The Benefits of CBD Against Anxiety and Stress

The acronym CBD stands for cannabidiol, one of the constituents of hemp. It is the second most abundant element in cannabis, after THC, which is tetrahydrocannabinol.

However, it differs from the latter in that it is not psychoactive and therefore does not have the effect of “high” our mind. Cannabidiol should bind to the CB2 receptors present on T lymphocytes, which are agents of our immune system, and therefore have excellent anti-inflammatory properties.

Since it has no psychoactive effects, CBD is now legalized in almost all countries and many scientific studies support its use for the well-being of the person.

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About CBD

After removing the THC component, various types of products generally derived from different cannabis varieties are placed on the market. The most famous formats are four: CBD oil, obtained by diluting a CBD extract of different concentrations in oil; CBD crystals, which is the purest form of cannabidiol; CBD—based e-liquids to be used for e-cigarettes; finally, there are many topical products, especially in the cosmetic field, which contain CBD as an active ingredient. In addition, CBD-based foods can also be found.

More and more athletes have chosen to use it for resting and combating muscle tension after heavy workouts. It is because it is light on the body, and is a completely natural product, unlike many others the market offers.

CBD: How to use it to fight anxiety and stress

One of the most common ailments of a modern man is stress. Unfortunately, it has become an inevitable part of everyday life, and it arises as a result of the influence of various physical or psychological factors. Pressures and deadlines at work, problems in interpersonal relationships, and the burden of paying bills in today’s very expensive living conditions – are all obvious sources of stress for many people. But there are also less visible sources such as daily dealing with crowds, noise, traffic, pain, temperature changes, and even happy events such as long-awaited employment or the birth of a child.

Stress also increases the tendency to get sick. Some studies have shown that it affects the occurrence of about 80% of all serious diseases, including those of the heart and blood vessels, endocrinological and metabolic diseases, skin diseases, and various types of infections. Above all, stress is a major precursor to anxiety and depression. But there’s a perfectly natural solution to it.

There are numerous studies in favor of the therapeutic use of CBD. Cannabidiol has anti-inflammatory properties, both at a general level on the organism and a local, topical level, and pain relievers, also having an effect on chronic pain in arthrosis, but also on temporary situations such as headache and back pain. Besides that, it is also an important antiemetic, antiseptic, and anticonvulsant.

Its best-known and most beneficial effects, however, are found at the level of emotional problems such as anxiety, stress, and depression.

It is an excellent natural ally, without contraindications, and does not cause addiction and addiction. By acting on the human endocannabinoid system, CBD helps regulate normal physiological cycles that affect sleep, emotions, and mood. Due to the lifestyle or certain situations experienced in the past, it is possible to experience states of anxiety and stress, which can be treated with CBD products.

The oil acts systemically on the body and it is necessary to use it continuously, every day, without skipping a dose in order to feel the real effect. In case one is taking medications on a daily basis, professionals advise the therapy should not be abrupted suddenly, but rather decreased gradually, while the oil is being consumed. Up until the medication is eliminated and, of course, the condition of one’s body improves.

We’ve mentioned how it has a good effect on combating insomnia (inability to sleep). This product helps you fall asleep more easily, but what the results show the most is that by taking it regularly, you improve the quality of your sleep. Oil users, on average, previously woke up to 4 times during the night, now only once, feeling rested and not sleepy in the morning. The results are also better mood, motivation, and health.

As many of you reading this article already know, low serotonin levels are closely related to depression. Although the oil does not act directly on increasing levels of this hormone, they do affect chemical receptors in the brain that correspond to it. Since it is the hormone in charge of the level of happiness in our lives, the effects are rather obvious. One of the research conducted in 2014 proved that it affects these receptors in the brain, producing anti-depressant and anti-anxiety effects.

Cbd for anxiety and stress: side effects and where to buy it

We have therefore seen that the use of CBD has positive effects on the treatment of anxiety, stress and depression, supported by numerous scientific studies. Despite this, however, someone has expressed the fear that the use of this kind of product could exacerbate these symptoms.

A rather encouraging survey on this issue was then conducted in the United States. 71% of participants said they only reported positive effects and no side effects. 6% reported experiencing some throat discomfort, while 5% had fear of having problems with the law while consuming a completely legal active ingredient.

Some attention should only be kept to subjects suffering from psychosis because, in this case, the symptoms could be increased. The dosage to use varies according to gender, weight and metabolism. A study has verified that the dose that has given the best results is 300 mg, but it is always necessary to evaluate the case by contacting your doctor.

After we have listed all the benefits, let’s find out where to buy CBD. It is possible to buy hemp-based products in specialized shops, but also in pharmacies with prescriptions in the case of drugs. If, on the other hand, you want to be able to do it completely anonymously and from the comfort of your home, the number one site in both Italy and Europe is

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