100 Facts About BTS Jimin

Jimin was born as Park Ji-min on October 13, 1995. He is best known as the member of South Koean boy group BTS. Check out 100 Facts about him:

  1. Jimin’s nickname is Ddochi.
  2. Jimin real name is Park Jimin.
  3. His blood type is A.
  4. He is born on 1995-10-13.
  5. Jimin was trained in Busan High School of Arts.
  6. His favorite color is light blue and black.
  7. Jimin thinks gold is the color that represents BTS.
  8. Jimin likes mild weather.
  9. Jimin likes to wear earphones while listening to music.
  10. Jimin laughs a lot and it is easy to make him laugh.
  11. Jimin was really lost when he first recorded his logs.
  12. Jimin was about to use Baby J or Young Kid as stage names.
  13. Ever since high school, he wanted to be a singer.
  14. Jimin considers BTS as a second family.
  15. He likes a hot cup of chocolate when feeling sad.
  16. He usually shares his laughs with J Hope.
  17. Jimin goes to V if he needs some advice.
  18. Jimin is kindest among all of BTS memebers.
  19. Jimin is more fond of earrings rather than his hairstyle or the color of his hair.
  20. He likes to participate and celebrate other members’ birthdays more than his.
  21. He likes to wear women’s dresses and accessories.
  22. He likes eyeliner more than any make-up.
  23. He makes delicious Sandwiches.
  24. When Jimin was young, a dog bit him.
  25. He is perverted in nature.
  26. Jimin’s parents have a cafe in Bhusan, where there are pictures of him and BTS.
  27. He likes to dance and move without music nowhere the place.
  28. He hates looking fat.
  29. He wanted to change his name to Mini.
  30. His body and his eyes are his best features according to him.
  31. He always likes to carry his lip balm.
  32. His favorite movie is “Always”.
  33. Jimin likes to watches random videos before going to bed.
  34. He loves his younger brother very much.
  35. He would have been a police officer if his dream of being an Asian pop star was unfulfilled.
  36. He is the cleanest in the group with J Hope.
  37. He takes a very long time to do make-up.
  38. He is in charge of the Kitchen in the group BTS.
  39. He is easily irritated.
  40. He wants the ability to talk to animals.
  41. He would like to have 3 sons, after getting married.
  42. He is very afraid of mice and rats.
  43. He hates history classes.
  44. He likes to break chopsticks with his buttocks.
  45. Hulk is his favorite Avenger character.
  46. He likes to sing “Only Look at Me” in Karaoke.
  47. He likes to be known in the crowd.
  48. He would like to date a girl with a good personality.
  49. He is also attracted to someone with a cute appearance.
  50. He prefers girls shorter than him.
  51. He was in one-sided love during his younger days.
  52. He felt nervous when he was near his crush.
  53. His favorite women’s body scent is Floral Scent.
  54. He prefers women with long hair.
  55. He prefers women who wear converse but he is not judgemental.
  56. He prefers going shopping on a date.
  57. He likes a girl to wear skinny jeans on a date.
  58. He does not care if a girl can cook.
  59. Jimin does not like the long-distance relationship.
  60. He likes to do eye exercise immediately after waking up.
  61. He likes to express his feelings through body language.
  62. He practices dancing since he was in grade 8.
  63. He trains dancing for 2 hours every day.
  64. He likes to dance even in his spare time.
  65. He sleeps 3 hours a day to practice his skills.
  66. He thinks he is Sexy.
  67. His happy memories are going to the skating rink and cycling.
  68. He likes grasslands scented candles.
  69. He does not use perfumes.
  70. He is the most talkative in the group.
  71. Jimin and Suga are of the same height.
  72. He wanted to become a mechanical human from galactic express 999 when he was young.
  73. He dreams to fly like a bird.
  74. He likes to wear a plain shirt and shorts while sleeping.
  75. His role models are Tae Yang from Bigbang, Rain, and Chris Brown.
  76. He would like to advise his younger self to smile.
  77. He loves making others smile.
  78. His favorite number is 3.
  79. He has an addiction to practicing.
  80. He wants to give his loved ones everything.
  81. His favorite food is meat, fruits, Stew Kimchi Jjigae.
  82. He wants to be a cool singer, 10 years from now.
  83. Jimin wants to wear Dinosaur custom on Halloween.
  84. His favorite items are New Era Bandanas.
  85. Jimin likes to compare himself to the squirrel.
  86. He is second famous behind Rap Monster in all of BTS.
  87. Jimin has more confidence in his eyes.
  88. Jimin’s goal is to become a cool guy.
  89. Jimin believes he has a timid personality.
  90. Jimin and V were classmates in high school.
  91. Jimin won Idol Mini Championship with a record of 1.3 seconds.
  92. Jimin is influenced by many comic books.
  93. Jimin calls himself Dominie when he was drunk.
  94. Jimin suffers from body Dysmorphia.
  95. Jimin was class president for 9 years.
  96. Jimin has rapped in Tony Montana with Yoongi.
  97. Jimin and Tae were friends since school days.
  98. Jimin is scared of Butterflies.
  99. He has not replaced his dogs after dying.
  100. Jimin is the only member who can do a full split.
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