Crème de la Mer Review

A cult following, the Crème de la Mer has garnered worldwide attention from stars and ordinary people alike. The perfect moisturizer formula designed by a physicist over the big span of twelve years. The story like one of the movies, he wanted to develop something to treat the burns he suffered while working in the lab. Most Hollywood starts swear by it and some recommended it wholeheartedly. A truly premium product!

This magical beauty product promises to be a special concoction that will help your skin in all ways imaginable. The beauty industry has innovations all the time, but we know how, if you have a good beauty product, people will know.

So let’s dwell shortly in this super pricey super crème and see if it’s for you.

About the Crème de la Mer

The luxury brand presents itself as a rich cream that will go deeply into your skin and help with dryness and damage to the skin. It boast that it will repair the vital parts of the skin and that it will bring a more firmer a smoothing touch.

They also present themselves to help with wrinkles and any types of damage to the skin.

The Ingredients

Miracle Broth and Lime Tea.


Just two ingredients, but be aware the broth, as said is a mix of different ingredients that were specially designed and are even subject to change from batch to batch. The secret supposedly lies in a type of kelp found in the Pacific that is prepared and combined with different addons as vitamins and oils.

The most important step is fermentation that is helped by special soundwaves and light waves, trademark by the aerospace engineer founder Max Huber.

Benefits of Crème de la Mer

Truly a premium product the crème is a tad bit on the heavier side. An important step is that you need to warm it up in your fingers before applying and after that it changes it’s texture and look a bit. It can be a bit heavy and you may feel it, but on dry skin or older skin in that case, it is truly a god send. We do think that this is a instant help option and results may vary.

Being so super pricey, you really need to see can you do the investment. Especially if there’s so many other good products out there that cost less.

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