How to Pick the Right Foundation for Darker Skin Tones

It seems as it is always nearly impossible to discover the best foundation shade for darker skin tones. We have come up to the trick on how to find the perfect one for your skin tone. Read on to find out more.

You must have felt personally irritated by foundation shade that was not “right”. It happens a lot when the foundation is too dark, too light or even makes you more orange than you initially desired.

Well, we totally understand you. When it comes to choosing the right foundation shade can be challenging especially for those who have darker skin tone. It is even trickier when the range of the shade is not matching the melanated skin tones.

You need to know your undertone


To understand what the skin undertone is, it is necessary to put the foundation on top of your skin. The people who are prone to experience the “greyness” in the foundation is because it does not fit the skin share or the undertone.

To get started with the basics, the skin undertone ranges from warm, cool and neutral. In order to find out which is yours, there is a perfect trick for it. You just stand in front of the white background. This will help your eyes to focus on the colors your skin is casting since it becomes more apparent compared to the white background.

Skin Type

After you learned your undertone, it is time to take into consideration the skin type. After you establish your skin type, it will achieve the higher effect of your makeup. It is highly recommended to use the dewy or satin finish foundation if your skin is dry-dry combination. On the other hand you should use velvet finish foundation is your skin is oily to oily skin combination.

The key factor in this is to let the foundation sits a while on the skin. The best is to let it sit for 5 minutes and than you can monitor the oxidation and level of coverage. There is no more unsatisfactory feeling than to see your self in the mirror only to notice that your foundation has changed several shades darker during the day.

Test the Foundation


It is always a good move if you try some samples before purchasing one. Of course, there is a way to test the foundation on darker skin tones. However, it is a bit more difficult than just putting some product on the face. You can not just observe skin as one color, especially those with the darker skin tones. Generally, there are minimum 3 shades on the body and face. However, for the testing, there are two positions on the body where you can test the product. It is the cheek down to the jawline and the chest.

So, logically, what people notice first on the face is the cheek. This said, it is important to match the shade to your cheek, or in the are between jawline and the cheek. But never ever match the foundation to the jawline as this part of the face is normally darker than the rest of the face.

It is important, recommended, to check the chest foundation since it shows more precisely the color of the skin. The reason behind this is that the face is more exposed to the sun, so the variations of colors are much higher because of the pigmentation.

The Best Foundation for the Darker Skin

To be honest, there are no lot of brands that offer the foundation shades that can fit to the vast range of darker skin tone. So, you can check out Too Faced, NARS, Lancome and Fenty Beauty. You should also pay attention to the MAC Studio Fix as it is designed for all skin tones.

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