Common Handbag Styling Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Certain accessories like watches and pieces of jewelry are there to enhance our looks, and we can say the same for handbags. Now, just like with most things fashion-wise, one can easily get carried away and make a mistake when picking and combining everything, especially with handbags, and the end result will not match your expectations. On the other hand, it’s always better to learn from other people’s mistakes, which is today’s topic, but if you want to find fashion handbags that go perfectly to any occasion, make sure to check D and D Collectibles.

Choosing the one made of faux leather

People choose faux or so-called vegan leather because of many reasons, and while some of them decide to use this material because they are not happy to wear animal skin, others choose it because of the lower price. In most cases, the price dictates quality, and faux leather is cheap for a reason, as it does not look good and will start to crack after a few usages.  Because of that, it is a much better option to set aside more money and buy a handbag made of real leather, as it will look much better, fit into every style, and, most important, last much longer.

On the other side, if you are vegan or vegetarian and do not use animal skin in your outfits, there are much prettier materials than faux leather, so avoid buying a handbag made of it. Overall, if we focus solely on the benefits, the price and the fact that no animal was hurt dominate, but, on the other hand, the quality and durability are not something you should expect from this material. In the end, it all comes down to personal preferences, but before making any decision, you should know all the facts so that you can make the best one.

Picking the wrong color

Okay, this is something we simply must mention, as picking the right color is something people have the most trouble with, and it’s mostly because of making rash decisions or going with something just because it’s on sale. Besides that, making any decision and buying something, in this case, the handbag, just because you like it, regardless of whether you can match it with other pieces of clothing or whether it suits you well or not, is yet another common mistake people usually tend to make. Keep in mind that the first thing someone will notice about our handbag is its color and how it fits into our outfit.

Colorful and vivid colors can be the best choice for a casual walk or a night out, but even then, they need to be combined with the entire outfit and not look too different or extravagant. Just like with everything else, it all depends on the occasion, meaning that we will not wear the same clothes and a handbag when going to some classy dinner and when going for drinks with friends. When going to a formal meeting or a dinner, the handbag’s color needs to match the colors of other pieces of clothes, or you will look too silly and unprofessional. Luckily, some colors, such as black and brown are always a good choice and can be easily combined, so choosing one of them is always the safest choice you can make.

Not thinking about the occasion

We have already mentioned that the occasion dictates most things clothes-wise, but here, we will focus on the facts. Namely, bigger handbags can be really a great choice when we need to carry more things with us, but it is crucial to understand that they are perfect only for occasions that are not that formal. Yes, going with a bigger handbag will mean that you will have all the things in one place, but when it comes to formal occasions, wearing a smaller purse is always a better idea as it looks much more elegant and sophisticated.

Besides that, it is more likely that we will need fewer things when going to a formal dinner than when going to take a walk with friends, which makes this choice even more logical. The more formal occasion, the smaller purse we should wear, and if we follow this simple rule, we will never be wrong. That is also why small handbags are so popular because even though, at first glance, one might wonder why anyone would go with such a small piece, in essence, it’s more of a dress code than anything else. Of course, small ones are also practical, and the only difference is that, unlike with big handbags, here you can bring only essential things.

Blindly following the trends

Trends are called like that for a reason, meaning that regardless of how trendy something is and how many people are fond of that something, every trend has an expiration date. Of course, fashion-wise, certain trends set a bar so high that you simply must follow them, and there are also trends like the retro one that will always be popular, but in most cases, fashion trends last for a season or two.

Now, every person loves to look trendy and choose the accessories that celebrities wear, but it can sometimes be a big mistake, and instead of looking fantastic, we can achieve a completely opposite effect. It is always a good option to follow the latest trends when we want to look great, but since many people do it blindly, we can end up wearing the same purse as many other people at the same event.

Instead of that, we should buy the one we like and fit into our style, as it is much better to look unique than to be like everybody else. On the other hand, being original is a trend that will always be popular, which is yet another reason why you should always go with things and items that represent you in the best possible way, and, by doing so, you will not have to worry about anything else because every outfit will scream authenticity.

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