Corporate Gift Etiquette: The Dos and Don’ts of Giving Alcohol as a Business Gift

Gifts are used to show love, attention, and respect for a certain person. We also use gifts to mark all important events in a person’s life, such as birthdays, the birth of a child, business successes, celebrations, weddings, and so on. While we can choose gifts for a best friend, partner, or family member with ease, corporate gifts for business partners are not such a simple task even for the most creative ones. Whatever the reason that led you to think about a gift for corporate partners, it is important that you think carefully on this occasion and choose a gift that suits the occasion, the type of your cooperation, and represents a kind of thank you. Somehow, we are used to giving a bottle of alcoholic beverage as a gift on such occasions. Read below to see if it’s a good idea.


You can personalize it

Everyone likes personalized gifts. When we talk about the business presents, here’s an idea – a bottle of your favorite alcoholic drink with personalized etiquette or an interesting bottle shape. This is an effort your colleague will appreciate. By the way, every beverage looks better in good packaging. Alcohol With Gold Flakes and many other interesting ideas you can find on this site.

A gift you can’t go wrong with

The gifts you give to business partners should be useful, practical, and of good quality. In this way, you send a specific message and achieve a full hit, without going beyond the bounds of professionalism. A bottle of good wine or whiskey is a perfect gift for business occasions. Even if a person does not drink, he will be able to offer guests a good drink.

A gift for all occasions

When it comes to women, we give flowers on almost every occasion. Whether it’s a mother, girlfriend, friend, or sister, flowers carry a different and clear message – congratulations, I love you, I’m sorry, I’m proud of you, and so on. If we were looking for something similar that we could present to men, then it would certainly be a bottle of a good drink.

It combines well with other gifts

You can complete any gift with a bottle of good drink. If you are going to dinner with a business partner, why not pack flowers or a candy cane for his wife in an interesting box? Today there are many gift shops, but also ideas on the Internet, so maybe you can pack it yourself.

Giving away your products

If you are engaged in the production of consumer goods, make certain food products by hand or are a wardrobe designer, there is no better gift for an associate than your product, especially if you collaborated during its production and creation. Today, handicrafts and domestic production are highly valued and there is no person who would not be happy with such a gift. Especially if you gift that product to your corporate partner before it went into production. In this way, you will show him great respect and let him know that you are interested in his opinion about the product.

Impress the boss with whiskey

Although during your career you will be given many opportunities to express gratitude to your superior, sometimes you have to materialize that gratitude. Since this is a person who is somehow responsible for you in the business sphere, it is natural that you want to make a good impression. In that case, the right choice is a slightly more luxurious drink – choose a bottle of good whiskey. As this is truly a gift that will be appreciated by real whiskey connoisseurs, we are sure that it will open many topics for conversation during the tasting.


The recipient is an alcoholic

Of course, there are also situations when it is inappropriate to give away alcoholic drinks. For example, if the person is prone to alcoholism or is a recovering alcoholic, then it could be offensive. Even if it wasn’t your intention, simply don’t.

Although some people do not consume alcohol, this kind of gift still has value. Namely, if they don’t want to consume alcohol, they can always give it away or sell it to individuals who buy whiskey and other quality drinks.

Cheap beverages

Yes, it is a good present but only if you are willing to make a good choice, not only thinking about the price. Alcoholic beverages can be quite expensive and you don’t have to buy the most expensive one, but something with an average price. Or, if you know what’s your colleague’s favorite drink – even better. That will show that you were thinking about what that person likes while choosing.

Business gifts occupy an important place in business culture and represent a good introduction to establishing positive business relations. The gifts you give describe your style and show the respect you show your business partner. A business gift can be interpreted as a marketing tool or a way of communication and promotion, as an expression of concern for business partners or employees. Of course, with this gesture, we raise the rating of the company itself.

Finally, we will add that you should not forget to give each gift a personal touch, but also to maintain moderation in this segment. Along with the gift that arrives at the company’s address or you deliver it personally, add a message in which you will express congratulations, gratitude, or wishes for further cooperation in a simple way in a few words or sentences.

Also, you can always include your advertising material, a few flyers with a new program, a new product catalog, or other things in the package.

We will mention that it is very important not to overdo it with too expensive gifts because they can cause suspicion in the other person and open various questions. It is precisely for this reason that we consider a bottle of good alcoholic drink to be the ideal measure.

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