Conversations at a Hotel: Make it Easy

On our tour, we need to visit hotels for short stays and have conversations with the hotel staff. But because of the language barrier we have to face a lot of problems. Today we will talk about the common conversation between us and the hotel staff.

Our communication with the hotels will depend on how comfortable we feel with their employees. In order to communicate easily with the staff, we need to learn what they know about the hotel first.

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Common Conversation at Hotel

We have to stay at hotels in other places and countries, so we need to know the common conversation that is required for our regular conversation. We will give some scenarios below.

Arriving at the Hotel

Hello, I want to go to the Hotel Radisson on the West Coast. Can you take me there?
Driver: Yes, get it, I will drop you there.

You need to catch a taxi to reach your hotel, ask them the location and hotel name. So, you can reach safely to your hotel. If you do not know any hotel, then ask him to take you to a good hotel for stay.

They’ll know what’s close to the destination and which hotels you can find. Once you get to your destination, make sure you can find the right room. This means knowing the name of the hotel and the building in which the hotel is located.

You should also ask the hotel receptionist if you can call a taxi once you arrive. The receptionist can also tell you what the rates will be. Some taxi companies will charge extra if they have to drive a long distance.

At the Front Desk

Hello I am Robert from Canada, can you get me a room?
Front Desk: Sure sir, please give me more details.

When you are at the front desk, just tell them your requirements and the room rent range. Then they will give you a good room to stay. Also tell them for room service and other requirements.

If you want to make a good impression when you check into a hotel, you should always act friendly and courteous to the staff members at the front desk. You should introduce yourself and tell them what type of accommodations you’re looking for. Always be polite when speaking to the receptionist.

In The Room

A room attendant will guide you to the room

Thanks, I will call you for anything I need.
Staff: Sure sir, just let me know if anything you need.

Have some good communication with your room attendant, he will get you things and food as required. So, get in touch with him and get things done by him. He is the immediate solution of your task.

In many hotels, the housekeeping staff is very busy. They might not be as helpful as you would like them to be. The housekeeping staff will be there to help you immediately.

In The Restaurant

Can you bring something that is very popular locally and affordable. I want to try that out.
Waiter: Sure sir, you can try the Kentucky Chicken, that is very popular here.

Ask your restaurant waiter about your food choice, local favorite and other issues. He will manage everything for you including the good and bad habits you have in your food.
There are many choices to make in these restaurants, and most people like to talk to the waiters. However, they usually don’t think about what they order. Most people just sit there and order whatever the waiter tells them to. However, there are some people who have more questions about food, and they ask the waiter to answer those questions.

Check Out

I am checking out today, please let me know the balance.
Front Desk: Sir the due is $140, you can pay by Cash or Card please.

When you are checking out from the hotel, be sure you are not leaving anything there. Clear all dues and you can leave some tips for the room attendant. They are the best help near you at the hotel.

Next, the hotel staff will ask for your name. When they give you the keys, you must give them your payment. Then you can check out. If there are any changes in your luggage, you can let the receptionist know.

How do you speak in a hotel?

When speaking in a hotel, it’s important to speak loud and clearly so that you can be heard by those around you. Additionally, avoid using profanity or making offensive comments.
Hotels provide a great opportunity to meet new people from all over the world, so be sure to have a positive attitude and make conversation with those around you. Finally, remember to thank the staff for their hospitality when you depart.

How do you talk to guests in the front office?

First and foremost, be friendly and welcoming! In the hospitality industry, first impressions are everything, so make sure you seem warm and approachable. There are several things you can do to ensure each guest feels valued and appreciated:

• Smile – This may seem like a no-brainer, but it really does make a difference. Smiling genuinely will show guests that you’re happy to see them and that you’re looking forward to providing them with an enjoyable experience.

• Make eye contact – Again, this is something that sounds simple but can have a big impact. When you make eye contact with guests, it shows that you’re interested in what they have to say and that you


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