Can Cryptocurrency Still Grow in a Hardware Wallet?

Investing in cryptos has for some time now been one of the best decisions one can make, as the thing that makes this market relatively riskier than others, like the stock market or real estate, is also what makes it the only market where one can earn big and fast. Yes, volatility has a prime role here, but there are still many other things that confuse people, and one of the things is whether the cryptos still grow while in a hardware wallet. Now, to get to this point, let’s first focus on what these wallets represent and their role and check what types there are.

Types of wallets

In order to better explain whether cryptos can grow while stored in a hardware wallet, we first need to understand the difference between a hardware or cold wallet and the hot one. Now, the main difference here is that the hot ones are connected to the internet, meaning that even though they are well encrypted and protected, they can be hacked. Yes, regardless of how high the security system is, if someone is skillful enough and knows their way around safety networks and cryptography protection, they can access your hot wallet.

On the other hand, cold ones are much more protected and secure, as they are not connected to the internet. Their entire connection is strictly connected to your computer from which it stores data, or in this case, cryptos. That’s the largest difference between these two wallets. Of course, both types have advantages and certain disadvantages, but if your goal is top-notch protection and crypto security, then going with the hardware option is the right one for you.

It’s important to mention that both types have various safety layers protecting your data, and in most cases, you get your own private keys. Understandably, one can choose and go with an option and leave everything to the crypto exchange platform, which is yet another way to protect your assets because every platform has the highest level of protection that they offer to their users.

How to pick one?

The best answer to this question is to consult professionals, especially in case you want to invest big, as they will provide all the info about which wallet is the most suitable for such actions. Everyone planning to invest in cryptos must know that they simply must own a digital wallet, as it is the only way to access the cryptos, regardless of whether someone wants to trade them or just sell them and gain profits.

The best way to look at these wallets is as an access key to the assets you have, which, in this case, are cryptos and nothing else. They are designed just to store cryptos, and one can decide what to do next with them. Of course, a crypto owner can just sit and wait for the price of BTC, for example, to yet again reach new and record highs, but once they decide to sell it, once again, they will need an access key to do so, and understandably a wallet.

The price changes

Many beginners in the crypto world are not sure whether the price of their cryptos changes while they are safely stored in the wallet and whether there is a difference in these changes depending on the type they use. Well, the short answer is – yes, the price will change, as wallets are simply the assets where we store our cryptos, and no matter whether we decide to use the hot or cold one, their price will be affected equally. Just like is the situation with gold or other valuable metals, it is not important where we keep it, and if their price on the market decrease, it will also affect the good we own. On the other side, if it increases, the price of our goods will increase too, and we will be able to sell them for a much higher price and earn money, or wait for it to increase more. However, it is much more difficult than it sounds, as no one can predict these changes, and one needs to rely on their feeling, luck, and some information gathered around them. Regarding that, a smart and lucky enough trader can wait for the price to increase and gain huge profit. Of course, waiting for cryptos to grow while stored in wallets sometimes requires a lot of time, and nerves, as their price fluctuates rapidly.

The variety of cold wallets

People who enter the crypto world for the first time have trouble deciding which type of wallet they should use and whether the cold one is really safer than the hot one. As we have already explained, it is much safer simply because it is not all the time connected to the internet, so it is much more difficult to hack it and steal the cryptos. However, even when this important decision is made, we come to another difficulty, which type of cold wallets to choose, as there are too many of them on the market. Reading online reviews and other people’s experiences can be a great way to get insight into that, but there is no doubt it is really time-consuming and sometimes confusing for beginners. Luckily, we have a solution for people eager to start, as they can find more information about TrezorT vs Trezor one types and check which of them suits their needs if they visit this site.

To summarize

Each beginning is difficult, and if you are new to this market and still learning how things work, we hope that the difference between hot and cold wallets is a little clearer now. Crypto value can increase and decrease while stored, whether you decide to use hot or cold wallets, as both types only serve as assets for storing them. Because of that, the choice is up to you, and you should choose the one that suits your needs most, but keep in mind that, when it comes to safety, cold ones are always the better choice.

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