How Is Baby Formula Made: 3 Things Parents Should Know

It is crucial to secure the right development of your baby. One of the main factors for that is the proper diet. In most cases, the baby is breastfed for the first six months. However, there are cases where this time goes up to two years. Still, it is recommended to feed it only with it in the first six months. You can add diverse food after that. Another factor is the ability of the mother to produce milk. It is not a rare case that a mother simply doesn’t have enough to feed the baby in the right way.

On the other side, it is not recommended to give the baby typical food from stores. The great thing is that there are healthy alternatives for Organic Life Start. The most popular option is to get the baby formula. However, not all of these products are the same. The best choice is to choose one made with organic ingredients. In this article, we are going to analyze the ingredients used in the production of baby formula and introduce you to the most important things parents should know about this product.

1. There Are Different Types

This area is strictly controlled by the officials. Companies that are producing it must follow the rules when it comes to ingredients and types. Some options are not allowed in the US, but parents still decide to order them online from other countries. This option can be risky, and be sure to read more about the ingredients if you are interested in such solution. When it comes to the most common types of formulas, there are three options that are made with cow milk, soy beans, and protein hydrolysate.

The type of formula that is made with cow milk is the most common option. There is a high level of processing where the features of this milk will get to those of the mother. Keep in mind that giving standard cow milk to your baby is never a good option because it won’t be able to digest it in the right way. That can lead to various health issues. Moreover, pay attention how your baby is reacting to this formula since lactose intolerance and allergies are not rare.

In case your baby is not tolerating cow milk, the popular alternative is the formula based on soy products. The great thing is that this formula also contains all the necessary nutrients for proper development. Still, there is a chance that babies who are allergic to cow milk will also be allergic to soy milk. In that case, the only remaining solution that is healthy is the protein hydrolysate.

It represents a product where proteins are processed into much smaller particles so your baby can process them even with digestive issues. In most cases, babies are allergic to proteins found in cow and soy milk, but this process will make them smaller so that the baby won’t be affected.

2. Main Ingredients

It is very important to check the label before you buy this product. As we already mentioned, be sure to always choose an organic option. Besides that, be sure that there are no additional ingredients that some companies are using to alter the taste and texture. The problem with these ingredients is that they could lead to some health issues.

The essential ingredients are proteins, fats, carbs, vitamins, and minerals. However, the products from which these micro and macro nutrients are extracted from is very important. We already mentioned the tolerance on milk. If your baby cannot digest protein from cow milk, the best alternative is soy. The micronutrients are usually added into the product. Be sure that there is the right balance between them.

There are other very important details that you will have to check. First of all, keep in mind that proper intake of iron can be very important. However, not all formulas contain the right amount of it. Therefore, be sure to choose an option with iron since it is crucial for proper growth and development. Other additional ingredients are crucial for health and development, such as fatty acids and good bacteria that will affect the culture in the stomach and improve the digestive system.

3. Different Preparation Options

The main reason for choosing the model of preparation is only important if you are looking for a more convenient one. For example, the most popular product is in form of a powder. You will have to mix it with water and measure the right amount every time. It is also the most affordable option.

On the other side, there are more expensive types that can be useful if you are short on time or when you are traveling with the baby. For example, there is a liquid version that can be prepared much faster and easier. The most convenient solution is the bottle or prepared formula. Still, it is also the most expensive one, but can be a great solution when you are traveling.

The Bottom Line

There is no reason to rush with your selection. Always be prepared on time. Keep in mind that there is a point where you simply won’t be able to provide enough milk for your baby naturally. The competition on this market is huge these days, but not all of the products that are available are the best options.

The safest solution is to focus on those that contain only organic ingredients. On the other side, it is crucial to check how your baby is reacting on formula. That is especially important because of the potential issues with lactose intolerance and allergies.

Moreover, be sure to check the label for additional ingredients, name of the producer, country of origin, and expiration date. If you are not sure how to make the right choice, you can always consult with the doctor and other people who have more knowledge and experience in this area. It will be the only food that your baby will eat for the first two years, which is the main reason to make the right choice.

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