8 Common Tap Leakage Reasons You Must Be Aware Of

A leaking tap is one of the most common household problems. It can be a nuisance and an eyesore, but it can also cost you money as it could lead to increased water bills. Fortunately, understanding the cause of tap leakage is the first step toward fixing it. Learning about the common tap leakage reasons can help you identify and address the problem early on.

1. Loose Parts

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The various sink and faucet components may gradually become loose for several reasons. There might be a tap leak because the tap installation could have been better, or the connections between various elements may have given way to wear and strain. A tap repair that involves tightening the loose components could be ineffective because it will likely happen again. The best option is to replace the tap because there are no visible screws that can be used to tighten the taps. In addition to assisting you with the tap repair, our qualified plumbers in Geelong may inspect the plumbing system to ensure the leak is not originating from another location.

2. Washer Issue

Another frequent problem that results in a leaky water faucet is a worn-out washer. Sink washers are metal-made devices or rubber that fill pipe gaps to stop leaks. Washers may shift over time due to continuous usage or friction with other components. If the washer is put correctly or is the right size, leaks may develop. At reasonable charges, professionals with hot water repair experts in Geelong can resolve typical problems, including their root causes.

3. Worn O-Rings

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A metal or rubber gasket called an O-ring keeps gaps in seals airtight, particularly in cartridge faucets.

These components will ultimately wear down, resulting in water leaks at the handles, the base of the spout, or the nozzle of the tap. They must be replaced as a result, since if they are not, mould may form around the edges, which is not only ugly but also harmful to health.

4. Valve Seat Issues

The blocked toilet specialists in Geelong say the valve links the faucet tap with the water pipe. A mineral build-up causes the valve seat to corrode as water passes through it to reach the sink, which can lead to a leak around the spout portion. When the valve seat is sufficiently worn out or fails, leakage occurs. Businesses offer various faucet services, so issues like this may often get fixed soon away. We have the necessary equipment to complete the task promptly and expertly, seven days a week.

5. Calcium Build-Up

The tap will have hard, scaly deposits from lime build-up, making it challenging to open and close the tap. Because you might sometimes not close the tap to overcome the friction generated by the lime deposit, this can occasionally result in a leaky tap. While there are several do-it-yourself methods to remove these scaly mineral deposits, you may read our article on faucet maintenance to learn how to avoid this problem in the first place.

6. Bad Seals

Most faucet tap designs use a large number of intake seals. When the faucet functions, these seals provide unfettered water flow. When one shuts off the tap, they also stop the water. The seals may get clogged with silt and scale over time with the high pressure from spilling water, which harms them. When these seals deteriorate, either the water can flow freely or it can’t, which causes drips.

7. Broken Plumbing


A leaky faucet may be the result of a broken pipe or fitting. Typically, fractures that seep into the space below the sink develop when a pipe or fitting breaks. You’ll notice the faucet dripping over time if these cracks cause additional issues with the water pressure. Addressing or replacing old pipes with new ones are the two options for fixing damaged pipes. It’s time to consider hiring a Geelong expert plumber to inspect your water pipes if you attempt both alternatives and they don’t work.

8. Wrong Installation


Leaky faucets are a prevalent issue that results from improper washer installation. It also happens when improperly sized faucets are installed. We will suggest the services of qualified plumbers in your area for the best installation services. These professionals have the necessary training and experience for establishing and maintaining faucets.

Do you currently have a leaky faucet that has to get fixed quickly? Only after the water bill arrives at the end of the month a leaking tap may become a cause of concern. So, if you are looking for professional tap and faucet services, connect with hot water repair experts in Geelong. Along with tap replacement, our plumbers are also ready to assist you if your taps are leaking.

You can connect with YourLocalPlumbing experts for the best leaking tap solution.

Tap leakage can be a severe issue if left unchecked. So, you must understand the causes to take action quickly. Common causes of tap leakage include worn-out washers, corrosion/sediment build-up inside valves/spouts, and faulty pipes that should all be addressed by experienced professionals who know how to handle such repairs safely and efficiently. If you suspect something is wrong with your taps, don’t hesitate to call a licensed plumbing company in Geelong. By doing so, you can rest assured knowing that your fixtures will soon be working like new again without draining your wallet dry!

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