a fantastic choice for any climbing venture.

This is actually a comfortable harness, and conceivably the most agreeable alternative on this rundown.. One of the primary desires of any climbing harness is that it is comfortable while being worn. There are several features within this harness that make this possible.

Key Features

Frame design ensures even weight distribution. The design of the harness enables the even distribution of pressure so that no one part of your body, such as your waist or legs, feels any more pressure than another.
To help maintain comfort is the padding in the waist belt and leg loops which is breathable and thus reduces the chances of sweat building up if you are climbing in hot weather.
Obviously, safety is paramount for any climbing activity and this Kiss love harness ensures this is achieved. Highly quality stitching is used throughout, and high-strength polyester materials are used in the manufacturing of the other main parts of the harness.
High strength metal buckles not only provide further durability but also allow you to adjust the harness, so you have it fitting you in the securest and most comfortable way.
Weight limit 4850 pound. It also has great weight distribution for optimal comfort.
Finding the right size is a must to make sure you stay comfortable wearing a tree saddle. This Kissloves harness eliminates this problem by offering a single size that can be altered to fit your body shape. This climbing harness contains a bullhorn-shaped waist belt constructed using double core construction.
Safety is likewise enhanced by having double straps throughout the harness, and by the strong metal rings which climbing ropes will be looped through. Talking of loops, you also have two gear loops for securing or clipping on equipment.
From padding up and down the body to the overall construction of the harness, it just feels very lightweight when in uses.
It also is made of a very lightweight material that is lined with breathable mesh. Utilizing breathable material for the waistband and leg loops adds an additional level of comfort that many harnesses don’t have and will be especially welcome when climbing in the summer months.

This full body bridle from Kissloves is ideal for all climbing exercises and gives wearers a lot of help, solace, and consolation that they will be free from any danger while utilizing it. The product has a wide range of uses in outdoor activities. It is also made to distribute all pressure evenly to keep you comfortable when climbing.

Even though it’s thoroughly padded, it’s a lightweight climbing harness. Available in red or black, this harness is one of the better options available for the full body harness experience. If someone is looking for this level of support, it is hard to argue against going with this one.

Kiss loves Full Body Safety Climbing Harness--(Best Climbing Harness)

7. Thicken Wider Climbing Harness

Thicken Wider Climbing Harness--(Best Climbing Harness)


If you’re browsing for economical rock climbing harnesses, the Oumers brand offers inexpensive harnesses that can get the job done. When it comes to affordable options, it doesn’t get much better than a harness that is under $20. It is far and away the cheapest option in this article, and with positive reviews online, it is something a lot of climbers use on a daily basis.

A beginner climber can be confident in climbing with this harness. Its sturdy, high-quality double back metal buckles and strengthened stitching will give an assurance of safety to the climber. This is a basic harness but takes pride in its safe seat belts that are best to have for mountaineering and tree climbing.

Key Features

The simple design does everything well, even if there are not a lot of extras to the harness. It fits practically every person’s waist and legs, and can be used for indoor or outdoor climbing.
Comfortable – cushioning combined with pressure distribution design and traditional buckles
Easy to operate and works perfectly for all ages. Furthermore, it’s has a sturdy and quality construction to protect your safety all the time.
This Climbing Harness has a breaking strength of 25KN; Harness weight limited 300KG, CE Certified and has a reinforced end to safeguard your safety all the time. In the same way, this item is backed with a 12-month warranty.
Made from polyester material which made this harness strong but flexible at the same time.
The structure and the materials of the harness are designed to be comfortable. Because of the traditional buckles, the weight pressure of the climber is equally distributed.
The waist belt and leg loops are finished with cushioning and breathable mesh that will provide the comfort and safety of the climber.
Safe and reliable – CE-certified, strong bearing loops and sturdy webbing with reinforced ends. For safety features, it has reinforced stitching and the ends, sturdy buckles, and strengthened webbing.
Oumers harness is inexpensive but performs well to support the climber. It is durable even when used in wet and muddy situations.
High quality: well-made of premium polyester webbing, high strength carbon steel buckle and tenacity polyester seams, and ensuring safety.
Lightweight and portable design gives you a safe and comfortable climbing. Equipped with 1 bearing loops, convenient to carry your gears.

For mountaineering alpine climbs and skiing where traveling light is important, this thicken wider climbing harness should be your go-to choice. It is easy to wear and remove and it is also easy to operate.

The product can be used in many places including fire rescue, outward band, indoor climbing, tree climbing, mountaineering and more, the Climbing Harness has a comfortable cushioning that guarantee safety whenever you are rock climbing.

