Fake Tan Remover You Will Need

Girls are always dreaming about that bronze color, or to put it mildly, not dream, wish to achieve. They want this type of the color all year around. Whether it is fresh spring, warm summer or cold winter, they want to look as if they just returned from a vacation in Bahamas. However, not all the women can achieve it due to skin. So, this is were self-tan comes in.

This is exactly where Elle Effect steps in. Back in 2016, Elle Ferguson started a beauty line that many women around the globe welcomed with the hype. Elle once said “I wanted to start Elle Effect as I wanted to see the shift in the landscape where women that I admired were building brands  that they had self-made and were becoming the female founders”.

However, this was not sunshine and self-tan. She new and learned that one cannot achieve everything, but the important thing is to never back down. When you get yourself starting something, it is really hard. There are so many obstacles you must surpass but the end result is rewarding.

So, it all started with the single product, The Self Tanning Mousse. Now, it is market leader and there are also new products on the scene.

The important thing is that the all Elle Effect products are vegan, paraben and sulphate-free. The product is envisaged to be something that will make women’s life easier.

One of the new products is The Wash.

The Wash

You have all been in the situation where removing of the tan takes to much of your time. You will agree that the most frustrating part of is to remove the old tan. Nobody wants to spend too much time on this, right. This is where The Wash steps in.

It is the mixture of body wash and tan remover. And the important thing is that it last longer. It is combined with the macadamia, olive oils, coconut and the chemical exfoliant which servers as the dead skin cell dissolvent. It removes the tan without damaging the skin itself. The oil formula in the “The Wash” recharge the moisture level of the skin which then makes is perfect for the tan application.

The best way to use it is to apply it immediately when you hit the shower. It is recommended to be used with the Elle Effect Exfoliating Mitt, and then apply a few pumps on your body. The mitt serves to cast away the dead skin cells. The glove (mitt) is made of soft woven fabric which will be very helpful in removing the tan while the product will not be soaked in.

You should rub it into the skin for around 30 seconds in the armpits, knees and ankles. It builds a light foam. It gives the best cleansing power.


So, by the above mentioned, you must have figure it out by now that the The Wash is a necessity in a self-tan kit.

Another important thing is that the mitt is also the necessary as it improves the effectiveness of “The Wash”. This is the ultimate product you will love after the first try.

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