Should You Apply Eye Serum Before Your Eye Cream?

Skincare routines have become increasingly more complicated with more and more steps. Now routines have become a ritual before getting in bed or starting the day. And we should accept that and value the precious time we are giving to ourselves and our bodies.

Our lives are fast and we get tired. Our eyes and the skin around our eyes feel that. All from puffiness to dark round circles under your eyes. It’s nothing to worry about tho. You just need to be aware that the skin around the eyes is more sensitive and prone to changes. So even if you don’t thin that you need eye cream and eye serums, you need them.

Before answering our question let us dwell shortly into what is an eye cream and what is an eye serum!

The difference between an eye cream & an eye serum is that the cream will replenish the skin around the eyes, the serum will brighten and fight off those pesky wrinkles around your eyes. It usually also rocks some vitamins and antioxidants that are valuable to your skin.

About Eye Serums

What you need to understand about serums is that these are usually designed for long term use and long term benefits. Serums are lighter and hopefully they will reach deeper into the skin. They are usually in gel form and won’t leave any residue on your face.

Be aware that it may take some time, a month or two to see the best results of applying a nice eye serum. The skin around the eyes is finer and moves so much. So we do really recommend it for anyone.


About Eye Creams

Eye creams are a bit thicker and heavier due to the oils in it. They will provide a soothing effect and moisturize the skin, but maybe just on the surface. If you want a quick hydration of the area around your eyes the cream is the way to go, but handling more complicated issues like wrinkles or dark spots, well the serum will be your better friend. BUT, we don’t judge, JUST take care of yours.

To answer our question in what order should you apply eye cream and serum?

Well if you want to use both products, which maybe would be an overkill as they fill in similar roles…you should apply the serum first and wait a bit and then apply the eye cream. WHY, well the serum will go faster into your skin and deeper too, so you can apply the cream later on to moisturize the upper layer of the skin!

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