Thicken Wider Climbing Harness--(Best Climbing Harness)

8. Black Diamond Primrose Women’s Harness

Black Diamond Primrose Women's Harness--(Best Climbing Harness)


In the world of climbing equipment design and manufacturing, there are few companies who can claim to have as high a reputation, nor as much experience, as Black Diamond, so our expectations should be very high when it comes to reviewing their Black Diamond Primrose Women’s Climbing Harness.  

For all-around female climbers who know that time spent fiddling with leg loops and adjusting a pinching waistbelt is time wasted, the Black Diamond Primrose delivers a time-saving design for all styles of climbing.

Key Features

It is not used for specific climbing genres but is instead meant to be suitable for a range of climbing types, whether that is outdoors or indoors.
It comes with a choice of 6 different colors, and there are four size options. The harness is also available in multiple sizes so that women with any body shape can enjoy the thrill of rock climbing.
To make the waistband quicker and easier to adjust, it comes pre-threaded, which in addition, ensures that there should be no danger of anyone buckling it incorrectly.
Comfort is promoted by Black Diamond’s dual-core waist belt construction which employs two webbing bands to distribute the user’s weight evenly when they are wearing the harness.
Other features of the waist belt include a supportive foam insert, a soft lining, which is breathable, which and will thus reduce any sweat build up, and edges are bound in such a way as to reduce any abrasion.
The padded, bullhorn-shaped waist belt is ergonomically designed for all-day comfort; soft lining won’t irritate the skin
Featuring four pressure-molded gear loops and a single haul loop, the Black Diamond Primrose Women’s Climbing Harness will help you organize and manage your gear as you climb at the gym or on the mountain.
Both leg loops are made from high-tensile nylon and are manufactured from a single strip of this material so that the support they provide is maximized.
The leg loops have a patent-pending ‘trakFIT’ adjustment system which makes adjusting them to the correct and most comfortable size as easy as is possible.

It tends to be utilized for a scope of climbing activities. many experienced climbers will extraordinarily profit by utilizing it, beginners, in particular, will appreciate the way that it is easy to utilize. With different sizes, the harness will also guarantee that you are more comfortable and have the freedom to move and flex from foothold to foothold.

Black Diamond Primrose Women's Harness--(Best Climbing Harness)

9. X XBEN Climbing Harness Professional Mountaineering Rock Climbing Harness

XBEN Climbing Harness--(Best Climbing Harness)


It is one which the individuals who are taller or have a larger frame will be interested in as it fits those for whom smaller harnesses are too tight.

If the harness that I presented above is not to your particular liking, you could have a look at this alternative from X XBEN. Designed for multiple uses, rappelling included, this harness comes in four different variations.

Key Features

In terms of being held safely and securely in the harness, those parts which take most of the load are reinforced, and this includes the bungee straps and the stitching, plus the buckles are made from quality alloys.
Perfect frame construction holds excellent weight.
All the connections and webbing are very stable with reinforced ends.
Your comfort level while wearing this harness is achieved by more than one of its features. First, you have the thick padded waistband, whose material is also breathable to reduce sweating while it is being worn.
You also have the means to adjust all the straps so that they are secure, but not too tight. These should allow you to wear the harness for several hours without feeling any uneasiness.
This stunning climbing harness can be adjusted from average to extra-large sizes leg loops thus perfect for Camping, Construction, Ice climbing gear, Skiing, Downhill, Rock Climbing and more.
It’s fairly flexible and comfortable and it is made to transfer the rope tension from connecting the loop to the thighs back and you will feel like you are actually seating on a chair.

Comfort is a key highlight for this harness, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. The only issue with the harness from Xben is that it can be tough and hard to keep snug at all times. A few people like a more loosened-up fit in any case, so it probably won’t make any difference as a lot to them. For other people, it’s a clear reason for concern.

XBEN Climbing Harness--(Best Climbing Harness)

10. Heejo Thicken Climbing Harness

Heejo Thicken Climbing Harness--(Best Climbing Harness)


HeeJo has always adhered to the philosophy of “Quality products and the best price”, With a simple construction using wide straps, the HeeJo thicken Climbing Harness is ideal for beginning climbers who are just learning how to manage their equipment.

Key Features

The harness has a high tensile strength with low friction, which makes it stronger and more durable.
The reinforced stitching also provides structural support and reduces the amount of wear on this female climbing harness.
Versatility is also featured in the harness, which can be safely used for various activities like climbing, rescue work, and caving.
The large buckles help distribute pressure and ensure that the straps are easy to adjust.
The leg loops also feature breathable mesh, which helps keep you cool and ensures that your sweat can evaporate so that you stay dry.
The product is equipped with magnesium alloy D-rings for great strength and makes it very safe. This harness is made using quick-dry nylon material that brings about extended use and safety.
It has a weight limit of 300kgs, which suits it for both youths and adults. Ideal for beginners and advanced climbers.

