How to Properly Pack a Box for International Shipping – 2024 Guide

If your business sends its products overseas, then it is paramount for you to learn how to properly pack your parcels. It is because due to negligence the item can get damaged during the shipping process. In this article, we have shared some amazing tips that can help in packing your boxes securely for international shipping. Let us have a look at these tips one by one: 

Invest in high quality boxes:

Before paying attention to anything else, you should ensure that you pick top-notch boxes. Normally, it will likely be enticing to utilize a less expensive choice, nonetheless, the box you decide on should be durable and big enough for you to fix your item, as well as the additional material that you’ll use for securing the product. 

Since the shipment process could take some time, the boxes should be sufficiently tough to endure transportation, however more critically, it needs to support the sorting facilities. Do not discard the original packaging of the item. Instead keep it and put it altogether in some high-quality box for shipping. Click here to purchase some top-notch packaging material for your shipments. 

Pick perfect cushioning materials:

Covering and cushioning the product and package you are shipping is vital. It safeguards the entire bundle and the thing inside it. Assume there are at least two things in the cardboard compartment. There is a big possibility that they could get harmed when they crash into one another during the shipment.

There are different types of cushioning material available in the market. The most supportive ones are bubble wrap, paper, packing peanuts, foam sheets and many more. You can utilize any material to wrap your parcel. Additionally, remember to cover the items independently. Thus, you will actually want to shield them from being harmed inside the outer packaging i.e. the box. In the wake of wrapping them separately, likewise cover the container to upgrade the protection. 

Removing old barcodes and labels:

This point is for the people who use old cardboard boxes to pack their parcels. You should eliminate the names and barcodes from the old boxes. No one wants to ship your parcel at some unacceptable location. Assuming that you need your package to go to the right address, you need to think about this thing. It probably won’t appear to be a fundamental viewpoint to you, however it is critical. Likewise, eliminate any dangerous things like sharp materials from the old box.

Checking the weight of your goods:

Measuring the weight of your products and ensuring you are picking the right packaging material that is appropriate for the size and weight of your parcel is vital. Picking a case or container that can’t deal with the heaviness of the product can result in mishaps during the shipment process. 

This is particularly significant assuming you are hoping to send huge or weighty bundles, which, because of their sheer weight, need boxes or containers that are built to deal with heavier products.

Give preference to functionality:

There are so many packaging materials accessible these days that look astonishing. However, for safeguarding your products, you should think about usefulness or functionality rather than pick a packaging only because of its looks. You will track down numerous alluring and beautiful sacks as well as containers to dazzle the clients. However, the main angle is the security of the things.

The condition in which the client receives their parcel is very important. Assuming you are picking eye-catching packaging, ensure the things are appropriately stuffed and covered with tapes. While shipping the parcels universally, robust packaging is favored because the parcel can get damaged during the trip.  


The box-in-box technique gives more security to your item and can be used to pack delicate or high-esteem items. Aside from offering extra security, it can likewise help if your internal box is a significant piece of your branding experience and should get delivered to the clients in the original condition. Hiding the branded box in a typical looking external box additionally decreases the probability of burglary as individuals will find it harder to think about how valuable your parcel is. 

Seal the box:

Setting up the bottom part of the box is vital to keep weighty things from falling. This is generally significant for bundles being sent globally. Tape the lower part of the crate with solid plastic tape to guarantee it can hold the product’s weight in the container. Seal all the opening regions to ensure the safety of your parcel. 

Shake the box:

After the package is sealed properly, shake it. Ensure things can’t move around inside the container. Whatever can move will crush other delicate items in the container and possibly damage the packaging material as well. Assuming you can hear things shaking around or moving, you want to open the parcel and repack it. Numerous transporters do not accept a crate if the things sound like they are shaking around inside.

Pick the right shipping option:

Presently, there are different organizations that can arrange global shipping for you. However, you need to guarantee that you pick the most reasonable one for your business. Henceforth, the absolute first thing you should do is make a rundown of some reputed companies. Then, you’ll need to peruse the surveys of past clients and if there are more negative than positive ones, do not choose that particular company. 

Furthermore, it is generally insightful to think about everything, since different organizations offer different choices and administrations. The most important things to keep in mind while picking the right shipping option is the services you need and the price you can pay for their service. 

To sum up

While shipping your parcel to foregin countries, there are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind while packing it. The packaging should be robust because it has to go through long trips before reaching the doorsteps of a customer. Study the packaging tips given above and implement them to ensure that your products are safe during the international shipping.

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