How Game Of Thrones Ruined Everything In One Single Season

It is rare to witness a TV series where one season can affect the entire series, but it seems like Game of Thrones managed to pull this successfully. The TV Series Game of Thrones has taken George R.R. Martin’s original books and transformed them into the biggest TV series the world has seen at that point.

It launched several young actors’ careers and set a benchmark for TV series that push the limits of investments while establishing fantasy as a worthwhile genre in modern television.

However, since we are talking about Game of Thrones and handling big armies, as the TV series suggested, with great power comes great responsibility.

With Game of Thrones, the last season was pretty disappointing at least compared to all previous seasons. The fans thought it was rushed, the plot wasn’t original, and something felt off about the farewell season, which should have been the best one.

Even though the eighth season of Game of Thrones odds promised a grand finale that fans have been waiting for a long time, the battle with the mysterious ice-zombies north of the Wall was fans’ favorite thing to see.

And, according to Bovada, there were even fans betting on the Game of Thrones fates. You can also bet now for the prequel, the House of Dragons, so make sure to check it out as well.

However, to put it kindly, fans weren’t satisfied in any capacity. One of the biggest problems with the last season of Game of Thrones is the people responsible for transforming George R.R. Martin’s books into a TV Series.

After a couple of successful seasons, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss got some big offers from other TV series where they wanted to implement the same success.

It feels like once Benioff and D.B Weiss secured other contracts, they pushed their responsibility of making Game of Thrones the best series off to the side even though we were talking about the ending of the biggest series at that time.

This resulted in an attempt to race through the story with a six-episode season, which in other cases had the material to fill two or three entire seasons. This pushed the Game of Thrones to fall under its own weight.

The long-awaited Game of Thrones finale ended with a whimper, not as many fans expected, and ever since the final season aired, the show has proven to be challenging to rewatch which proves that the last season affected all other Game of Thrones episodes.

This is why in today’s article we will highlight some of the reasons why the final season damaged the entire series, and pushed them to a point where they are not watchable anymore.

Sped Up Character’s Plot

If you are a true Game of Thrones fan, you’d know that the show began with a slow-burning push, where each character played an important role in a complex chess game. Each move was carefully thought that and sparked up other acts making Game of Thrones one of the best series at that time.

However, that slow unveiling plot vanished in the eight seasons, where the much-loved and good-hearted Queen Daenerys completely transformed into The Mad Queen within three episodes.

Here the idea of Daenerys switching into a dark and twisted character after experiencing loss is actually good for the show, and it might have been a good idea, but the character act demanded more than three episodes.

The slow-burning plot that we witnessed in all previous seasons quickly vanished as Daenerys switched up very fast.

With that said, this wasn’t the case only for the character of Daenerys. We’ve seen speed-up plots with other characters like Brienne, Arya, Sansa, Jaime, and others.

It seems like the creators of the show wanted to put everything into a few episodes, resulting in a mess that is hard to follow.

Promises Must Be Kept

When it comes to dramatic writing, which Game of Thrones follows, there are certain principles that have to be met. First of all, it is wrong to make promises that you didn’t mean to keep.

In terms of Game of Thrones, there isn’t a point to insert something into the story that draws a lot of attention, without having a significant role in the narrative for the future.

Game of Thrones was one of the leading series in terms of using such a plot, where many plot points were started and emphasized long before they happened. But this principle seems to vanish in season eight.

The series brought attention to Daenerys’ ability to bear children and the connection with Jon Snow. The plot implicated that Daenerys and Jon Snow would have children, and season eight moved forward with this idea.

However, season eight finished with the couple’s relationship falling apart, without any significance to all the things that were introduced to us prior to that.

Rushed Plot

If you watch the last season of the series, you’ll get the feeling that Weiss and Benioff scripted the season finale in a pub, with half-ready plot suggestions.

By the end of season eight, all the important stuff that was introduced to Game of Thrones in the previous seasons has descended into a mindless clap-trap with no significant importance.

Even though the White Walkers battle was epic to watch, the writing and the plot were too brief. They spend weeks shooting this incredible scene, which led the audience to think that this will be the finale of the show, But it wasn’t. It was inconsequential and poorly written.

The show was brought to a point where the audience already knew that Jon and Dany couldn’t die because they still had much else to do.

No Responsibilities

After the finale of Game of Thrones, it received a lot of critics from the audience, forcing HBO to send a bunch of the leading actors to Comic-Con to form a panel meant to quiet down the pile of fan backlash over the unexpected season finale.

However, even though most of the actors turned up to answer some questions about the show, the two most important people for the season eight backlash were missing. Yes, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss were nowhere to be found, even though they were fully aware of the controversy surrounding the show’s final season.

This proves that they were fully aware of what they’ve done, and couldn’t face the situation probably because they couldn’t care less.

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