8 Essential Electrical Gadgets and Gear for Easier Commute Every Day

Two of the most common modes of transportation- cars and bicycles- are necessary modes of transportation. Besides, due to the increasing number of vehicles, congested parking spaces, lifestyles, and a few other reasons, electrical gadgets and gears are must-haves now wherever you travel.

If you’ve been looking for what to get to make your daily commute more manageable, here’s a list of some of the most helpful gear and gadgets. You can use them for bicycles and cars, whichever is your primary transportation medium.

With suitable instruments, things can get more manageable for you, from traveling to taking care of your health.

1. Cell Phone Mount


How safe is it if you have to take your phone out from your pocket or look down at the dashboard to take your phone out? There are greater chances of accidents this way.

A cell phone mount will allow you to store your phone so that you don’t need to get distracted while picking it up. You can attach it near your steering wheel to enable you to operate it the way you need to while driving.

If you’re cycling, set the cell phone mount on your handlebar and place your phone on it. Have your earbuds on and connected to your phone, and use your phone at your convenience. You can even flawlessly follow online maps this way.

It’s much more convenient to fix a cell phone mount on an electric bike for an easier commute. You can get e-bikes from reliable bike shops like Specialized. Go check them out here!

2. Cycling Computer


You can install a cycling computer if you don’t want to take the hassle of putting your phone on the cellphone mount. This device will give you the most basic data like your speed, the distance you’ve traveled, the estimated time to your destination, and even show you the map.

A cycling computer can also give you more advanced features and more data related to your bike. You can even pair your smartphone with it!

There are two types of cycle computers: wired and wireless. Running the wire through the back of the fork blade is better for routing the cables.

With the wireless computer, you have to install sensors and sensor magnets. You can install the sensors of your bike computer on either the front wheel or the rear wheel. You need to put in specific measurements of your bike, such as the diameter of the wheels.

3. Pulse Monitor


If you prefer cycling your way to destinations and don’t have a cycling computer installed, then a pulse monitor can be an excellent addition to your cycling gadgets. Cycling is a nice way to burn calories, so if you want to monitor how much your heart rate increases every time you cycle, you can use a pulse monitor.

A pulse monitor, or a heart rate monitor, detects how fast and hard your heart is beating using some sensors. Some of them can also measure how many calories you’ve burned and your oxygen saturation.

If you want a pulse monitor to work on your bike, you need to connect the sensors on the device to the handlebars. The sensors will then constantly take your pulse and calculate your calories and oxygen uptake.

4. Key Organizer With Tag Chain

With so many things around and little time to tidy up everything, it’s easy to lose keys and other small items, even inside your bags. You can carry a key organizer with a location tag to solve this problem. This has become an essential gadget for many people in a short time because of how convenient they are.

You can keep all your keys and other small objects organized and mark them with GPS tags. Connect these GPS tags to your phone using an app so that any time you lose something, you can find it using the location the tag shows on your phone.

5. Multi-tool for Bicycles


If you commute on your bike regularly, whether a simple road bike or an e-bike, carrying a multi-tool can help you with basic bike repairs. But what does this tool contain?

A multi-tool for bicycles supports numerous functions. At its most basic form, this tool contains components like spoke wrenches, hex keys of various sizes, various screwdriver heads, and Torx keys.

However, if you want a more comprehensive set with much more weight, you can get features like a bottle opener, knives, and scissors. Some models include a tire lever, chain breaker, a Phillips-head screwdriver, and a pedal spanner.

6. Dash Cam

Every vehicle owner should have a dashcam, whether you drive a car or ride a bike. A dash cam will help you record every motion you encounter during your drive so that you can have the evidence footage ready if something unlikely happens to you.

Dash cams can be hardwired to the fuse box or powered by a specific cable. The camera will start recording as soon as you turn the ignition key on. And if you want it to work on a bicycle, e-bikes are the best option.

Dash cams are often mounted on the windshield and rear glass of a car. And on a bike, they’re fitted on the stem. They can transfer footage over wifi.

7. Portable USB Fan


The heat is increasing each day with frequent heat waves. But there’s one thing that can save you from this sweltering heat: a portable rechargeable USB fan.

You can carry this hand-held battery-powered fan in your backpack wherever you go. It can be your best friend when you’re stuck in traffic or are traveling through hot and humid locations where the air is frying you with heat.

8. Titanium Knife Keychain

Although not an electrical gadget or gear, this is something every car owner should own. There’s no guarantee that you won’t face an accident where you must get out of your vehicle. In most cases, taking off your seatbelt is challenging, sometimes impossible.

A titanium knife is strong enough to cut the seatbelt in a swift swipe, which makes it a lifesaver gear. This is something you’ll notice paramedics carrying in their gear bags. It’s better to have this titanium knife as your keychain to find it easily when needed.


This list will, hopefully, help you know what you should add to your daily commute. Whether you travel by an e-bike or a road bike, a multi-tool is a must-have. And a dash cam will help you record any unwanted incident which you want to use as evidence later on.

All these electrical gadgets and gears make your life easier every day, make your journey smoother, and ensure your safety. And as a plus point, some even take care of your health and comfort!

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