A Natural and Glowing Look: Elsa Pataky

Just like when you see her online Pataky looks equally, if not more astonishing when you meet her in person. She brings such an effortless confidence to her shootings. Already defined as a mother and the actress, back in 2019 she added a new achievement to her list: health and wellness book, Strong: How to eat, Move and Live with Strength and Vitality which reveal her secrets to healthy life, lots of energy and strong physique.

While Chris Hamsworth, her husband, may play a God of Thunder, Pataky herself can be considered a goddess in her own way. Although she names her three charming children as her greatest achievements, she is also well known in her native Spain, a Swisse Global Ambassador, considered ‘a friend of brand’ by Dior and wholeheartedly accepted in her new home – Australia.

With a misty stretch of Byron Bay in the background, it certainly was a memorable day that brought together some influential names that created the ultimate dream team. The magic on hair was performed by Brad Mullins and the natural glowing look was brought to you by Sarah Tammer. Continue reading to find out how all of it was achieved.


Source: goodfon.com

Pataky’s hair was washed and dried naturally the night before. At the beginning of this magic hair show O&M Know Knott was applied from mid-length to ends followed by a small amount of O&M Project Sukuroi. Of course, all of it needed to be distributed equally for which we used a large toothed comb. After that, the hair was sectioned and sprayed with O&M Surf Bomb. For a gentle dry Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer and diffuser was used. Since Elsa has a dreamy natural wave there was no need for curls, the hair was only slightly bent in several places with a large GHD Curling Wand. To create an effortless pony we used a small hat elastic and tied it around mid-lengths, using a hairspray to finish it off.


Elsa already glows naturally and her skin is healthy to begin with so she only needed small touch ups – it was all about revealing the shine in her and enhancing her natural features. Ultra Violette Queen Screen SPF50 was applied right on set, acting like a moisturizer and a sunscreen at the same time. We used Real Techniques Miracle Perfecting Sponge to gently press Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder into the skin giving it fresh and dewy look. Under the eyes, Charlotte Tilbury Mini Miracle Eye Wans Concealer was applied to cover the dark circles, making the skin smooth and bright. For subtle contour and discrete glow, we applied Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate and just a small touch of it was applied on the cheekbones and the forehead with a Rae Morris blush brush. To make it look more natural and glowy we used Luma Beauty Just a Touch Cheek Tint in Signorita and a tiny bit of it was pressed into the lips.

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