It is highly versatile is recommended for a wide range of tasks and users. The inner waist area is fully padded to provide great comfort for the users. Again, it is a lightweight product that you can easily carry with you when traveling thus a pick to give a try.

Heejo Thicken Climbing Harness--(Best Climbing Harness)
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Things to look for in the best climbing harness

Your First Climbing Harness – don’t know what to look for?  Following are some most important features to look for in the best climbing harness.


How to Put on a Climbing Harness

As climbing has evolved, so have harnesses. Half a century ago, when climbers rarely pushed themselves to the point of falling, harnesses were a “just in case” piece of gear. Many modern harnesses are constructed with a single piece of one-inch webbing layered between the soft foam. The material should be lightweight, solid and comfortable at the same time.

Sizing your harness appropriately is as important as getting the right harness for your preferred type of climbing. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as walking into the store and choosing a medium-sized harness since that’s what you normally wear in pants. Sizing involves considering everything from the length of the belay loop, to the physical shape of the waist belt, to the amount of adjustability offered in the waist and leg buckles.

Loops and Buckles

Harnesses may have different numbers of gear loops. Gear loops vary widely by size, shape, and construction. Your preferences will likely depend on how much gear you need to carry. Double-back buckles were once the convention, but almost all modern climbing harnesses use speed-adjust buckles.


Adjustable vs. fixed leg loops

Adjustable leg loops are an excellent choice for anyone who’ll be climbing in a range of climates because you can adjust the loops to accommodate extra layers of clothing. Fixed leg loops have a little less bulk and are lighter, which makes them a great option for climbers who want to shave weight and don’t need to add extra layers on their legs.

We hope our buying guide for the Best climbing harness has helped you in finding the best one according to your preferences. We trust that the data given here has been helpful in your inquiry, and we wish you happy climbing!

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  • WOMEN-SPECIFIC FIT: Tailored with a fit many women prefer; compared to the SAMA, the SELENA is designed with a longer rise to sit higher on the waist,...
  • FLEXIBLE AND CUSHIONED: For all-day comfort, ENDOFRAME structure uses lightweight, variable-width webbing to diffuse pressure across the entire width...
  • SMARTER GEAR LOOPS: Two large, rigid gear loops in the front make clipping and unclipping a breeze; two flexible gear loops in the rear are angled...
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  • COLOR-CODED CONSTRUCTION: Semi-rigid structure is color-coded with a gray foam interior and blue exterior.
  • DUAL-ADJUST: DOUBLEBACK buckles on the shoulder straps and back of the harness ensure a perfect fit and remain out of the child's reach.
  • CONVENIENT DESIGN: Connectors do not need to remain fastened, allowing the harness to stay on in between climbs.
  • COMFORTABLE: Quilted closed-cell foam structure on the leg loops, positioning waistbelt, and shoulder straps keep your child comfortable.
HeeJo Climbing, Safety Safe Seat Belt for Outdoor Tree Climbing, Outward Band Expanding Training...
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  • ※Flexibility— Our professional climbing belt is designed to transfer rope tension from the connecting loop to the back of the thigh—You're...
  • ※Wide Range of Uses—This safety belt is perfect for Outward Bound, SRT, fire rescue, working from heights, construction, demolition, tree...
  • ※100% Satisfaction Guarantee—We guarantee customers the best products & services. Up to 12 months after the purchase date, we are happy to provide...
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  • Reinforced Belay Loop for Added Security: The front belay loop is reinforced with a double layer of webbing, providing extra strength and durability,...
  • Heavy-Duty Mil-Spec Webbing: With a 5,000 LB. Rated Mil-Spec Webbing, this harness guarantees exceptional strength and reliability, offering peace of...
  • Designed for Growing Adventurers: The Centaur Kids' Harness, available in XS/S size, is specially designed to accommodate a wide range of kids' sizes...
  • MBS: 23KN,WEIGHT : 1.31 LB / 21 OZ,SIZE: XS/S,STANDARD: CE EN12277:2015
HandAcc Kids Climbing Seat Belt, Youth Full Body Safety Belt for Outdoor Expanding Training Caving...
  • Durable Kids’ Full Body Harness: HandAcc Harness are made of durable polyester ribbon, with the reinforced tie-in point and stitching, makes the...
  • Simple to Operate: This harness is easy for Kids to wear, adjust and remove. The width of upper webbing and lower webbing is 1.8inch(4.5cm). It...
  • CE, ISO9001 Certified, Weight limited: 200 KG. Breaking strength: 22KN. Waist ring size: 11.8"-19.7"/30-50cm(approx); Leg ring size max to...
  • Ideal Gift for Kids: This harness is perfect for kids indoor caving rock climbing equip, outdoor sports, mountaineering, zipline, children rock...
  • We provide good customer service. We will provide either a refund or replacement in case of any quality problem with our climbing harness up to 12...

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