What is the Difference Between a Boom Truck and a Bucket Truck?

Few people are familiar with the many achievements of mechanical engineering. If this is not their profession or if they are not passionate fans of Discovery shows on such topics, most of the world’s population knows almost nothing about it. Everyone could list a few well-known machines designed by engineers, in order to help people and shorten the work process. Such achievements have been a breeze in the back industry of the modern world. With the huge help of people, the time for which something would be produced or done was shortened, and the effect was much greater.

A significant example of amazing innovations are construction machines. When you look at a construction site, whether it is an ordinary building, a bridge or a monumental building, you see machines at the bottom, which are reminiscent of dinosaurs and where each does its specific part of the job. Huge trucks, with special extensions on them, concrete mixers with a hose, which at the same time makes concrete and delivers it directly through the hose to the place where it is needed… then various cranes of unimaginable heights… All these are masterpieces designed and constructed by mechanical engineers. Indeed, to their admiration, their vision has been translated into something practical, which is of irreplaceable help to modern man.

In a large family of various machines and amazing types of human “assistants”, there are also structural elements that can be moved from truck to truck, depending on needs. Both trucks can be smaller and lighter, and heavier and larger, all combinations are possible and all types of adaptations and adjustments are provided. This refers to different types of cranes, which have baskets, hooks and various extensions, which lift, unload, stack and move some cargo. Examples of such machines are boom truck and bucket truck.

What is a bucket truck?


The vast majority of people have never even heard of these types of trucks, and even if you have heard you probably don’t know which one is which. This is completely natural because these are trucks for specific purposes and if this is not your job, you have probably never come in contact with one of them. We will first explain the basic characteristics of both, and then we will highlight what distinguishes them.  A bucket truck is also called a bucket lift and is a truck or van with a crane mounted on it. It is a hydraulic crane, usually larger in size, depending on the truck on which it is located. They must be proportionate for stability and functionality.

At the very end of the crane there is a larger or smaller bucket and it is used to transport goods, and often to lift people to a certain height, so that they can do some work. There are various types of work: firefighters, tree pruning, construction work that requires the installation of some installations, gutters, roof parts… With people, the material is lifted, and the crane can rotate and raise and lower, depending on needs.

What is a boom truck?


The boom track is also a crane on the truck, but it is used more for transporting and loading materials and goods, and not for lifting people. You can mostly see this type of truck on construction sites. It can also be larger with a larger crane and smaller, lighter, with a smaller crane. You can see how boom truck looks like at http://hawaii-equipment.com/boom-truck-maui

Differences between bucket and boom track:

1. Boom track:


-It’s smaller and lighter

-Specialized for the transfer of lighter types of materials

-It is also called cherry picker, which is associated with its ability to cover, lift and load smaller types of cargo.

-Used for various purposes: at airports, when you need to load luggage and various types of equipment, then, it can be used for various interventions on the parts of the aircraft.

-Easy and fast transport of workers and all necessary materials and equipment from one point to another.

-Often rented for relocation, delivery of construction materials, removal of various types of waste or transfer of goods in containers or boxes.

-It is easy to drive, it can be easily operated

-Can lift from one up to even 50 tons, depends on the model

-A smaller bucket can also be mounted on his crane

2. Bucket truck or lift truck


-It’s heavier and more massive than a boom truck

– Has a large crane mounted on it, which can lift heavy material

-Treated as a heavy truck and machine and requires certain specialized permits to operate both truck and crane.

-It is more stable than a boom truck

– Uses auxiliary means, such as chains, ropes, certain platforms for lifting and loading materials and goods.

-Can be used on different terrains, due to its stability

-Has a crane that can be pulled out telescopically and can reach a distinct height


As we can see, in essence, these are two similar machines, made for similar purposes. The differences are mainly size, stability and certain specifics in handling. They are used in construction, then in various interventions on poles and power lines, where it is necessary to raise workers to be able to eliminate the fault. They are also used by firefighters during their field trips, and by communal services during pruning of tall trees.

They are irreplaceable in these and many other jobs and represent the triumph of the engineering vision and its realization. Many accesses to inaccessible places have been facilitated and made possible, various interventions are now routine and can be performed by one or more workers. Ladders have gone down in history, adding materials “from hand to hand”, hiring a large number of workers. The risk of falls and injuries has been reduced, and the work performance is incomparable, compared to before.

When he learns, considers and compares all this, one can only admire people who looked to the future and had the idea and skill to construct such inventions that constantly lead civilization forward.

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