The Two Sides of a Coin in Hooking Up and Dating

Hooking up is a casual way of dating for mutual benefits. This could mean that one party is paying for the intimate time or both parties are just having fun as a benefit. Simply, there is no commitment to hook-ups, which are popular among college students, young people, and people traveling on holiday. Booking an escort is also a form of hookup.

On the other hand, dating could mean something serious. After all, many people who have a permanent relationship or are married today are dating or have dated at some point. It is important to mention that many things make hooking up and dating two sides of the same coin. If you do not know, then this article is for you.

How Often People Meet

Although some hookups may happen more than once, most of them are one-off flings. Many people traveling to different cities may only have a one-off hookup with an escort or partner they meet in a bar or club. Meeting with a casual hookup should not be regular, unless there is an arrangement for ‘’friends with benefits.’’

On the other hand, dating involves regular meetings that are not forced. Two people who are dating prefer to see each other a couple of times a week to go out or have intimacy. According to relationship experts, dating is the beginning of serious relationships that lead to marriage or permanent relationships.


Why do college students prefer hook-ups? Ideally, these are young people who are not ready for commitments even though they want to satisfy their sexual desires. This is the same with people who travel a lot for business or vacation. A “friend with benefits,” hookup, or escort dating does not need any financial commitments apart from the agreed payment. Those involved are not obliged to commit to one partner and can go out with who they want.

People who are dating are committed to one another unless there is a different arrangement. Going on with a different person may lead to cheating, which can break the relationship. The more people date, the more they become committed to each other including committing to common goals.


In hookups, people can never plan their finances together. People spend money to buy sexual favors from their partners. If you look at thriving escort directories such as Ivy Société, which is very popular in Australia, models display their hourly charges on their profiles. There is no beating around the bush on financial benefits between the parties on a hook-up. This is similar to all other hookup setups.

Dating, especially serious relationships, have a more organized form of financial management. The partners may plan how to finance their dates and holidays and even start a saving scheme for their wedding. No one gets paid for the time spent together, which is the case with hookups. If there is mismanagement of finances in a dating couple, the other may intervene to save the situation.


If you have been into casual dating, you know that communication is limited. In fact, communication comes in whenever the two of you want to meet. Most of the discussion is about the activities of the meeting, setting ground rules, and terms of payment. This is common when booking an escort or communicating with a partner on a dating website.

People who are dating are in constant communication most of the time. Apart from phone calls, lovers in a long-distance relationship may video call regularly to keep the relationship going. Most of the discussion revolves around how to make the relationship stronger, current and future plans, how to support each other’s dreams, and the like. It is also a two-way communication where both parties are committed to keeping the communication active.



Intimacy in hookups is different from that of dating partners. The main purpose of casual dating is to explore sexual fantasies and benefit from them. That is why escorts and hook-up girls are paid for their services. They package the sexual services to give value for money to clients or partners. The package may include other services that go along with intimacy such as erotic massage, cross-dressing, going out together, and the like.

Dating is primarily for companions and intimacy comes after. In fact, people can date for some time before getting intimate, but this depends on the agreement and purpose of dating. If there is intimacy is involved, people are driven by emotions that lead to enjoyable intimacy. The goal is to connect more and have a long-term relationship that is sweet.

Solving Disputes and Challenges

Hook-ups have ground rules that people set as mentioned earlier. But if there are disputes and challenges during the time of the meeting, the easiest solution is to terminate the agreement. Some people even cancel the hookups when they see red flags before meetings. Most of the challenges and disputes revolve around a lack of respect for one another, failure to pay for services offered, or asking for services not offered by the model.

Dating couples try to resolve their disputes and challenges to keep the relationship. When there are challenges such as drinking too much, lack of respect, infidelity, or any other, the couple could seek an arbitrator such as a counselor to help. The two also try to avoid challenges that could jeopardize their relationship, especially if they plan to move the relationship to the next level in the future.

Future Plans

Hookups have no future plans. People want to meet and have fun at the moment and go their separate ways afterwards. Any other meeting is planned afresh and presumed to be new, so terms and conditions could change at any time.

On the other hand, people who are dating often have long-term plans such as moving the relationship to marriage or a permeant relationship. It’s no wonder why they prefer to plan their careers, investments, studies, and future plans together.

Final Words

After reading this article, you will realize that many things prove that hooking up and dating are two sides of a coin. Any relationship expert will agree with this. Fortunately, many studies agree with this and even proved it through case studies. If you have been wondering about these two sides, you now know and can make the right decisions.

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