How Long It Will Take To Excavate A Construction Site?

Construction is just one word that includes a whole lot of processes at the backend. That said, before the actual building work commences, there is a lot that needs to be taken care of. Out of those behind the scene processes, excavation is a process that needs to be taken care of. It is one of the essential steps that should be paid close attention to.

If you are new to the construction industry, know that the process is not easy, nor inexpensive. Though, it is vital to make sure that the process gets completed on time and delivers expected results. The process of excavation helps lay down the foundation, and then the entire structure is built.

Hence, site work carries utmost importance. Consider hiring the best team for the process, visit You can also consider it one of the most important steps in the entire construction procedure. Today, we will take a detailed rundown of the excavation process, how long it takes and every other critical thing about it.

Before digging much into the topic, let us know what excavation is.

What is Excavation?

This process refers to the movement of things like rock, earth or other materials with the help of equipment, tools and other explosives. It can include trenching, tunnelling, earthwork, and similar other processes. The process contains other crucial objectives such as exploration, construction, restoration, mining, etc.

Out of all the applications, the commonly used application for the process is construction. This process is carried out since it helps in the establishment of reservoirs, foundations, and roads. In addition to the processes stated above, several other processes are also leveraged for the process. They include digging, trenching, site development, etc.

How To Pick The Right Excavation Team?

When it comes to hiring an excavation team, you should know that the process is time-consuming. Furthermore, you will have to weigh several pros and cons before deciding to make sure that you make the right choice. When you need to hire an excavation team for your project, you need to keep the following factors in mind;

  • The experience of the team.
  • Their intensity of paying attention to detail.
  • The size of their previous project, i.e, how they have handled them.
  • Safety of the excavation procedure and the place.

Working Of The Excavation Process

Before you start with the process, you need to analyse and examine the entire site. This is usually done to make sure that you don’t harm the surroundings or the habitat located in and around the construction area. After examining, you will have to strategize about the depth and the size of the site.

Boundaries are then marked for the entire site to make sure that the work is carried out within the boundaries. Excavation site contractors do this for their reference. These two are the crucial steps that need to be completed before the process starts. Once both of these are done, contractors begin with the actual procedure.

The process is a lengthy one and the time frame depends on the area of the construction site. Though, a few common steps included in the process are;

  • A comprehensive survey of the ground and top levels as well.
  • The boundaries of the building to be constructed are marked.
  • Setting the benchmarks for all four corners.
  • Loose soil found at the site is dressed for enhanced results.
  • Excavation of the site up to the depth that was approved.
  • Constructing the protection drains to make sure the site does not tamper in the absence of the workers.
  • Marking the cut off levels for accurate measurements.
  • Constructing the trenches that are interconnected and also the dewatering wells.

Beginning Of The Process

After you have the execution plan ready and drawings, you can instruct the team to get started with the process. The people on the front end will use the plan as their guide to know what needs to be done and where to start. They also use the drawings to have a clear idea. The depth of the dig depends on numerous factors, such as if there is a need for a basement or the space to crawl or just the kind of foundation.

Though, irrespective of the type of foundation you choose to leverage, it is advisable that you should always make use of the cement footers. The kind of foundation will also help identify the depth of the footers that are to be placed.

The Duration

You should keep in mind that several factors will be responsible for influencing the time taken for the completion of the process. That said, often the time taken for the process can vary majorly. Though excavating the foundation can easily take anywhere between 3-4 days to some weeks.

In some worst-case scenarios, you may have to make a dig of up to 10 feet. Thanh said that it only happens in areas that have larger boulders or there are chances of getting stuck in the clay.

Choosing A Team For The Process

May it be any process, you need to make a choice that would be the best one for you. When picking a team for excavation you will need people who are highly experienced in the process, skilled and pays close attention to the details. Specifically, when you have to handle larger projects, you need to make a definite choice, since the process lays the foundation of any structure.

Some contractors use advanced technology and the latest tools to make sure that the process is done right. Hiring efficient contractors will make sure that the best results are yielded. You should make sure that you hire someone who values safety and offers the best quality work.


Making the right choice is essential to make your project get executed in the best possible way. For a successful construction, setting the base right is critical for the best results. Since it is the first stage, extra attention is needed to ensure robust quality. This process serves numerous purposes and imparts benefits that are beyond expectations, at times.

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