How Is Loot Determined In World Of Warcraft Raids?

The most interesting thing about World of Warcraft is that it keeps being so popular for more than 15 years. There are different approaches that you can choose in this game. For instance, even though multiplayer is the most popular choice, you can choose to plray alone as well. It will be more difficult to pass certain missions on your own.

That is the main reason why most players are focusing on group missions and challenges. One of the most popular options is called raids. That is the part where a group of players has to defeat a powerful character. The key advantage is that you can get a lot of experience points and powerful items this way.

Before you get the ability to form a strong group, it is crucial to work on your improvements. Therefore, be sure to complete the main quests and gain a higher level. It can be quite challenging, especially for newbies. In that matter, you should consider buying a boost, which you can find at

Moreover, the raids are unique missions where people must deal with some strong opponents. It is not a rare case that some of these challenges might appear impossible to complete. However, the point is to create a good strategy, improve you character, and form the right group.

Also, the key feature is to complete missions so you can improve you’re here even more. Whenever you are active in some challenge, you can expect some prize. However, these prizes depend on the number of players, level, and some other things as well.

Key Features of Raids

The whole point is to defeat the main character. It is a strong boss, and we already mentioned that it might appear difficult. However, since the main reason is to get more experience and better items, it is crucial to put more effort into completing these missions.

Furthermore, we have to add that the prizes will be shared randomly. After you start this mission, the random items will be available during the first five minutes. That is a great addition to the main prize that you can get by completing the mission.

However, it is important to know that these random items can be collected by any player who find them. That might lead to issues and conflicts between players. Also, the system works in a way where a package of items is shared and available for each five members in the group. Therefore, bigger groups will get more of them.

Another important thing is related to the importance of being active in these missions. It is one of the best ways to collect more powerful items over time. However, it is not so good for those with lower experience. In that matter, if you are a newbie, you should first try to complete more quests, and then start forming groups with others.

As we already mentioned, these random prizes are available to all players, and while certain prize is secured to each member, items that will appear when the mission start can be collected by anyone. That can be an issue if you don’t work on proper communication with other players in the group.

The key is to set some rules where the point will be to secure the improvements for each member. Therefore, no one should decide to collect all items whenever they have a chance for that. It might seem as a good solution for one person since that will award you with a decent item and some gold if you sell it.

However, if you already have the same one or even stronger one, while there are other members that will have much bigger benefits after obtaining it, the best solution is to let them take it. The whole point of these challenges to form a strong group, but that also includes good communication and honesty.

Forming A Group Is Very Important

There is an option in the game where you can randomly join some party and try to complete some challenge. It is convenient but there are also potential downsides. For example, when there is a group of people who are not on the similar level or does not have the same experience, you will either fail more often, or get a much lower prize.

Also, lack of proper communication can also mess-up with your success rate and lead to failure. Therefore, a much better option is to form a group with players that you know or met recently in this game. The best option is to have a group with the same goals and on similar level so you can all improve over time, reach more powerful challenges, and get the most valuable items.

Working on your skills is also an important part. All players should try to put more effort, and work together to improve the success-rate. That will require the group to define certain things. For example, there must be different roles assigned, like who will be the carry, and who will play a support.

The key is to let people play those roles where they are the best so you can secure improved performances and a chance to deal with the most challenging missions in this game.

Last Words

As you can see, raids are the best way to collect the most valuable items, and the point is to become a member of the group where players respect each other and follow everyone’s needs. The most important things are to create some rules related to items, and create a strategy where each member will be assigned with a role that suits him the best.

There are technical aspects of rewards as well, like the fact that the loot will increase for each five members, and that there are both fixed and collectible awards available. Also, the great thing is that there will be a reward even if you fail to complete a mission, which is the great way to put even more effort and try completing the same challenge over and over until you manage to pass it.

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