Hiroyuki Terada Net Worth 2024

If food is love, then cooking is a never-ending romance with the love of life. Sure, it is normal for a woman to cook but with time, a lot has progressed and men are taking on the role of being a cook.

Everyone loves home-cooked food. This makes it difficult for a commercial chef to break into the lives of people. One person, however, is doing this successfully.

About Hiroyuki Terada

The person to do this difficult task easily is Hiroyuki Terara, a Japan-based sushi chef. His age as per his legal documents is 53. He was born on January 29, 1968, and now runs a successful cooking show on his YouTube channel where he has a base of 1.87 million subscribers.

He is known for his keen attention to detail regarding the ingredients and the final output. He now holds mastery over the category of sushi.

Early life & family

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He was born in Japan to parents who held a deep interest in cooking, especially his father. He took up his first learning session in cooking at the young age of ten.

During his adult life, he grabbed the opportunity to serve under Kondo, a master chef who himself started his career by working in a restaurant exclusively dedicated to customers who love sushi. His serving period under Kondo started in 1989 and ended in 1992.

He took up the job immediately after completing his graduation in 1989 from a Japan-based RKC Culinary School. He, later on, moved to the USA to take his career to new heights.

Career and major milestones

His career spans over three decades as of 2024. In such a long career, he achieved various accomplishments. Some of them are as follows:

  • He achieved the milestone of forty million views on YouTube in 2015.
  • He completed the challenge to turn fries and Big Mac into sushi in 2015.
  • He took the challenge to new heights by turning chicken from KFC and donuts from Dunkin Donuts into sushi in 2016.
  • His most recent achievement is crossing the mark of 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube

The list goes on and every fan of his awaits for the next update.

A few interesting things you didn’t know

  • There is a restaurant named NoVe Kitchen & Bar that was owned by him in association with his partner. It was located in Miami, a city in Florida. The restaurant, however, has now shut down.
  • He has broken two world records. The most prominent one is slicing carrots with his eyes covered with a blindfold. He broke the record by cutting eighty-eight slices and registered his name in the Guinness Book of World Records.
  • His father was his first teacher who taught him how to cook.

Net worth

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According to the updates, he has a net worth of $3.13 million. He gets most of his earnings from his YouTube channel where numerous ads are run by Google.

His additional source of income is consultancy. He offers his services to various restaurants and helps them to grow by satisfying their customers. He also earns by way of sponsorship and affiliate marketing.

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