Graham Allen Net Worth 2024

“The mind and heart of the world is motion,
sure affirmation of decay and rebirth.” – (Graham Allen, ‘Winter’)

The creator of these unforgettable lines, Graham Allen, is a practitioner of literature as well as a literary critic, a professor, and a poet. Needless to say that such an outstanding personality deserves to be studied in detail!

About Graham Allen


As an activist in his early life, Graham Allen grew up to become a professor of English Literature at the National University of Ireland. Being a student of literature, Allen made a successful career in writing critical essays and composing poetry.

The two complete collections of his poetry, The Madhouse System and The One That Got Away earned him worldwide fame. He had a whole range of compositions on intertextuality, cultural studies, and Romantic Literature.

Early Life And Family

Born in Ireland on 23rd December 1963, Graham Allen studied at the Baking Abbey School.

He took an Honors in English and completed his BA with a first-class from St. David’s College affiliated with the University of Wales. He pursued MA from the University of Sheffield, where he completed his Ph.D. as well in the year 1992.

Career And Major Milestones


The writer of two major collections of poetry, Graham Alle,n had the turning point of his career in 2010 with the winning of the Listowel Single Poem Prize. Both the collections were published in the New Binary Press. He had yet another collection of digital poetry called Holes that was published by the same publication house.

Even before this, in 2007, he had won the Second Fish International Poetry Prize. He has numerous other awards to his name, including The Crashaw Prize, Fool For Poetry Prize, and Strong/Shine First Collection Prize.

His important critical works include a study guide for students on Frankenstein published in 2008. He has published monograph works on Mary Shelley and Harold Bloom. His book Intertextuality has earned him worldwide fame.

Graham Allen is a successful professor. He had been tutoring in the very university from where he completed his MA and Ph.D. He was also the visiting faculty in the Graduate School of London.

Things You Didn’t Know About Allen

  • Being an activist, the subject matter of his poetry deals with social issues. They speak of social injustices. Roisin Kelly praises his work by saying that these are our saviors in keeping us reminded of the things we are likely to forget.
  • Graham Allen has recently been working in the field of adaptations from novels to films. He has revealed that he will soon be publishing a work focusing on Stanley Kubrick.

Net Worth


Graham Allen is a winner of multiple awards, and his net worth is something that demands attention. Forbes and other sources sum it up to approximately $1 to $5 million in 2024.

People like Graham Allen have forever been an inspiration and a guide for the pursuers and connoisseurs of literature. He has taught us to fall in love with this outstanding subject, which has been a storehouse of mystery and treasures ever since its inception.

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