Pros and Cons of Buying Expensive Things With Cryptocurrency

The world economy is undergoing a revolution with the increase in the use of digital currencies called cryptocurrencies. Because cryptocurrency transactions are anonymous and nearly hard to trace, many people prefer to use them. A sizable sum of money has also been transferred privately as a result of it. Smuggling and black money are both heavily sponsored through this channel. Despite these drawbacks, the cryptocurrency appears to have promise.

Despite its inability to serve as the world’s primary means of exchange in the future, it will undoubtedly continue to be a valuable commodity in the short term. With the correct trading methods, one may profit handsomely from cryptocurrency. Moreover, the fundamental purpose of cryptocurrency is to be used as a currency itself. Therefore, One can decide on trading items using this form of currency upon.

What Are The Reasons To Use It?

Some of the reasons why cryptocurrency can be a valuable tool to register transactions are basic, while some require a deeper understanding.

1. The Low Cost Of Transaction

Whenever transactions take place, a certain percentage of the amount is deducted as a convenience fee or transaction charges. Sometimes, governments also take a specific portion of the amount as taxes. Conventional currency transactions are made through banks. They also demand a certain amount of fee to use their resources. In the case of crypto transactions, it is simple for the buyer to remove the unnecessary costs in the middle. Only a small portion will be taken as the transaction fee by the platform that the buyer uses. Some platforms like BitQt allow transacting and trading cryptocurrencies at the same time.

2. Anonymity

Governments do not regulate cryptocurrency transactions. They are also not done through the traditional baking systems. Therefore, it is almost impossible to track down the end parties of any given transaction. Sometimes, people are paranoid about large purchases being recorded and misused against them. One can use cryptocurrency in such cases to avoid the paranoia of being tracked.

3. Fewer Restrictions

Cryptocurrency does not have many restrictions as compared to the other currencies. Since it is not government regulated, the flow of money is smoother. International sanctions and policies generally do not affect cryptocurrencies terribly.

4. No Problem Of Exchange Rates

In conventional means of transaction, there is often more than one currency involved. Internationally, the exchange rates fluctuate. If the value of the currency owned by the buyer falls after the date of the deal, it will turn out to be a loss for the individual. An example of such a case is when the buyer purchases an asset priced at $1000. The buyer has to pay ₹80000 according to the deal. If by the time of the payment, the value of rupee to dollar falls by 1 unit, the buyer now has to pay $1000 but 81000 in rupees. Such problems can be mitigated when using cryptocurrency. It remains the same across nations.

Why Are They Risky For Expensive Purchases?

1. Unethical Bypass

Although it is difficult to track the parties involved in any transaction, it is the breeding ground for hackers and scammers. A huge transaction using cryptocurrency can attract hackers that are waiting for the right moment to breach your data. If there is any interference in your transaction gateway, one can lose a massive amount of money. Besides, the very anonymity that is provided to the parties will also be provided to the hacker. It is almost impossible to track where the money actually went because of the virtual wallet.

2. Legal Protection Is Missing

In case anything goes wrong with the transaction, legal authorities may or may not take action straight away. The reason behind it is that legally, the user of cryptocurrency is expected to have accepted the risks of such a transfer of money. Besides, since tracking scamming parties is difficult, moving the court legally is also hindered. Courts may not invest enough time into a scam that can barely recover anything.

3. Volatility

Cryptocurrencies may not be on the foreign exchange, but they indeed have their own market. They are constantly traded across the world. It is common knowledge of how quickly the prices deviate from a certain level in these markets. In a matter of minutes, the value of a particular currency might shoot up by twenty to thirty per cent while it may as well fall by fifty or sixty per cent in minutes. Even at the time of the translation, it may fluctuate in a devastating manner leaving the buyer in irreparable losses.

4. Improbable Demand Of Cryptocurrency

There are multiple cryptocurrencies in the world. Bitcoin, Ripple, Monero, Litecoin and others are all in the market. Only some standard cryptocurrencies may be accepted by the sellers. Usually, only bitcoins might be accepted. Sometimes, if companies know that the crypto market is unstable, they may stop accepting the currency at any given point. No seller would like to accept money in the form of a currency that they cannot transfer for their own purchases. Hence, the demand for such currencies plays an important role. Unpopular currencies will hardly be acknowledged by companies for large purchases.


There are many benefits and risks of using cryptocurrencies for massive purchases. It is seen in the news that people get scammed or lose money while trading. However, there is a major population of the world that generates significant utility and revenue from it by using adequate knowledge and skills. It is always better to learn as much as possible about whatever means of money transfer one wants to use. It will avoid chances of the individual getting into deals with illegal and fugitive parties. Even if an asset has been purchased by paying the correct amount, there can be chances that the product or the company has broken some bylaws. The speed of transactions surpasses that of conventional systems quite easily. There is no delay due to bank and financial system faults.

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