Common Questions About Creme de la Mer

The beauty industry is full of mystery, for better or worse.

Transparency is the latest industry buzzword. However, for many years brands kept their cards close to their chests. Too much imaginations are a common reaction to information being hard to find.

What is the most mysterious beauty product? Creme de la Mer!

This ultra-luxurious moisturizer is priced at $665 for 100ml. This is the price that draws attention. The product has been shrouded with mystery and is the subject of multiple conspiracy theories!

So why is this moisturizer that expensive? Is there any truth in them! Let’s talk about some of the most common questions around it?

Was it created by a rocket scientist?

YES! The formula was created by dr. Max Huber. The conspiracy theories go on and on but this one true! Huber worked at NASA before he created the Creme de la Mer.

Max Huber started his career in aerospace in the 1950s in order to support America’s efforts in the “space race”. Creme de la Mer was his revolutionary formula. He took inspiration from the power and energy of physics and electricity and created something amazing!

Are the jars individual filled by manual labor?

Yes! Each jar is filled in by hand and after the 3 to 4 months of the fermentation, each jar is filled in a timeframe of 8 hours. Truly a personal touch.

Can it heal scars?

Creme de la Mer is amazing for any sunburns or skin irritations. This powerful formula is both anti-aging and skin-healing. Creme de la Mer contains a lot of powerful ingredients, including Miracle Broth, sea-kelp, calcium magnesium, potassium and iron. There are also vitamins C, E, and B12 plus oils of citrus and eucalyptus. Each of these ingredients can be used separately, but together they can transform skin. So this is one of the best things you can do to your skin.

Would it be same as just applying seaweed?


La Mer’s Miracle Broth’s star ingredient is a specific variety of sea-kelp, sourced from Canada’s Pacific Coast. Some say just any seaweed would do, but that’s a lie!

Hubert’s instructions have been followed by La Mer. They follow a specific process to pick, harvest, and ferment their sea kelp. Macrosystis Pyrifera, which is harvested from the Pacific Coast when it is the most nutritious, is obtained twice a year. The fermentation process begins within 24 hours of the shipment.

Time is needed to ferment the product and special conditions are needed for the process. Also only this specific strain of sea-kelp is also required to make La Mer’s famed Miracle Broth.

Did La Mer play piano music to the ingredients?

Yes..but not in the way how you would imagine or how the rumors state. Special techniques utilizing sonochemistry is uder during the preparation of the batches. During the fermentation process a special set of recorded sounds are played to enhance the product.

Did it take more than 6000 experiments and 12 years to find the perfect formula?

In short…yes! Huber took a lot of tries and a lot of formulas to perfect the process of fermentation. Creme de la Mer is a name that translates to ‘cream from the sea’. At first he began selling it to friends and people noticed.

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